Notes In Observance – WWE Raw 9/14/15: Season Premiere

WWE RawBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 9/14/15)

Season Premiere 

– The opening video highlighted Sting destroying WWE World Heavyweight and United States Champion Seth Rollins’ statue last week. Yup – the Champ was outwitted by Sting the garbage man.

– It’s going to be harder to draw heat on Triple H and Stephanie McMahon when the first thing they do is point to the “Connor’s Cure” logo on the ramp when coming out. This was their idea of capturing people for the season premiere? A classic Authority-styled promo? Either way, they hyped all the big matches, also including announcing that Sting would compete for the first time on Raw against The Big Show. That’s the plan? They were more faces than heels here, and they then introduced the Tag Team Championship match, literally dancing with The New Day, which was kind of entertaining and probably the beginning of many new memes.

– The Tag Team Championships match between Big E/Kofi Kingston and The Prime Time Players had Night Of Champions implications, as the winner would face the Dudley Boyz, who watched from a backstage monitor. Woods had his voice and the trombone to provide hilarious distractions aplenty. The match itself was okay, though given New Day’s table feud with Dudleys, there was no way PTP was at the least winning clean. Despite Titus’ hot tag being well-done, it all went for naught when he tried to break the trombone, leading to The New Day’s finisher and they all celebrated on the announce table. Liked the Dudleys standing on the ramp to serve them notice, increasing the hype for NOC.

– The Trips/Steph/Rollins backstage segment saw Rollins try to kiss up to the two by defending their booking decisions and asked what would happen with John Cena and Sheamus and they booked the two against each other. Makes sense from their respective.

– The Charlotte/Ric Flair backstage promo touched up on Charlotte preparing for the big match and also provided the spark for the emotional aspect of things. Awesome that they had Flair on hand for this to make it all the more better if Charlotte were to win. Their chemistry was quite natural evidently. It helped provide hype to one of the matches people already looked forward to going in.

– The Paige-Sasha Banks match was their fourth in the last three weeks, though it made sense with their rivalry going on, but couldn’t Paige have faced Naomi here, to keep things from being overexposed? Not a complaint though. Not as crisp as their Smackdown match, but the last two minutes were good, as Banks recovered from a nasty-looking German Suplex to make Paige tap out to the Bank Statement. Post-match saw Naomi/Tamina beat down Lynch and Paige, making use of the numbers advantage since Charlotte was in the back preparing. Would’ve been nice if Paige/Lynch sold the injuries later, but it is what it is.

– The MizTV segment with The Wyatt Family already sounded somewhat intriguing on paper. The Wyatts brought an intimidating presence and that set the tone, even though Miz messed up on the PPV line. Bray’s promo established that it didn’t matter how many teamed with Ambrose/Reigns because they’d all fall down. The faces coming out looked brave on their part since Braun Strowman took them out alone in weeks prior. The stare down was intense and Reigns’ promo did what it had to do when he revealed they found a third partner and that he was disgusted by Wyatt thinking he was the king of the world. Good promo though the abrupt ending when it looked like a fight would ensue could’ve been handled better.

– The Cena-Sheamus match was the “let them fight it out” bout on the card as both guys went at each other with all might, both being protected by the gutsy pace, as Cena beat Sheamus with the Attitude Adjustment. With Cena taking on Rollins for sure, it made sense to keep him strong.

– The WWE Intercontinental Champion Ryback-Kevin Owens promo segment was all about hyping their announced NOC encounter. Ryback did a terrible Elvis impersonation while Owens referenced Ryback talking about a book called “The Secret” to get back to recovery and how it was a travesty that Ryback was Champion. Ryback defended himself, while Owens was on top of his promo game. It didn’t exactly fire on all cylinders, but at least Owens retained some of his heat lost weeks ago. This will be a good match in the ring and the personality clash is displayed just enough outside of it for fans to invest.

– The Stardust/Ascension-Neville/Lucha Dragons brawl was more of an angle designed where the heels escaped before any harm could be done to them. We wondered if this being saved for Smackdown or NOC, before we got the NOC Kick-Off match announcement. Should be good in that role.

– The Nikki Bella hype video made her come off as a conceited heel better than everyone else. She called it her revolution and put over her 295-day reign. Why couldn’t we have this Bella the whole time instead of the face-heel flip-flopping? Charlotte’s portion of the video was brief but self-explanatory. Needless to say, this was the biggest Divas match to this point.

– The Divas Championship match between Charlotte and Bella was good while it was a match, with a commercial break in between to allow both ladies to tell a story – Bella stood on top, dominating Charlotte’s arm while the challenger took chances every now and then that paid off. As for the finish – that’s where the praise ends. First off, we’ve already had the “botched twin magic” spot already happen earlier this year. Why did we need to see it happen to backfire on the biggest night of the Divas Revolution? Second, people wanted to see Charlotte win, but they wanted it to happen by cleanly beating Nikki and clearly that didn’t happen the first time. What the hell, guys? Steph coming out to officially announce Charlotte winning by DQ wasn’t much better for things. People didn’t want to see Bella break the record, but at least the newer NOC stipulation with Bella losing the Title in any match result (pinfall, DQ, countout) is okay in that regard. Did Charlotte gain any true sympathy here though? Guess Bella will make it to 300 after all. Bittersweet finish to what turned out to be a disappointment.

– The Rusev-Cesaro match was interesting booking. On one hand, it was a match we hadn’t seen too much of before, but because Rusev was on the NOC card fighting Ziggler, you’d think there was no way he was losing this match cleanly. Wouldn’t make any sense to. Guess what happened. Seemed like another hard-fought Cesaro loss in the making. Well, it went another direction when Ziggler came out with a gift for Summer, which caused a distraction for Rusev to lose. Cesaro has won two straight matches now?! Why would Summer hide the gift from Rusev though? This didn’t accomplish much… This angle is still a thing. Why?

– The Rusev/Summer backstage segment saw her open the gift behind a closed door and it looked to be a watch before Rusev demanded she come inside. Okay… Never ends.

– The Trips/Steph/Show segment involved the two telling Show to try to solve the problem of Sting. Makes sense from an Authority perspective.

– The Sting-Show main event itself was as meh as it gets because it served for an Authority beat down angle where Cena made the save. Granted, how much action could we really expect from Sting-Show? Trips restarted it as a two-on-two tag match, which was a bit too melodramatic for our tastes, but the hot tag to Sting was the peak there, and Sting made Rollins tap to the Scorpion Death Lock which also served hype to NOC that anything could happen. Pretty ironic that Cena pulled double-duty on this Raw, huh?






Quick Results

  • WWE Tag Team Championships – Big E/Kofi Kingston (w/Xavier Woods) (Champions) def. The Prime Time Players via pinfall to retain 
  • Sasha Banks (w/Naomi, Tamina) def. Paige (w/Becky Lynch) via submission
  • John Cena def. Sheamus via pinfall
  • Divas Championship – Charlotte def. Nikki Bella (Champion) via DQ; Bella retains 
  • Cesaro def. Rusev (w/Summer Rae) via pinfall
  • Sting def. The Big Show via DQ
  • Sting/John Cena def. The Big Show/Seth Rollins via pinfall

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