Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 8/19/15: Turning Point 2015

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 8/19/15)

Turning Point 2015

– The opening video looked back at last week’s TNA/Global Force Wrestling “supershow,” with TNA getting two out of three victories, with GFW’s PJ Black winning the King Of The Mountain Championship, earning the right to face TNA World Heavyweight Champion Ethan Carter III later on. Also hyped for this “Turning Point”-themed episode was Mr. Anderson vs. Bram in an “Open Mic” match and Gail Kim vs. Marti Bell/Jade in Six Sides Of Steel.

– Wait, why does Jeff Jarrett get to run the show a second week in a row? Where was the segment where that was officially decided? Jeff and Karen Jarrett came out, as Jeff hyped the main event match, interrupted by EC3, who claimed he’d boycott the match. Karen accused EC3 of the attacks on Bully Ray and Drew Galloway, since it’d benefit him the most. Only thing that made sense out of it was that Jeff did have some credibility in his “company say” since he does have ownership stake, meaning the threat to strip EC3 was believable. At the same time though, why is GFW looked at as the good guys right now? The heel is standing up for TNA wrestling. Seems sort of illogical to the point of the whole rivalry.

– Galloway’s backstage promo touched up on the backstage attacks. He claimed he had a good idea of who attacked him and put the blame on Eli Drake, putting immediate hype on their upcoming No Disqualification match. Decent.

– The “Open Mic Challenge” match between Bram and Anderson was yet another clunky gimmick match that seemed rather unnecessary. The rules of the match were kind of goofy, with the man who gets the mic down hanging up was allowed to use it. The table spot was pretty nice though, as was the Powerbomb on the chairs. Didn’t think the mic would be attached to the cord in this case. Why was Anderson allowed to use it if he didn’t retrieve it? Anderson got the win after hitting Bram in the head with the microphone, ending the match. Meh. This feud was a lot better when it was just about darkened personalities, not matches shrouded in clunky gimmickry.

– The Bobby Roode-Jarrett backstage segment continued their arguments, as Roode asked Jarrett what his plans were for him. Jarrett waived it off, claiming there were bigger things to deal with, making Roode more angry. Not sure where they’re going with it, but it’s intriguing. Roode could also be looked at as a suspect.

– EC3’s backstage promo had him be shocked that Jarrett would accuse him of the attacks and strip him of the Title. He spoke to Dixie Carter via fourth wall and told her to “do the right thing for TNA.” Doesn’t that make him look like the good guy here?

– James Storm came out with Manik and Abyss, saying the Revolution was a family (Sure, a family of losers) and he referenced the attacks by Mahabali Shera (formerly Khoya) and called him out. Sure, another talking segment, that’ll get Shera over. It was your classic “heel stable leader tries to get leaving member back” segment. So, Shera loves “smile, dance and fun.” What, why is music coming on? What is going on? What is this? What is this dancing? Sigh. Storm called for the music to cut off and Shera struck Storm first, leading to the Revolution members attacking Shera. One development out of this was Manik being forced to Frog Splash Shera. Maybe Manik will be next to turn? That segment was sort of a disaster despite doing what it needed to.

– Black’s backstage promo put over his win last week and compared EC3 to a master politician. Eric Young walked up and said he was going to do the taking now, accusing Black of stealing his shot. Irrelevant to the main event and confusing, since it was made to look like EY would take out Black to get the Title shot.

– The Six Sides Of Steel match between Kim and The Dollhouse was good, despite being predictable in the way that despite having the numbers, Dollhouse were owned by Kim more or less. She found creative ways to knock them both silly. This had the theme of emotions over control of the match, as Kim opted for punishment rather than escape. Who didn’t see Kim winning though? The double bulldog/head scissors move was impressive. We could assume that Taryn Terrell was next on the list.

– The Dixie-Jarrett backstage segment saw Jarrett try to convince Dixie to let EC3 defend the Title, while EC3 walked in. Dixie told EC3 the decision was made and he’d either defend the Title or get stripped. We get why it went down the way it did, but Dixie is slowly losing control of her own company and it was happening before her own eyes. Probably by design for this “rivalry,” but you just want to shake Dixie and wonder where her brain is in all of this.

– The EC3/Tyrus/Matt Hardy backstage segment was an obvious ploy to have an impromptu match between Hardy and Tyrus. This was all well and good in concept – Matt continues to be in EC3’s head and his bodyguard looked to take care of the problem. In reality, we knew Hardy would probably demolish Tyrus.

– Eli Drake’s promo had him deny the attacks on Galloway, thank god he got promo time. Anyways, the No Disqualification match with him and Galloway was entertaining, getting better while it went along. Lot of weapon involvement – crutches and tables, which played into the finish, giving Galloway the redemption victory. Drake was just starting to gain momentum and we wonder what happens to him from this point.

– Backstage, Terrell ran into Velvet Sky, who told her she wasn’t going anywhere. Guess her and Kim were aligning, as she backed Terrell into Kim, handcuffing her to an area backstage. Sky walked the cameraman out of it, saying “he didn’t need to see any of that.” Um, okay then. This is one of those Impact episodes that feels like it’s never ending. For what it’s worth, wouldn’t it had made sense for other Knockouts like Brooke and Awesome Kong to get payback too, since they were also targeted by The Dollhouse? LOLTNA.

– Young came out and complained about TNA management and Jarrett being clueless and that he’d take and take until nothing was left, bragging he took out Kurt Angle. Chris Melendez came out and said he never accepted defeat from Young and asked for a rematch. EY refused to give in, saying he already beat him and had nothing to prove, then reconsidering saying he wanted the prosthetic leg, saying to put it on the line in a match. Brief physicality saw Melendez gain the advantage. Guess it’s next week? Decent segment, just bad placing on the show.

– The Dixie/Jarrett backstage segment fed further speculation of whether EC3 would defend. Jarrett wanted to ask about something else, while Dixie wanted to just stick to the current problems, saying she had a plan in case of EC3 walking. We’ll ultimately never know though.

– The Matt Hardy-Tyrus match felt like filler all the way through, quickly ending in a Twist Of Fate. EC3 quickly attacked Hardy after, challenging Jarrett’s “best” to come fight him. Way too quick of a transition.

– The TNA World Heavyweight Championship match between EC3 and Black was great in terms of quality, with great athleticism by Black, while EC3 again won on his own, simply “manning up.” What the problem here was that EC3 was the top heel representing TNA, so why would the fans back him in this instance? Commentary talked about standing behind EC3 for the good of TNA, but that obviously didn’t translate to the fans.

– The final Jarrett-Dixie segment saw Jarrett try to convince her to run the show weekly. Dixie said she had to talk to some people but she’d have the answer within the week, feeling great about the idea. Yeah, keep thinking that. The “reveal” is going to happen sooner or later. The slow burn approach is okay, but they’re trying to convey this feeling of a “rivalry” and it’s just not working because the guys defending TNA and going after GFW guys are TNA’s top heels. Hopefully, they do work to fix this backwards logic, but with the last two weeks, there’s little hope on that front.






Quick Results

  • Open Mic Challenge – Mr. Anderson def. Bram via pinfall
  • Six Sides Of Steel – Gail Kim def. Marti Bell/Jade via pinfall
  • No Disqualification – Drew Galloway def. Eli Drake via pinfall
  • Matt Hardy def. Tyrus via pinfall
  • TNA World Heavyweight Championship – Ethan Carter III (Champion) def. PJ Black via pinfall to retain 

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