Notes In Observance – ROH Wrestling 9/2/15: Competition With A Lethal Overdose

Image provided courtesy of Ring Of Honor.

Image provided courtesy of Ring Of Honor.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 9/2/15)

Competition With A Lethal Overdose 

– The Adam Page-Jay Briscoe match continued to sell the ongoing feud between Whitmer and King Corino while also readdressing Page’s recent challenge to Briscoe. Loved Page’s intensity with the hard slap during the moment of Code of Honor attempts. The match never developed into anything contest-wise with the blatant chair DQ, but once we saw it was only a matter of seconds before Mark Briscoe came out with an array of chairs himself, it became obvious they were building to a Briscoes-Decade match and thus, was a good way to get there.

– Dalton Castle’s backstage promo (yes, you read that correctly) was actually handled well in expressing his side of the feud with Silas Young, where a match was proposed by the latter where if he won, Dalton’s Boys would become his own. This has been one of the company’s better feuds and we continued to see it shine here. Castle’s promo style fit his flamboyant image and his tone perfectly matched that with an over-the-top demeanor that was appropriate for the situation. If you had to compare it to something, imagine Barney Stinson from “How I Met Your Mother” as a circus ringleader. He didn’t falter on this promo, only enhanced things further, as he talked about the importance of his boys and added his own proposition that Young would join his boys if he lost. It’s an entertaining outcome either way, so we’re all for it.

– The Cedric Alexander-Caprice Coleman match was already a story of “protege vs. former mentor,” which was further helped by the opening promos, which saw Alexander try to get out of the match, while Coleman picked on his new manager. There was more than enough athleticism displayed here to make up for the first match, but even then, there was a slight botch on the hurricanrana where Alexander looked somewhat dazed. Liked the finisher in that it had both Stokely Hathaway and Moose stop Alexander from getting the win with the wrench again. Interesting to see Prince Nana come and embrace Moose and Hathaway before slipping an envelope to Coleman. Keeps some intrigue going.

– The Brutal Bob Evans-Cheeseburger match carried on the last time we saw these guys when Evans took Cheeseburger through a ringside table. Baltimore provided the hometown backing of the youngster who had something left to prove. Evans brought an amount of tension with him that saw him utter “controversial” remarks that we didn’t see said on camera that commentary was disgusted by. This was initially going the way of a squash match where Evans toyed around and clearly had the pin at a point, but it became fun when things got back in Cheeseburger’s favor. The table came in play again and it was a good time to see Evans go through the table this time. Liked the way it was treated as a huge breakthrough countout victory.

– The Television Championship match between Hanson and Jay Lethal with Bobby Fish on commentary was already well-hyped, though we were mostly sure Lethal would win. Fish on commentary made sense since he was next in line for the TV Title shot. The match wasn’t bad, but with Lethal on a monster push, we never doubted him winning. We got classic heel action from Lethal with Martini’s help, but he ended up winning on his own anyways. Hanson was also somewhat protected with the finish, needing two Lethal Injections to be defeated. Liked the post-match with Kyle O’Reilly and Roderick Strong, making their claims to wanting Lethal, keeping us looking forward to things. All in all, a good show that involved storyline progression on all fronts, making it feel more “episodic,” as opposed to the shows with random put-together matches, though those matches are usually excellent on their own anyways.






Quick Results

  • Jay Briscoe def. Adam Page (w/BJ Whitmer, Colby Corino) via DQ
  • Caprice Coleman def. Cedric Alexander (w/Veda Scott) via pinfall
  • Cheeseburger def. Brutal Bob Evans via countout
  • ROH Television Championship – Jay Lethal (Champion) (w/Truth Martini) def. Hanson via pinfall to retain

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