Notes In Observance – WWE NXT 9/23/15: Asuka Arrives

WWE NXTBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 9/23/15)

Asuka Arrives 

– The Eva Marie-Carmella match was another squash for the red-headed up-and-comer who has been mostly all glam and no slam. The crowd continued to berate her justifiably, considering she forgot to kick out the last time she was out there. They made an effort to take that botch and use it as a way to get promo heat, as she thanked the referee for not “falling victim to the biased crowd.” It’d just be smarter to not acknowledge it, but too late for that. As for the idea of Carmella being her opponent – sigh, again? Carmella is improving herself, but she’s not on the level to carry Eva of all people. Their in-ring chemistry has bettered and Eva wasn’t terrible, but played it way too safe here and the pace suffered. The crowd was obviously amusing themselves with chants like “That’s a kickout!” and “All botch everything!” and it was building to something decent… until the lame countout finish. That did no favors for Eva and then it made Carmella look weak since she couldn’t answer a 10 count when all she did was fall out of the ring.

– Another Nia Jax hype video aired with her saying beauty was more than skin deep and she was a force that couldn’t be stopped as she’d surpass all expectations. Coming soon… of course.

– We usually don’t acknowledge video packages on these reviews past the openers since they’re self-explanatory, but they did a superb job making the “Iron Woman’s Match” at TakeOver: Respect on October 7 between NXT Women’s Champion Bayley and Sasha Banks sound like the big deal it is, with soundbites from both ladies in perspective of their show-stealer at TakeOver: Brooklyn and what they had to prove this time around. Also mentioned was the progress of the NXT Women’s Division as a whole and how it’ll be the main event of the TakeOver show, which should be a thrill for the Full Sail crowd.

– The Bull Dempsey-Tyler Breeze match continued their rivalry from the past few weeks, as “BullFit” was starting to get over on its own, with a clash against “Prince Pretty.” We would’ve assumed these two would fight again at TakeOver: Respect, so we didn’t expect a clean finish per se and that’s what happened, but looking back in retrospective, you’d think the program would continue. The action was decent, as Dempsey was clearly having fun at points and looked good in defeat while Breeze was all business, resorting to using the ropes for leverage to win the match, carrying momentum into his later announced match with Apollo Crews at TakeOver: Respect.

– We were pumped headed in to see Asuka’s debut and just how she’d fare in a WWE environment, bringing big expectations over from Japan, where she was well-renowned under the ring name Kana. It just continues the wave of impressive debuts of new talent and independent stars. It backs up NXT when it claims itself “the place to be.” A contract signing segment was an interesting way to go about things, especially since she was introduced as Kana by General Manager William Regal before the screen went to “Asuka.” Just from how she came out flashing a grin and jumping around, she has got charisma galore. Her English wasn’t the best, but she claimed she was happy and wanted to be Women’s Champion, which made sense. Dana Brooke/Emma coming out gave them good heat and fit their recent agenda of targeting “newbies.” Also liked the way they both condescendingly introduced themselves and made open threats, basically humiliating Asuka as they made her leave the ring to many boos. The look in Asuka’s eyes as she stood on the stage and looked back at the heels were all about revenge. Subtle stuff, but it worked and we’ve got a mini-feud already.

– The Tyler Breeze-Apollo Crews backstage interaction was entertaining for what it was, considering the announcement for their TakeOver match came out of the blue. It was funny seeing Crews being so over-the-top nice while Breeze looked confused and slightly disgusted. Should definitely be good in the ring.

– The segment keeping us updated on the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Tournament gave us some good hype for future matches and insight on the tourney standings. It was reviewed that Baron Corbin/Rhyno would be a part of the Final Four teams to battle it out in the Semifinals on TakeOver. We also saw that Dash Wilder/Scott Dawson beat The NXT Tag Team Champions Vaudevillains in an upset win at a live event, as it was established that the winner between NXT Champion Finn Balor/Samoa Joe-Enzo Amore/Colin Cassady would face them. Also hyped (no pun intended surely) was the Hype Bros.-Jason Jordan/Chad Gable Round Two match set for the Florida NXT live events. The “promo clash” was what it was, as Hype Bros. mainly cared about their new shirts, while Jordan/Gable continued their intriguing chemistry as they both ridiculed the faces and the idea of them making it far in the tourney.

– The NXT Tag Team Championship rematch between Blake/Murphy and The Champion Vaudevillains made a worthy main event, though it wasn’t as thrilling as their TakeOver: Brooklyn bout, but still solidly entertaining on both sides. The “Alexa Bliss Factor” was quickly eliminated thanks to a surprise appearance by Blue Pants, who came out to attack her not long after the crowd chanted for her. With no acknowledgment of the chants or of her in the match before she came out, it just made it more surprising when she did. The final minutes were great with a couple of convincing near-falls. The faces retained when they hit their double-team finisher after knocking Murphy out of the ring. Since Vaudevillains are new Champs, they were pretty much winning this, but we don’t like the idea that Blake/Murphy are portrayed as a team that can only win when Bliss is out there, as it makes them weak. The question going forward is who will challenge The Vaudevillains?

– The final video package that hyped the Amore/Cassady-Joe/Balor match was quite good, as we saw clashing promos. It’s a match that can actually go either way, though we see the nod going for the Balor/Joe team, as we just can’t picture them not in the final four. This could also be a way to hotshot a “breakup” with Balor/Joe to make a NXT Championship match at TakeOver. All Joe has to do is turn on Balor and we’ve got it, though it could have more impact if it actually happens in the finals. With no mention of an NXT Championship match yet, that seems to be the plan. At the same time, Amore/Cassady are wildly popular and could use the tourney accolade, but with a main roster call imminent, do they truly need it? That’s what makes it so exciting. Liked that it was established in both promos that there was mutual respect, but that friendship went out the window in the spirit of competition. The promos really performed themselves.






Quick Results

  • Eva Marie def. Carmella via countout
  • Tyler Breeze def. Bull Dempsey via pinfall
  • NXT Tag Team Championships – The Vaudevillains (Champions) def. Blake/Murphy (w/Alexa Bliss) via pinfall to retain

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