Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 9/23/15: Celebratory Warfare

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 9/23/15)

Celebratory Warfare 

– The opening video highlighted the “most important main event in TNA history” (or not) and showed Team TNA decisively defeat Team Global Force Wrestling with factors like Drew Galloway getting the winning fall and Bram joining Team TNA all in a video package about as anticlimactic as the real match.

– It was only fitting that a “celebration” segment would open the show as Dixie Carter was in the ring, joined by Galloway and the other Team TNA members as the rest of the roster surrounded it outside. Galloway was all “rah-rah brave heart” as we rolled our eyes at his overhyped banter. He speaks passionately sure, but he’s just over-the-top happy. This was why people initially soured on WWE’s New Day when they were faces. That aside – Galloway has always had sleek in-ring abilities and we’re at least happy that has been emphasized lately. Carter revealed that the winner of an elimination match between all the Team TNA members would get the Title match against TNA World Heavyweight Champion Ethan Carter III at Bound For Glory. Are you freaking kidding? What was the timing of this whole Jeff Hardy-EC3 thing for then? You’ve got the biggest show of the year for this company and that’s not the match you push to headline it? Ugh. Anyways, some intriguing stuff happened when Dixie called out “turncoat” Eric Young for turning his back on the company, when he logically responded that he had an iron-clad contract and couldn’t be touched. Dixie called Chris Melendez out to confront EY and set up a lumberjack match. About as good as you can set it up at least…

– The Young-Melendez lumberjack match was pretty good while it lasted with a different feel to things as it was actually a smart way to showcase victory for Melendez, as he finally “beat the demon” so to speak and showed off one impressive one-legged top-rope dropkick.

– The Dollhouse promo video saw Taryn Terrell proclaim that The Beautiful People were the enemies and complimented Jade for showing her vicious side and wanted her to hurt Gail Kim. We’re still wondering how exactly Jade earned that Title shot, unless Terrell has booking power within the Knockouts. Who knows? She showed more control, basically sending off Rebel/Marti Bell to do her dirty work and “prove their worth.” Pretty straight-forward stuff. We dig The Dollhouse’s look and feel. It’s unlike anything else, but we just wish they weren’t positioned as the female Revolution in that we know besides Terrell, they’re just lackeys.

– The EC3/Jeff Hardy/Tyrus backstage segment continued to cement the “EC3 is Jeff’s boss” storyline, as he emphasized following strict orders to attack Rockstar Spud on cue if he needed it, otherwise he’d be fired. This all mirrors the WWE JBL-Shawn Michaels storyline, but at least that one made some sense, since HBK was the “money-hungry legend flushed of his past fortunes” while JBL was practically Mr. Wall Street. What has been done to exactly emphasize that Jeff absolutely needs the money EC3 gives him? Hell – does he pay more or less than what TNA used to pay him on contract? Such loopholes in this, but we knew the bigger picture at hand was an eventual Jeff-EC3 showdown for the Title.

– Bobby Lashley’s backstage promo put over how happy he was to defend the company and that he had his sets on getting his old Title back. Since we was pretty dominant as Champ before Destination America saw Kurt Angle as a better fit for Champion, we believed he had a good shot to win. The problem was that we already saw an EC3-Lashley Title match and EC3 won, albeit through a quite screwy finish.

– The Knockouts Championship match between Jade and Gail Kim wasn’t bad – their styles meshed well in the ring. Given both ladies’ backgrounds, that should be no surprise, but did anybody truly buy into the possibility go Jade beating Kim, since Kim just won the Title last week? What gave this away even more was revealing that Awesome Kong would face the winner of this match at BFG. Who on earth wouldn’t want Kim to win now that we knew what greatness the two could create in the ring in the past? The match ended before anything memorable could happen, but like we said, Kim winning was very predictable. The post-match stuff with Madison Rayne/Velvet Sky running off Marti/Rebel when they attacked Kim tells us some kind of Dollhouse-Beautiful People tag match is in store. Will it happen at BFG? Our interests spiked when Kong came down as Kim picked herself up before any damage could be done. The staredown between Kim and Kong brought back good memories.

– Rockstar Spud’s backstage promo mentioned how things between him and EC3 always go around full-circle and that despite feeling sorry for Jeff and his problems, he wanted to become new Champion. This guy’s promos, man…

– The X-Division Championship match between Tigre Uno and Kenny King was another half-hearted attempt to show off the X-Division’s “no limits” tendencies, but if you’re following Ring Of Honor, you’ll know full well King isn’t with TNA anymore and thus, we know he couldn’t possibly win this match. The delayed taping schedule spoils things like this. That doesn’t change perspective on the match as the two had good chemistry, but it wasn’t long before Uno came out on top with his Springboard Frog Splash finisher. It was also announced that Tigre would defend the Title at BFG in an Ultimate X match.

– The TNA World Heavyweight Championship match between EC3 and Spud wasn’t badly wrestled in the six minutes it went on, but strongly paled in comparison to their “Hair vs Hair” match that almost went 25 minutes. The problem was that TNA did nothing to protect Spud here and had him lose cleanly with Jeff or Tyrus out at ringside not touching him once. The post-match stuff with EC3 threatening Jeff to both end Spud’s career and hit his brother set some good tension and justification for Jeff to disobey his new boss and clean him and his sidekick out of the ring.

– Backstage, EC3 screamed that he was calling Jeff out at the end and that he’d fire him. All this build to a Hardy-EC3 Title showdown seems like a waste when we know it’s not for BFG.

– The segment with James Storm, Abyss and Manik was an easy way to get both Abyss and Manik to finally stand up for themselves and abandon Storm, leaving him all alone for Mahabali Shera to come out and challenge him to a fight. Storm kept his heat by backing out and claiming he fought on his terms. Seeing how it set up a match for next week, it was solid. Storm comes off as the perfect bully, pushing others until they couldn’t take it anymore. Only complaint was that Abyss argued he was a TNA Original to put over his “lone wolf” persona, although Storm was also an Original. We also wonder if the unmasked Manik will now be under his TJ Perkins gimmick? Time will tell ultimately.

– The Galloway/Wolves backstage segment mainly revolved around all three guys passing praise and willing to see who’d be the best out there.

– The Hardys backstage promo was the first real attempt to tell the “financial struggles” of Jeff as Matt emphasized that Jeff needed checks to keep coming in to feed the family. We also seen that Jeff was reaching his boiling point once and for all.

– The five-way elimination match to decide EC3’s BFG opponent between Bobby Lashley, Galloway, Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards and Bram was okay for what it was, given that it’d obviously come down to Galloway and Lashley. Bram’s quick elimination was surprising, especially that we never heard more from him on why a crazed heel like himself would help save the company he worked for, but then again with his recent legal troubles, it’s understandable. Bram was one of the main points of TNA television lately and that’ll put a damper on that for sure. The Wolves sure looked like dopes for how they were eliminated, but it was probably by design to get us to Galloway-Lashley. It would’ve all been way more exciting had both men not already received and lost Title shots against EC3 early in his run. The match’s finish teased with possible pinfalls for both guys, but Galloway being the final victor at least made sense, since his push was more evident than Lashley.

– Galloway’s backstage promo after the match had him act gracious and thanking all the fans for being “real” or something like that.

– The final in-ring segment with EC3 and Hardy wasn’t as dramatic as it was built up to be, as Jeff basically stood up to EC3 for all he’d did to him  and quit, but EC3 claimed he was forced, so he couldn’t quit. The main point is that we got some kind of angle/match here with Jeff-EC3 coming. WE just hope that Jeff won’t be that Special Guest Referee announced for that match. Jeff needs to be in this Title match somehow. This card needs to sell at all costs.






Quick Results

  • Lumberjack Match – Chris Melendez def. Eric Young via pinfall
  • Knockouts Championship – Gail Kim (Champion) def. Jade via pinfall to retain
  • X-Division Championship – Tigre Uno (Champion) def. Kenny King via pinfall to retain 
  • TNA World Heavyweight Championship – Ethan Carter III (Champion) (w/Tyrus, Jeff Hardy) def. Rockstar Spud via pinfall to retain
  • Winner Gets TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match At Bound For Glory – Five-Way Elimination Match – Drew Galloway def. Bram, Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards and Bobby Lashley via pinfall

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