Notes In Observance – WWE Smackdown 9/10/15: Fair Warning

WWE SmackdownBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 9/10/15)

Fair Warning 

– The Wyatt Family promo was your usual “evil sermon” from Bray, as he tried to cast doubt upon the Roman Reigns/Dean Ambrose team based on their blinding loyalty and intelligence. He gave a fair warning and reminded us of how they took out Randy Orton on Raw. It also served as a fair warning to Jimmy Uso, who was teaming with both guys to take on The New Day later in the show. This was actually a Wyatt promo with purpose and wasn’t rambling and empty threats like we’ve all come to know Wyatt for.

– The Cesaro-Miz match was a Raw rematch that was more like what we expected then – more physical with mocking from both sides as the injured Cesaro found a way to power through and make Miz submit. So Cesaro can win on Smackdown apparently?

– The Ambrose/Reigns backstage promo hyped the six-man tag match and how Ambrose had the idea of bringing in Uso, while Reigns wasn’t all eager to bring more family into his dilemma. Uso came in overly hyped, which was um, good we guess. It was all logical and helps all characters involved.

– The Paige-Sasha Banks match was about their third in two weeks. At least WWE is consistent with this. The Team PCB boxed promo was keeping in line with this theme of getting payback for Paige. Liked the “time to tap” line. Team BAD’s boxed promo saw Banks want to prove why she was the boss all over again. Some early brawling forced the official to eject the other girls, which was good because it was pure one-on-one now. The action when it was that was quite solid, with no silly faction distractions, but it soon unfolded into a big brawl once again, which was an apparent no-contest. It’s definitely been established by now that Paige and Banks have bad blood. Is this one of the first singles feuds that will break out of this ill-fated Divas Revolution? The brawl was well-done at least.

– Nothing says “time-killer” like “Let’s replay the last 10 minutes of Raw instead of a video package.” Thank god for Xavier Woods and his trombone.

– The WWE World Heavyweight/United States Champion Seth Rollins backstage promo touched up on Raw being one of his worst nights, all because of Sting. He went back and forth between being angry at the statue incident and acting confident that Sting wasn’t getting in his head. He put over the lumberjack match with Ryback so that everyone could see Ryback couldn’t win on his own and hyped his two Night Of Champions matches. Sheamus butted into the promo by mentioning the possibility of three matches again with a simple cash-in. Liked that Sheamus is continuing to be a mental factor in this.

– The six-man tag between The New Day and Ambrose/Reigns/Jimmy Uso was also an easy, yet entertaining time-filler. It allowed the faces to shine a lot, with it also being Uso’s in-ring return for some time, while The New Day continued to do their thing. Of course we all saw Uso getting laid out coming, which furthered the family tensions more. Wyatt actually delivered on a threat for once. Who knew?

– The Ascension-Lucha Dragons match was an obvious way to get the new “Cosmic Wasteland” team over, but why feed the Lucha Dragons to them? Los Matadores would’ve been more fit and then they could’ve blamed El Torito and attacked the bull to get more heat. Post-match saw the heels do a beatdown, leading to Neville making the save, furthering the feud. Is this a six-man tag to come soon?

– The Team Bella backstage promo saw Nikki Bella talk about Banks and Paige fighting while disagreeing about Charlotte being the one who’ll uncrown her and accused her of being jealous and afraid. Charlotte was pretty good here in the segment, as we got pretty good straight-forward hype for the Raw match.

– The lumberjack main event between Rollins and Ryback was entertaining and was a mix of good in-ring wrestling with somewhat pointless brawling. Big Show got led out of the match too by the faces, which is interesting to see if it gets followed up on. For the sake of continuity, we did like Kevin Owens being an ultimate factor in the finish, helping Rollins win, screwing over Ryback at the same time.






Quick Results

  • Cesaro def. The Miz via submission
  • Paige (w/Charlotte, Becky Lynch) and Sasha Banks (w/Naomi, Tamina) to a no-contest 
  • Six-Man Tag – Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns/Jimmy Uso and The New Day to a no-contest 
  • The Ascension (w/Stardust) def. The Lucha Dragons via pinfall
  • Lumberjack match – Seth Rollins def. Ryback via pinfall 

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