Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 9/9/15: The Momentum Swings

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 9/9/15)

The Momentum Swings

– The opening video highlighted the recent Global Force Wrestling “hostile takeover” of the place Jeff Jarrett once called home, and how the Team TNA-Team GFW match materialized for ultimate control of the company. Also featured was TNA World Heavyweight Champion Ethan Carter III retaining his Title, making Jeff Hardy his new personal assistant.

– The EC3/Tyrus in-ring promo had EC3 mention he couldn’t care less about the invasion war, introducing Jeff Hardy, stripping him of his music, which was funny. EC3 clamoring for some water in over-the-top fashion was hilarious. He’s the one beaming light of this show with the cue card introductions and head signs. EC3 was clearly having fun with this and it was highly entertaining, but it was a lead-in to the Matt Hardy/Rockstar Spud-EC3/Tyrus match, which seemed to be announced by the Champ on the fly. He has match-making authority?

– The Hardy/Spud-EC3/Tyrus match was good for what it was, but we can’t help but think announcing this ahead of time would’ve been beneficial for everyone. Spud came off as just another guy, when his ultimate rival is arguably EC3. Liked the interaction that Jeff refused to hit a cheap shot on Tyrus’ orders and use the chair on EC3’s orders. Tyrus hit his ICU finisher on Spud for the win, more or less using the match to further the storyline.

– The Wolves/Drew Galloway backstage segment saw Wolves ready for war while Galloway was determined to prevent GFW from getting any more power. Galloway’s always gotta be in the front, doesn’t he? This kind of over-the-top nature doesn’t seem “real.”

– The Dollhouse backstage segment saw Taryn Terrell express her hatred of Velvet Sky and tell Rebel to take out someone from The Beautiful People since she was newest and had something to prove. Gosh, did Josh Matthews really compare that to the Nicki Minaj-Miley Cyrus beef? Oh lord.

– Backstage, a brawl broke out when Dollhouse tried to ambush Madison Rayne who faced them head-on. The other BP members came to her aid, which backfired when Angelina Love was taken down by something that Matthews called a “smoking gun in the hands of Jade” (or more simply, a steel chair) which was a decent angle overall.

– The Jeff Jarrett/Karen Jarrett in-ring promo hyped the main event and he called for Bobby Roode to return his King Of The Mountain Championship. Roode looked good in this segment as the Champion and was way over with the fans, as he refused to hand over the Belt. Karen stepped in as the emasculating woman to keep things under control. This feud is growing organically, which is great for someone like Roode, who we feared would get lost in the shuffle with this angle. Ironically, Roode might be the most over guy for TNA’s side. Yup – not Galloway.

– Backstage, Eli Drake complained to Kenny King and Jessie Godderz that TNA was in trouble and suddenly Galloway thought he was the top soldier, when Galloway came into the shot and told them he hopes they knew what was going on, while King called Galloway a suck-up (not consistent with his face turn last week?) and the heels made fun of his stance, while Galloway acted offended they didn’t want to fight and brought in Mika, Robbie E and Tigre Uno as people who did. Three-on-three? At least Pope sold the idea that this wasn’t what TNA needed: fighting amongst themselves. Segment was portly acted, but the concept makes sense at least.

– The EC3/Tyrus/Jeff backstage segment saw EC3 yelled at Jeff for not hitting someone on his orders, but let it go to “first day jitters” and ordered him to sell his merchandise to the fans. Funny.

– The King/Godderz/Drake-Mika/Tigre Uno/Robbie E tag match was okay for what it was, though it felt immensely pointless in the scope of things. The heels basically fought Galloway’s friends? At least Robbie got the pin on Godderz.

– The Knockouts Championship match between Brooke and Gail Kim had a good start, with both Knockouts well-established on top. We got the vibe that they were both battling to see who was the best woman. For what it’s worth, the Lei’D Tapa/Royal Red appearance was good, but did Brooke need to break away after a two-count leading to an obvious three to attack Tapa? Brooke was hit in the back of the head with the Title by Tapa afterwards to cause a DQ finish. Post-match with Kim/Tapa saw Kim get annihilated, followed by Awesome Kong coming out to confront her again. The battle of strengths between the two was well-done, as they traded clothesline attempts, shoulder blocks, body slams and such. Kong got the last laugh here, while also holding the TNA Knockouts Championship, making that the wanted prize. We smell a four-way. Just what we got. Good build.

– GFW was backstage amped up (see what we did?) and Jeff Jarrett teased having something special for later on. Such a tease.

– Backstage, Jeff Hardy told Galloway he approved of him standing up, while EC3 interrupted and told him there was gear to clean while they had dinner reservations. Hardy’s subtle comment about the World Champion needing to change was key to focus on.

– The Tag Team Championship match between The Wolves and Brian Myers/Trevor Lee started right down to business with the story being The Wolves wanting to become four-time Champs while giving TNA back gold. The match was actually well-wrestled on both ends. We wish we knew more about Myers and Lee since they’re so well-rounded in the ring. Not even one promo from those two. Obviously, if you follow our Pro Wrestling Syndicate coverage, you’ll know Myers is featured prominently as a tongue-in-cheek overconfident heel. On TNA, he’s just another guy. Anyways, the match finish was probably the best TNA-GFW moment to date, with Earl Hebner knocking down Sonjay Dutt when he attacked the prior official before he could count to three. Matthews on commentary here killed it – “Spike this son of a bitch and let’s win our titles back!” That had heart, conviction and everything else that was lacking prior. The Wolves re-emerge as Champs and all is right with the world. Seemingly. Best part of the show.

– Chris Melendez’s backstage promo has us thinking this: either he’s a heroic man for wanting to take on Eric Young so much even without a leg or he’s stupid for taking a losing bet so many times.

– The latest installment of the Young-Melendez in-ring promos was much like previous ones – establishing yet another match for the leg, with EY taking it this time because he’s so sure he can win. It’s almost like they’re giving away the result already. At the same time, Young did look pretty badass with the way he pushed Melendez to the canvas after teasing to give the leg back. The two show good intensity on the mic, but how much longer can this really go on?

– Backstage, Galloway/Wolves/Lashley stood united as Galloway was confident and wanted revenge on his attacker, Chris Mordetzky. Alrighty then.

– The talking segment with Mahabali Shera was an attempt to get him over as an Indian immigrant – saying it was difficult with no friends or family, until Manik became a friend and talked bad about James Storm renaming him leading to how much he wanted to get his hands on him. He spoke with more conviction in his native language but we liked the look of him in the suit and they were at least going for the right idea here. Shera will probably beat Abyss next week, but it makes sense to have him go through one of James Storm’s goons first.

– The Lumberjack main event for the Lethal Lockdown one-man advantage between Galloway and Mordetzky was alright for what it was. Galloway and Mordetzky worked hard to portray a general dislike for one another and we got general outside shenanigans. Of course, the big “news” was EY joining GFW’s side, which we saw coming from the moment he came out, but this was a decent way to get GFW all the momentum headed into Lethal Lockdown. As for the show itself, nothing too standout despite better progression on the invasion angle, but it’s still a long ways to go before being anything even remotely must-watch.






Quick Results

  • Ethan Carter III (w/Jeff Hardy)/Tyrus def. Rockstar Spud/Matt Hardy via pinfall
  • Six-Man Tag – Robbie E/Tigre Uno/Mika def. Eli Drake/Kenny King/Jessie Godderz via pinfall
  • Knockouts Championship – Brooke (Champion) def. Gail Kim via DQ to retain 
  • Tag Team Championships – The Wolves def. Brian Myers/Trevor Lee (Champions) via pinfall to regain Championships 
  • Lumberjack Match – Winner Gains Team One-Man Advantage In Lethal Lockdown – Chris Mordetzky def. Drew Galloway via pinfall

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