Notes In Observance – WWE NXT 9/2/15: A Dusty Start

WWE NXTBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 9/2/15)

A Dusty Start 

– The opening video was pretty self-explanatory in explaining that a Tag Team Tournament was made in honor of Dusty Rhodes – the inaugural Dusty Classic. Classy move by WWE to pay tribute to the true mentor of mentors, with NXT the perfect platform for it, the environment he shared the most influence on, even in the weeks before his passing.

– The first round Dusty Classic match between The Ascension (who made a homecoming return to a pop – who knew?) and Rhyno/Baron Corbin looked to be a way to get the heels over, though not in too much of a squash fashion. It’d also be interesting to see how Rhyno and Corbin would co-exist headed in, since they butted heads initially. The Ascension actually came off better in the Full Sail environment – they never did the “Yah!” battle cry on the main roster, that’s for sure. Decent match, just wish it had more time to really develop, but the finish was okay for what it was. Corbin/Rhyno serve logical longevity in this tourney anyway.

– The Neville/Solomon Crowe backstage promo had Neville talk up how much Dusty meant to him and wanted to represent him in the tournament, while Crowe also put over the tourney and getting to team with Neville, he sounded good here. Not sure if it was smart to have Neville dismiss Crowe as “weird,” since you’d think they paired the two up to get Crowe over a bit more.

– The Alexa Bliss-Blue Pants match had backstory stemming from NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn when Blue Pants had a hand in helping The Vaudevillains beat Bliss’ boys, Blake and Murphy, letting them become the new Tag Team Champions. This was about Bliss wanting payback, which happened pretty much, though BP got a good amount of offense in. Not sure of the purpose of that really, since neither tag team were on the sidelines. Would’ve been cooler had BP gotten the win to keep things fresh and interesting, instead of letting Bliss get heat back so quickly. It’d happen either way but this was something that would’ve been better off waiting on.

– Another Nia Jax hype video aired that made her sound confident with some abstract close-up camera shots. Like the look of it all.

– The William Regal/Tyler Breeze/Johnny Gargano/Tommaso Ciampa backstage segment provided more entertaining vocal exchanges between Regal and Breeze and introduced us to Gargano/Ciampa, who Regal personally put over as “the hottest free agents to compete in the tournament.” The internet might’ve broken at that exact moment. We also heard Regal tell Breeze his partner would be Bull Dempsey to his dismay, which didn’t faze The Prince Of Pretty, who more than held his own here. While it made sense to mention the intrigue of a Breeze/Dempsey team given their little history before Dempsey discovered a gym, we think the commentary team should’ve played up the fact that Gargano/Ciampa were right there on NXT, to give it more of an “anything can happen” feel. After all, NXT tends to play to the “smart” crowd.

– The Emma backstage promo put over her “win” last week (we say that because it was actually unplanned) by saying the Diva Revolution started with her and Paige on NXT back at TakeOver: Arrival. It fits her new persona.

– The Apollo Crews-Martin Stone match served as Crews’ second in-ring match, who looked to take his momentum from Brooklyn over, which more or less happened again, though Brooklyn was slightly more entertaining. Not a knock on Crews at all though, as he offers an excitable offense.

– The Jason Jordan/Chad Gable backstage promo put over the match with Crowe/Neville later on. Jordan/Gable were good here, saying Neville would fall and people would forget Crowe would exist. Jordan continued to be hesitant to fully embrace Gable’s overenthusiastic nature. Also liked the line about them making history since history was written by the winners.

– Finn Balor’s backstage promo put over his upcoming title defenses during live shows in Texas and mentioned Samoa Joe, who introduced himself and said he wanted to win it all and asked if he was ready. They got off to a good start, though it’s strongly rumored this will plant seeds for a feud.

– The Eva Marie-Billie Kay match served another Eva squash. Obviously no warm reaction there, despite some high-pitched chants for her. Think the crowd was booing the horrifically bad timing of the kickout since it looked like she needed the referee to “bail her out” before the terrible finish. Eva needs a new finisher, she just goes way too slow with the Sliced Bread Number Two. Her selling was better here, but still a ridiculously long way to go.

– The backstage promo with Enzo Amore/Colin Cassady/Hype Bros. saw them talk up the NY crowd last week and they argued about where to go next. What was the point of that really? Also hyped for next week was Balor/Joe against The Lucha Dragons, which sounds sweet all-around.

– The first round Dusty Classic match between Jordan/Gable and Neville/Crowe already looked great on paper and started out that way. Sounded like the crowd didn’t expect Neville to come out, thus giving him a rabid reaction. Gable/Jordan showed great amateur-esque skills, which blended perfectly with Neville’s speed and athleticism. Crowe held on his own too, but was a good way to build to a hot tag mainly. As we expected, Jordan/Gable got the win by hitting their finisher on Crowe once Neville was cleared from the ring. If you’re having a tag tourney, you need these guys in it. Good match to end the show.






Quick Results

  • Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic – First Round – Baron Corbin/Rhyno def. The Ascension via pinfall to advance
  • Alexa Bliss def. Blue Pants via pinfall
  • Apollo Crews def. Martin Stone via pinfall
  • Eva Marie def. Billie Kay via pinfall
  • Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic – First Round – Jason Jordan/Chad Gable def. Neville/Solomon Crowe via pinfall to advance 

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