Notes In Observance – WWE Smackdown 9/17/15: Keeping Your Enemies Closer

WWE SmackdownBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 9/17/15)

Keeping Your Enemies Closer 

– The opening video looked back at Raw, where The Authority hyped Sting’s first in-ring match on Monday nights, mixed in with them looking at Big Show as the “problem solver.” We saw the match highlights play out of John Cena making the save when WWE World Heavyweight and United States Champion Seth Rollins came out. Cena/Sting won the impromptu tag match.

– Rollins came out for what we could assume was a lengthy promo to hype both of his Title defenses against Cena/Sting at Night Of Champions. He also mentioned the main event where he’d team up with Sheamus – Mr. Money In The Bank – against Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns, saying he wasn’t afraid since he wanted to keep his enemy closer. They did more bickering, as Rollins agreed with the crowd’s assessment that Sheamus looked stupid. Perhaps a future glimpse of him as a face? It was established that Sheamus wanted to keep Rollins as a “friend,” because no matter what, when he was ready to cash in, it wouldn’t matter. Decent segment that furthered their little feud.

– The Becky Lynch/Paige-Sasha Banks/Naomi match was a better way booking-wise of furthering the Banks-Paige feud. The match itself actually showcased some of the best in-ring work from the ladies since the Revolution started. Both teams looked strong. We saw Banks distract Paige to get herself pinned, expressing that everything was going wrong for Paige lately. Simple, effective storytelling. Since when was that a hard thing?

– Stardust did some kind of rhyming promo to hype the Night Of Champions tag team kickoff match, as The Ascension stood with him.

– The New Day came out with their funny picket signs, as we would see Kofi Kingston take on D-Von Dudley to hype their NOC match. New Day cut another anti-table breaking promo with a petition to “save the tables” that bordered on cutesy, but their chemistry was spot-on. The match was too short to be anything memorable despite The Dudleys breaking the petition and Kingston pulling on tights for the victory. Booker T furthered his role as a heel color commentator by preaching New Day’s cause and signing the petition. Funny.

– Team Bella geared up for their “Bellabration” with a checklist like mean girls from high school would. Nikki was Queen Bee with her ego as her mates tried to warn her about something that she wouldn’t let them say.

– Backstage, Miz handed Big Show a confidential-looking booklet, that he haplessly tossed to the side. Alright then.

– The Cesaro-Show match seemingly carried off the punch from Raw, while Cesaro looked okay during the match with all his athletic counters, it all culminated in a KO punch, with Cesaro favoring his knee. Cesaro needed the win more than Show here.

– The Ambrose/Reigns backstage promo had Reigns keep the identity of their third man a secret to hold one over on The Wyatts since they took out many people, including his cousin. It was also noted that Ambrose was the man who made the call for this person. Good buildup.

– The Kevin Owens-Dolph Ziggler match was a pleasant surprise, since we didn’t think these two would get paired up in a match. A boxed promo from Rusev with Summer Rae had him tell Ziggler she wasn’t impressed though her facial expressions sold otherwise. The match itself was pretty good while it lasted with some close near-falls and great selling by Ziggler and excellent teasing by Owens. It was good that we had a DQ for Ryback saving Ziggler from getting Apron Powerbombed, which means this match could happen later on down the road.

– Backstage, Nikki approached her mates and went inside to see no one was at her party. She yelled at her mates to fix it. She turned around to see Team PCB in party gear. Charlotte told her she would get a lot lonelier when she can’t pull off what she did on Monday at Night Of Champions. Adam Rose showed up to say her party sucked and Nikki formally destroyed the room, covering her mates in cake. Too cutesy, but guess we got to see Nikki formally “get hers” before it probably happens on Sunday.

– Backstage, Ziggler was approached by Summer, who said the gift from Raw was unexpected. Dolph said he wanted to let bygones be bygones and that sometimes a rose was just a rose that sometimes meant more. Are Dolph and Summer going to be a thing now? Whatever ends this damn storyline.

– The Ambrose/Reigns-Sheamus/Rollins tag team main event was good for what it was in that it mainly showed Rollins and Sheamus not getting along and it ended up with Rollins leaving Sheamus after blindly tagging him in after Sheamus was about to leave him. Post-match saw a Wyatt Family hype video hyping the apocalypse, followed by a promo to close it out from Bray. Nothing must-see, but served good hype that’ll probably get shown in highlight video packages.






Quick Results

  • Sasha Banks/Naomi (w/Tamina) def. Paige/Becky Lynch (w/Charlotte) via pinfall
  • Kofi Kingston (w/Big E, Xavier Woods) def. D-Von Dudley (w/Bubba Ray Dudley) via pinfall
  • The Big Show def. Cesaro via pinfall
  • Kevin Owens def. Dolph Ziggler via DQ
  • Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns def. Sheamus/Seth Rollins via pinfall 

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