Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 8/12/15: TNA Vs. GFW

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 8/12/15)


– This was supposed to be seen as something ground-breaking as it was TNA vs. Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling, as the opening video showcased all the different matches – Tigre Uno (TNA) vs. Sonjay Dutt (GFW), The Wolves (TNA) vs. Brian Myers/Trevor Lee (GFW), Awesome Kong (TNA) vs. Lei’D Tapa (GFW) and five mystery athletes would compete in a King Of The Mountain match (oh joy) for the KOTM Title.

– Jeff and Karen Jarrett came out as the broadcast team speculated about who took out “The Law” Bully Ray. Perhaps it was Jarrett to gain control of the show… Hint hint. He spoke of rivalries and coined the idea of “best of the best,” bringing in his company against TNA to “help out,” running through all the matches. Eric Young came out and insulted the fans, Jarrett and compared himself to the likes of God. Um, okay. Jarrett reiterated that it wasn’t about him and declared EY the first wrestler in the KOTM Championship match, prompting an attack from EY. The GFW squad saved Jarrett, which then saw TNA stand behind EY, leading to a pointless brawl. Why would TNA back EY here, since he’s not really fighting for them anyways? Like what they’re going for though. We can let this slight hiccup go. For that matter – it’s a shame GFW hasn’t had any TV airings right now, because it’d really help to spice up the rivalry in a “Home Vs. Away” kind of thing for both companies.

– Jarrett talked up his crew backstage about being there, wanting to win matches. That worked out well.

– The Tapa-Kong match started with a strong introductory Red promo, who put over Tapa’s beastly nature, the delivery almost reminiscent to Devon Dudley. This was a meeting of beasts, so it was intriguing from that alone. If you recognize Tapa’s name, you should. Tapa came from TNA “gut check” fame. She did gain a jaw-drop moment by Samoan Dropping Kong with plenty of strength, but nothing else stood out. The double countout finish was pretty lame, despite things going to the stage.

– PJ Black’s backstage promo saw him give his thoughts on the KOTM match, wanting to show people what he was all about. He came off as a thrill seeker, which fits the former Justin Gabriel. Drew Galloway was also revealed as the third competitor of five.

– Galloway’s backstage promo talked about him being in the KOTM match, putting over his determination to get the job done for TNA and himself.

– Bobby Roode’s in-ring promo touched up on the “chaos” as of late and related it to himself, how he was angry and pissed that he wasn’t considered for the KOTM Championship match. He also called out Rockstar Spud – the guy who defeated Austin Aries the previous week to drive him out of the company. Spud came into the ring – snazzy purple suit and all – also sporting some stubble that worked for him. Spud’s promo response was well-delivered and passionate. Roode met that same passion with his retort and then some. It was building to physical confrontation and that’s just what we got, with Roode getting the best of Spud, probably a hint that this was a new long-term feud. Spud sold the steel steps spot very well. Liked the hook of having him hold the submission into commercial. Strong segment that stood out in retrospect.

– The Jarrett-Roode backstage segment saw Jarrett yell at Roode for his actions while Roode yelled at Jarrett for not booking him. Good way to continue the TNA/GFW conflicts.

– The Jessie Godderz-Bobby Lashley match seemed like a random pairing, but served as a way to get the winner onto the KOTM Championship match. Looking at who he was fighting, Lashley was the obvious favorite. The action wasn’t too long, but it was pretty rough. Lots of botches, but it was over quickly thankfully.

– Galloway was found unconscious backstage. TNA is overdoing it now… Do they even have security backstage? In essence, we can probably also feed this up to maybe Jarrett. Galloway is seen as a “TNA favorite” to win and eliminating him kept the chances of a GFW guy winning the match high.

– The Dixie Carter/Jarretts backstage segment saw them all act concerned over the recent developments. Jarrett proposed that he’d take care of the situation. Galloway was obviously taken out of the match. More hints?

– The TNA World Heavyweight Champion Ethan Carter III/Tyrus promo carried off the success of his defense last week against Matt Hardy in Full Metal Mayhem, as he gloated about it in his own finesse. Matt’s interruption served a purpose of building himself as still focused on the Title. EC3’s response sounded as if it came from the heart with “mutual respect” and made it sound as if he’d accept another challenge, but just ended up trolling the crowd, having Tyrus attack Hardy, unceremoniously knocking him out with the Title. Usual EC3 shenanigans here, which is always good. This obviously means Matt will probably get another shot down the road, or this is the part where Jeff steps up.

– The Dollhouse promo saw Taryn Terrell say she wanted Marti Bell and Jade in a cage against Gail Kim, seen as a “turning point.” The same exact match again? Can’t switch it up?

– Chris Mordetzky’s backstage promo addressed the KOTM match as he spoke highly of GFW and himself, reminiscent of his old WWE gimmick. Can’t help but feel the name “Masters” better fit him.

– The Wolves-Myers/Lee match was your basic filler-friendly, entertaining tag affair. Both teams meshed well to make it decent, though this felt more geared towards The Wolves either way. Myers/Lee looked okay in defeat at least.

– Lashley’s backstage promo addressed the KOTM match with the thought he could go into any match and win it. He wanted to represent TNA specifically.

– The Tigre Uno-Dutt match was the X-Division match of the night. Did Josh Matthews really say Dutt was in the Impact Zone “once or twice”? Thank god Pope cleared that up. The action was okay, though nothing not seen before. The crowd was hot for Dutt at first mainly because Tigre is still not fully over. At least Dutt developed a little mean streak by attempting to unmask Tigre in the match. Pope also noting an “attitude change” helped that. Tigre getting the win gave TNA their second win of the night. Still didn’t get the feeling that wins or losses mattered all that much on this night.

– The Jarrett-EC3/Tyrus backstage segment saw Jarrett tell EC3 he was proud of him, while EC3 didn’t buy it. Jarrett proposed that the TNA Title would be on the line against the winner of the KOTM match. It came off as Jarrett doing things for his own agenda which extended beyond the time of his control. It seemed more eye-opening by the show’s end.

– The Mr. Anderson hype video put over the importance of his microphone as the definition of his success in the business, tying it into Bram’s attacks, making him question his career path. He challenged Bram to a “open mic challenge,” as part of Turning Point. This is essentially a ladder match with a microphone being the item hung up. Kind of corny, but this has been one of the better consistently booked feuds.

– The KOTM Mountain match featured Robbie E (really? He’s the replacement? He’s a joke with the caliber of main event talent here), Black, Mordetzky, Young and Lashley and was pretty much another example of the convoluted concept that is KOTM in general. The “eligibility” rules and penalty box are so dumb, let alone the concept of actually “hanging up” a title, when you’d have to bring it back down anyways. The guys involved tried their best, but the clunky gimmick was too much to overcome. Robbie E had a brief moment of glory with the big crossbody off the penalty box before getting taken out by EY’s piledriver. Lashley appeared to be the next guy to take on EC3, but Black also seemed to be a possibility and the logical choice if the “TNA vs. GFW” route was to continue. By the looks of it, that’s what happened.






Quick Results

  • Lei’D Tapa (w/Royal Red) and Awesome Kong to a double countout
  • Winner Gets Spot In King Of The Mountain Championship Match – Bobby Lashley def. Jessie Godderz via pinfall
  • The Wolves def. Brian Myers/Trevor Lee via pinfall
  • Tigre Uno def. Sonjay Dutt via pinfall
  • Winner Gets Shot At TNA World Heavyweight Championship Next Week – King Of The Mountain Championship – King Of The Mountain Match – PJ Black def. Bobby Lashley, Eric Young, Chris Mordetzky and Robbie E to become new Champion

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