Notes In Observance – ROH Wrestling 8/19/15: Crashing The Superkick Party

Image provided courtesy of Ring Of Honor.

Image provided courtesy of Ring Of Honor.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 8/19/15)

Crashing The Superkick Party 

– Liked the storyline continuation of King Corino having this week “off” from commentating by Matchmaker Nigel McGuinness to sell the ongoing feud/angle with BJ Whitmer.

– The Silas Young-Dalton Castle match had previous “bad blood” between the two sought to still settle over. The two continued their great in-ring chemistry with the rough, angry Young against the unorthodox, flashy, flamboyant Castle. Good match to the end, which actually saw The Boys factor into the finish, distracting Young enough to try to attack them, thrown off his game to get fed into Castle’s finisher for the win. Young complained post-match about the Boys “needing to be men” and proposed a match with the Boys’ service on the line. Intriguing match/angle to say the least and it feels like the next necessary step to take in the feud. You’d think we’d hear more from a character like Castle, but ROH sticks to him as a man of action and bright colors mainly. What’s even better is that this stipulation could really go either way. What would Young do if he had the Boys’ service?

– Bobby Fish’s interview segment talked about him earning a right for a Television Title shot, as well as reDRagon being in hot contention of the Tag Titles. Liked his confidence and excitement on the mic, and that he thought he’d face Hanson for the TV Title in San Antonio, not Jay Lethal, who came out angry about those comments. Make sense, though Lethal came out maybe a bit too quickly.

– The Will Ferrara-Moose match served as a glorified squash, as Moose did some selling for Ferrara’s offense, but mainly threw him around for the bulk of the bout. Prince Nana did a solid job on commentary, talking about why he brought Moose in to ROH and assessing Hathaway’s management skills, priming him for an honor of some kind. We’re intrigued to see where that also goes.

– The Adam Cole promo addressed the Future Shock-Addiction Tag Team Title match next week, and he continued to voice frustrations over “men and a women” doubting him. It was a good promo as the angle with him and The Kingdom could be even better with the Tag Titles thrown in the picture. At the same time, you’d wonder what would happen with Bobby Fish, but we can respect what they’re going for here. It’s all building to a big, eventual payoff.

– The Roppongi Vice-Young Bucks tag team main event already sounded like a riot on paper. This was the match we probably missed Corino on commentary most for. With almost 25 minutes of TV time, this match certainly got the deserved time allotted, with fantastic in-ring work, excellent athleticism and momentum swings. There were several points where the match really could’ve gone either way. Nice finishing exchange leading to the Bucks victory. Liked the heel attack on the Bucks by The Addiction/Chris Sabin, taping Matt Jackson to the ropes and hitting super kicks on both guys. This showcased their “supremacy” in the tag division by “any means necessary.” Effective angle to close the show heading into next week’s Title defense.






Quick Results

  • Dalton Castle (w/The Boys) def. Silas Young via pinfall
  • Moose (w/Stokely Hathaway) def. Will Ferrara via pinfall
  • The Young Bucks def. Roppongi Vice via pinfall

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