Notes In Observance – PWS Wrestling 8/12/15: Breaking Down The Door

Pro Wrestling SyndicateBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 8/12/15)

Breaking Down The Door 

– Big Deal Craig Steele came out with his entourage Club Taboo, introducing Sandy Mann – who came down to the ring with style and class from the bleacher seats. Love the alliance of the two characters, as they’re a good “party” fit. Mann’s opponent was Johnny Howl. Okay, so the match wasn’t all that. Some rough spots with timing and styles, particularly the botched moonsault, but it served as a way to get Mann over with Steele’s help with the shot glass blast to get the win. Jake “The Snake” Roberts came out to deliver Steele some proper DDT-esque revenge. Is this going to lead to a tag match of some kind?

– The Edward Jackson Five backstage promo focused on the absence of newest member Devon Moore, as “Shining” Edward Jackson claimed he wasn’t there since everyone else was “out for his blood,” which made sense. He also revealed that the group played Kevin Matthews like a fiddle even before the whole Helmet saga, pointing back to the moment when Moore threw in the towel in one of Matthews’ past matches – an action we now know was deliberate. General Manager Mick Foley was also another focus, putting over how they were disliked by him, hyping their later shenanigans.

– The Tag Team Championship match between The Aesthetic Enterprise and The Handicapped Heroes was more of a highlight reel video package, but still showcased plenty of action. It seemed to be your run-of-the-mill match that saw the Champs retain thanks to help from Hush, undoing an “evil deed” from Jay Enterprise. Funny moment, but it did come off like the longest, most awkward roll-up pin in pro wrestling history.

– Edward Jackson Five attacked Handicapped Heroes backstage, which saw Foley suspend them for 30 days. This played a hand in later show developments.

– A Monster’s Island vignette aired to remind us of Raven taking them underneath his wing. Can’t wait to see what happens with that.

– The PWS Championship “rematch” Tri-Force hardcore bout between Fallah Bahh, Dan Maff and Mario Bokara was a lot like the first encounter, and that wasn’t bad at all. We saw staple guns, a bamboo stick, barbed wire, tables, custom-designed chairs, thousands of thumbtacks and even a door – all ingredients for some more cringe-worthy hardcore spots. We didn’t have Jackson at ringside, since they had to sell the suspension angle, but that allowed all three men to just organically go at it and go for it. Bahh grabbing shoes on from a ringside fan to avoid stepping on tacks was utter hilarity. Maff completed his “rise” to the top in hardcore style (Burning Hammer through a door, for example) and we’d have it no other way. We wouldn’t quite rank it as highly as the first since the first set the bar, but it still came quite close and PWS fans got the ending they’ve probably yearned for this whole year with Maff on top as Champion.

– The wrap-up video package like usual, provided clever storyline progression in a matter of a few minutes dashed with a dollop of pure entertainment, as we saw The Lifeguard Mike Del protect his property against a “trespasser,” Bonesaw spoke of his defeat of Sabu and how it made him “ready,” Chris Payne angrily addressed being betrayed by Tessa Blanchard, Suicidal Six-Way Champion Bobby Wayward tried to convince Anthony Bowens that there were no problems and it was all about The Untouchables when Bowens believed Wayward was only out for himself (feud foreshadowing?), Sandy Mann/Steele did some post-show partying in only the way that they can and Jackson calmed down the angry Heavenly Bodies over being suspended by telling them Handicapped Heroes challenged them to a match with the Titles on the line when their suspension is over.






Quick Results

  • Sandy Mann (w/Big Deal Craig Steele, Club Taboo) def. Johnny Howl via pinfall
  • Tag Team Championships – The Handicapped Heroes (w/Hush) def. The Aesthetic Enterprise (w/Jay Enterprise) via pinfall to retain
  • PWS Championship – Tri-Force Hardcore, No Disqualification Match – Dan Maff def. Fallah Bahh and Mario Bokara (Champion) via pinfall to become new Champion 

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