Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 8/26/15: Decisions, Decisions

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 8/26/15)

Decisions, Decisions

– The opening video talked about Jeff Jarrett offering to run Impact when “The Law” Bully Ray was attacked (bet TNA feels stupid mentioning his likeness now), also looking at the attack on Drew Galloway backstage and PJ Black winning the King Of The Mountain Championship. Hyped were three random Championship matches – a three-way for the X-Division Championship with DJZ, Sonjay Dutt and Tigre Uno, Velvet Sky vs. Brooke for the Knockouts Championship (how did she earn that?) and Abyss/Manik vs. The Wolves for the TNA Tag Team Championships (same goes for them too).

– The first in-ring segment with the Hardy Boys started yet again like every one of their promos, mentioning “they have doubters.” Hmm. Jeff advocated for his brother to get “one more shot” at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. The Champion – Ethan Carter III with Tyrus, soaked up good heat by referring to both guys as disappointments and that the offer was rejected initially but then accepted, with the stipulation that if Matt didn’t win, Jeff would be forced to become his personal assistant. At least it’s different.

– Eric Young’s backstage promo had him brag he’d take Chris Melendez’s fake leg since he dropped him on his head so much and made him make bad decisions. You’d think Melendez would just buy another prosthetic leg, no? He seems to be on the verge of a push given the television station the show is on.

– The Jeff/Karen Jarrett backstage segment had them both say it’d be a very big night on Impact. Foreshadow, much?

– The Young-Melendez match for Melendez’s prosthetic leg was rather disappointing in both quality and the cheap finish with EY using the ropes for the win. Post-match saw Young demand the leg and get it with no fight from Melendez. They went about this all wrong. They should’ve had the payoff for Melendez to win since Young has now beaten him about eight times. Totally dropped the ball here. Young’s a great heel undoubtedly, but he’s beginning to lose his “spice,” coming off as a Sheamus-like heel with no momentum.

– The X-Division Championship match between DJZ, Tigre Uno and Sonjay Dutt showed some attempt to build Champ Tigre with his entrance feeling major league thanks to the confetti. The in-ring action had alright chemistry, despite a few noticeable botches, Tigre involved in two – one a double monkey toss and the other a hurricanrana. At least things rebounded for the finish, which saw Tigre retain with the Springboard Frog Splash on DJZ. Still a long way to go for the division to mean close to anything relevant these days.

– The James Storm/Abyss/Manik backstage segment was basically Storm telling the two that Mahabali Shera was no more and tried to hype the two for action. He also warned Manik not to dance for that “idiot” again or he’d cut him down where he stood. Second week in a row he’s taunting Manik. Keep track.

– The Tag Team Championship match between Abyss/Manik and The Wolves was what it was, rather predictable since we could’ve pictured Shera getting involved to screw his old mates over, though it was better to have him do it against Storm who tried to interfere. Wolves made it entertaining with their style, but there’s only so much they can do really.

– The Hardys onstage segment saw Jeff decide he’d accept the challenge for the match next week. Yay.

– It’s rather ironic that 3/4 of the TNA Hall Of Fame are actively in WWE, isn’t it?

– The Knockouts Championship match between Brooke and Velvet Sky was okay for what it was, thought it was smart to have Marti Bell and Jade attack Brooke on the outside, to protect Sky from getting pinned clean. Rebel getting involved almost gave away a heel turn as the newest member. Pope read a statement earlier from Taryn Terrell mentioning a “stronger Dollhouse,” which was followed by a video promo from her about The Dollhouse getting stronger. Like the idea of it as a growing stable.

– The Bobby Roode backstage promo had him hype the main event about wanting to prove to the Jarretts and the fans he belonged. Consistency is key when used correctly.

– The Mr. Anderson backstage promo also put over the main event match featuring all former champions. He claimed actions spoke louder than words, while Galloway was angry about some news he heard on the phone. More foreshadowing.

– The four-way main event for a shot at the King Of The Mountain Championship between Anderson, Roode, Bobby Lashley and Storm was good, with everybody looking strong, while providing a nostalgia kick involving the former Beer Money, eventually making Roode the guy who’d face Black for the KOTM Championship.

– The EC3 backstage promo hyped the match for next week. Usual good stuff.

– The “decision” segment involving Jeff/Karen Jarrett, Dixie Carter and Galloway was all about Dixie seemingly about to give Jarrett control when Galloway came out with some “clues” with different rental cars under the Jarrett name the different nights the attacks occurred and blamed Jeff, when Karen said it was actually her, doing it for Jeff. It was just a distraction to let Jeff low blow Galloway, with GFW guys going into the ring to attack him too and TNA guys attempted to make the save. At least we finally got the “payoff” angle, but it all felt sort of forced and not organic. We’ll see where it all goes. Just to make sure, Dixie never officially stated that Jeff would be permanently in charge. Kind of all overwhelming and confusing. Classic TNA style. Does this make Roode a face now fighting for TNA?






Quick Results

  • If Eric Young Wins, He Gets Chris Melendez’s Prosthetic Leg – Eric Young def. Chris Melendez via pinfall
  • X-Division Championship – Three-Way – Tigre Uno (Champion) def. DJZ and Sonjay Dutt via pinfall to retain
  • TNA Tag Team Championships – The Wolves (Champions) def. Abyss/Manik via pinfall to retain 
  • Knockouts Championship – Brooke (Champion) def. Velvet Sky via DQ; Brooke retains
  • Winner Receives Shot At King Of The Mountain Championship – Four-Way – Bobby Roode def. Bobby Lashley, James Storm and Mr. Anderson via pinfall

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