Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 9/16/15: Winner Takes All

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 9/16/15)

Winner Takes All

– The opening video highlighted the brutality of Lethal Lockdown and how it signified the end, as Team TNA would fight Team Global Force Wrestling for whole control of TNA, most recently referencing Eric Young joining GFW’s side.

– The contract signing segment between Jeff/Karen Jarrett and Dixie Carter to make the main event official was a decent back-and-forth that served good hype for the match. Dixie’s portion of the segment expressed her disappointment in how things worked out and she was willing to stand behind the roster that defended the company for the fans. Jeff’s portion mentioned how even someone unstable like EY invested in GFW because he believed in them and even he was under TNA contract. He also put over how the first TNA dollar came out of his pocket, how it all built up to this, it was about his family and that Dixie would be in the outside looking in, where she should’ve been all along. The random Jarrett sucker punch on Jeremy Borash was surprising, designed as a “first shot.”

– Backstage saw Jeff Hardy drive TNA World Heavyweight Champion Ethan Carter III/Tyrus to the arena and get their stuff from their trunk, as EC3 told Hardy he needed to prepare for the night by watching 12 cat videos (funny) and that they had another gift for him to “slip on later.” EC3 was entertaining here.

– The Abyss-Mahabali Shera match reached WrestleCrap levels upon Shera’s entrance when he danced with Bigfoot, purely advertising a Destination America show. The match itself wasn’t crisply wrestled, but it did do a good job of establishing Shera with a decisive breakthrough victory, as he outsmarted James Storm and his cowbell in the process.

– As always, TNA jumps way too quickly into new segments. The next EC3/Tyrus backstage promo hyped a “party Hardy” tagline. Oh god.

– The Team GFW backstage segment saw them all excited to go, as Jarrett pumped them all up. EY was standing with them, which proved to be concerning to the commentators.

– The EC3/Tyrus/Jeff Hardy/Rockstar Spud segment allowed for us to see an “EC3 transformation” of Hardy, decked out in an Armani suit with his likeness plastered all over it. We got more tension as Hardy was forced to tell the crowd to stop chanting for him as EC3 used his power to be superior. Spud coming out made sense since this the suit drew a parallel with Spud’s old blazers. Spud’s new hairstyle made him look 14 years old. However, his promo towards EC3 was top-notch. We sort of seen him getting laid out with the mic coming, even though he looked tough for attacking on the ramp again, but this time getting stopped by Tyrus. Brilliant cue for EC3 to make Hardy do his dirty work against his will, forcing him to hit Spud with the mic again.

– The Jarrett-Drew Galloway backstage segment served more main event hype, with Jarrett trying to convince Galloway they were a man down and their boss was clueless. Jarrett could just add a fifth person like that? Wasn’t this in a contract writing?

– The Knockouts Championship match between Awesome Kong, Brooke, Gail Kim and Lei’D Tapa was certainly entertaining while it lasted, with a good amount of time given to explore the competitive nature of Tapa/Kong as the giants and Kim/Brooke being the athletic ones. They all had great chemistry together and it would’ve been believable for any Knockout to win this. Kim getting the pin over Brooke however, sealed her big push we guess.

– Backstage, Galloway hyped his team up for battle because everything they worked for would go away if they lost. You know how it is.

– The EC3/Hardy backstage segment saw EC3 question Hardy if he was behind the news that Spud received a World Title shot next week, while Hardy asked if EC3 was scared, to which EC3 threatened Hardy that Spud better not win. Did Josh Matthews have to spoil the hype with the “there might not even be a Title match next week” stuff?

– The Team GFW-Team TNA Lethal Lockdown match was your usual overbooked TNA gimmick match, not in terms of the finish, but the rules of the match itself. Never see the point of a match where the competitors have to wait until a certain point before they could win. It’s like, what’s the point of even fighting until that point? A surprise here was Bram joining TNA, perhaps a pseudo-face turn, since it abandoned the “ruthless” gimmick he had as of late. Of course, Bram landed in hot water with the law and got suspended by TNA management for 30 days for alleged domestic assault, so who knows if this new push is going to actually happen. On that note, the match was entertaining and it delivered on that front. We also saw Galloway draw the final pinfall that gave Dixie full control, making him the most over TNA guy of the invasion, though most of it seemed forced on his part. Looking back at it, this invasion angle seemed to be a waste of time for both sides. Besides Jarrett, who else from Team GFW was truly over? Exposure for the company was good for sure, but the guys used here were all WWE cast-offs who weren’t once established with new personalities that strayed far from their old WWE gimmicks. What’s to gain from all this? Not sure. Perhaps we’ll get to a TNA episode where “GFW” isn’t said by anyone. That’ll be a start.






Quick Results

  • Mahabali Shera def. Abyss via pinfall
  • TNA Knockouts Championship – Four-Way – Gail Kim def. Brooke (Champion), Awesome Kong and Lei’D Tapa (w/Royal Red) via pinfall to become new Champion
  • Winner Takes Full Control Of TNA – Lethal Lockdown – Team TNA (The Wolves/Bobby Lashley/Drew Galloway/Bram) def. Team GFW (Brian Myers/Jeff Jarrett/Eric Young/Chris Mordetzky/Sonjay Dutt) via pinfall 

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