Notes In Observance – WWE Raw 8/24/15: The Unveiling Of An Icon

WWE RawBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 8/24/15)

The Unveiling Of An Icon

– The Triple H-Seth Rollins backstage segment was pretty straight forward, setting the scene for Trips to congratulate Rollins on beating John Cena at SummerSlam the previous night, retaining his WWE World Heavyweight Championship and becoming new United States Champion. God help us, they actually designed a statue. This hyped the “unveiling” for things later on, which was all fine and good. Kind of odd that they neglected to mention the actions of Jon Stewart, but them being delirious heels, that was most likely on purpose.

– Made sense to start the actual show off with Brock Lesnar/Paul Heyman, who were understandably angry. The thing is, the SummerSlam finish wasn’t “controversial.” Taker clearly tapped out via instant replay. That said, Heyman did a good job of getting the crowd pumped up for a challenge of a rematch later in the show. Or so we thought. Bo Dallas interrupted and made some remarks about Lesnar needing to “Bo-Lieve.” That earned him a ticket to Suplex City to the fans’  delight. We didn’t get a definitive response to the challenge, though it was entertaining to see Heyman and the crowd getting Lesnar to do more suplexes and an F5. If you were going to bring up the internet story of Taker collapsing backstage, then they had to know fans also likely knew that Taker wasn’t in the building. Doesn’t make sense to get the crowd hyped up for something that wouldn’t happen anyway.

– It was obvious New Day would be praised in Brooklyn, after all, they’re the best thing to happen to the tag division thanks to their humor. The match with The Lucha Dragons and Kofi Kingston/Big E with The Prime Time Players on commentary was good for what it was for the match itself. New Day’s antics continued as Xavier Woods played the trombone to the tune of “New York, New York” as they reworked the lyrics. Still managed to work in good heat. PTP had a rematch clause to work in, but they revealed they’d save it for a certain time. Hmm… Night Of Champions? New Day decisively put away Lucha Dragons, as Woods played the trombone at ringside and some jivin’ went on, until the Dudley Boyz’s music hit and the crowd went nuts. Thank god we have a brand new team for New Day to face. They ran through their signature spots and the crowd was loving it, as Woods went through the well… wood. Bubba appeared at the Royal Rumble, but this was Devon’s first appearance in WWE since 2005. Also liked that Dudleys stared down PTP, saying they wanted the Tag titles. Couldn’t book this any better. Also smart to advertise the Dudleys for Smackdown.

– Trips/Steph marveled backstage over the Rollins statue and Rollins kissed up to both of them, thanking them for all their help. This hyped up a segment where the statue would be unveiled. Again.

– The Roman Reigns/Dean Ambrose-Luke Harper/Bray Wyatt SummerSlam rematch started out the same way it did during the PPV, with a brawling style and Reigns getting booed. It was basically a shorter version of their SS match, until Reigns was about to put Wyatt away and a new Wyatt member came out of nowhere, causing a DQ. This new guy is a tall, muscular beast. He sort of resembles Big John Studd by looks and hit power moves on both Ambrose and Reigns. Good reveal on both ends – Wyatts needed momentum in the worst way, and now it seems Reigns/Ambrose will need a third guy.

– The MizTV segment with Team PCB seemed to make sense in context since they won at SummerSlam but given how they crashed on commentary on a previous episode, we were cringing at this idea. Interesting exchange between Charlotte and Miz at least. Team PCB came off as constant fighters, wanting to prove themselves to the world. Then, Team Bella’s music came down and they bragged about being the superior team, bringing about another pointless catty interaction. At least Bellas came off as heels here. Miz taunted PCB further, and PCB cornered him, and they turned their backs on the heels, who predictably attacked them, to set up a now apparent six-Diva tag match. The crowd chanted “Where’s Team BAD?” and “We Want Sasha,” which says it way better than we could.

– The Team Bella-Team PCB match was okay in terms of quality but this felt like another pointless match with no relevancy to this “Revolution.” The crowd was rough on this one, with the “boring” chants towards the end. Team Bella got the win here, quite decisively. Would’ve been fun to have PCB win again, rather than have both teams trade wins. Where the hell was Team BAD in all of this?

– The King Barrett/Stardust/Neville segment seemed like WWE actually took our advice and kept them as a unit. Well, until Stardust attacked Barrett maybe out of frustration. Neville came out and the two brawled quickly, Stardust escaping before he could get struck with The Red Arrow. Guess this is their way to continue the feud while eliminating Barrett?

– We already see inconsistencies with Stewart’s heel turn, shaking hands with fans. He explained his actions as not being aligned with Rollins or The Authority, but because he didn’t want Cena to tie Ric Flair’s 16 World Title reigns on his watch. Of course, Flair coming out could only help the segment, and he said he “messed up everything.” Oh here comes Cena. The interaction between him and Stewart was entertaining, but besides the AA he gave Stewart at the end, we didn’t break new ground here, with things mentioned we already knew. Cena gave other guys a chance while U.S. Champion? The Authority has the U.S. Title now? Never knew that before. Cena is owed a rematch though for the U.S. Title probably.

– Cena’s backstage promo provided perspective on what he did and hyped crashing the Authority statue segment. Nothing new.

– The eight-man tag between Kevin Owens/Rusev/Sheamus/Ryback and Cesaro/Dolph Ziggler/Randy Orton/The Big Show was a clever but predictable way to get four singles feuds from SummerSlam into one match. As you’d expect, it was entertaining. Guys like Cesaro got to do their thing, Owens looked good too, and we got another Lana-Summer brawl. Owens and Ryback had good chemistry in the ring. The finish was also okay with Show punching Sheamus out, leading to the RKO. Rusev/Owens picking on Show for losing was pretty good too, and then the faces picked up the scraps. Did anybody feel sympathy for Show? No? Oh well.

– The Wyatt Family fog promo touched up on Bray’s warning and we got formally introduced to Braun Stowman. How nice and courteous.

– The Cena-Trips/Steph backstage segment had Steph reprimand Cena for his actions and they threw him or of the arena via security. They’ll probably follow up on it on Smackdown.

– The Rollins statue unveiling segment started with Trips/Steph singing “Happy Birthday” for Vince McMahon, seemingly out of character. Clever way for a Triple H to back his reasoning for the statue by complimenting Rollins for having “Hustle, Loyalty and Respect.” Rollins’ speech/promo was pretty much what we all expected to hear, making himself sound like the new “man.” The unveiling revealed Sting to be underneath the curtain in a true mark-out moment. His attack on Rollins is an obvious claim to Night Of Champions for a World Title challenge. It’s great because it gives Rollins a big name to fight (and most likely beat) and then it also instantly sells NOC with a match people would want to see.






Quick Results

  • Kofi Kingston/Big E (w/Xavier Woods) def. The Lucha Dragons via pinfall
  • Roman Reigns/Dean Ambrose def. Bray Wyatt/Luke Harper via DQ
  • Six-Diva Tag – Team Bella def. Team PCB via pinfall
  • Eight-Man Tag – Cesaro/Randy Orton/Dolph Ziggler (w/Lana)/Ryback def. The Big Show/Kevin Owens/Rusev (w/Summer Rae)/Sheamus via pinfall

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