Notes In Observance – WWE NXT 8/12/15: There Ain’t No Stoppin’ Her Now

WWE NXTBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 8/12/15)

There Ain’t No Stoppin’ Her Now

– General Manager William Regal’s backstage promo addressed Kevin Owen’s demands for a ladder match at TakeOver: Brooklyn for the NXT Championship against Champion Finn Balor, not wanting to give in, but factoring in Balor’s opinion to want the match as well. He put over the stipulation as a life-altering one and “the biggest NXT match yet.” Good start to make it all official. Love all the “hacker” graphics for the Brooklyn show. Gives it a unique feel.

– The Solomon Crowe-Tye Dillinger match didn’t go like a squash match per se, since the broadcast team spent a lot of time focusing on Dillinger’s “Perfect 10” gimmick, which works for him. It ended up making sense when he came out victorious with a nice finisher in a match that featured stiff chops, slaps and kicks aplenty. The “Perfect 10” gimmick is definitely over with the crowd, so that’s most important.

– The Hype Bros. Promo saw Mojo Rawley act super hyper, with Zack Ryder who seemed annoyed. It’s an interesting chemistry to say the least,

– The Baron Corbin-Axel Tischer match was the Corbin squash of the evening. These aren’t even effective anymore because it’s literally the same three moves every time. The most he could do to change it up is be more aggressive, we suppose? Though it got good heat, it sounded more like “go away heat.” We wondered just when they’d finally do something worthwhile with him. Seemed like it was deliberately set-up that way since his post-match promo picked up on those frustrations and went back to his dominance over smaller talent, accentuated by the attacks on Steve Cutler when he tried to sneak attack him. We got our answer in Samoa Joe, who is actually a perfect fit for a collision course with Corbin, since they have similar styles and can mesh together most likely. Their interaction here was something different, since it seemed like Corbin would be the coward heel who chose to fight on his own terms, yet still getting physical. Joe using his Kojita Clutch was effective here since to put the move over as something big in his arsenal, as it did the unthinkable: laid Corbin out to the delight of the NXT Universe. This was picked up well by the broadcast team too. Ultimately, this served as hype to what was announced as a match for TakeOver: Brooklyn with the two, so it was a good way to get us there.

– Oh god, more Bull Dempsey workout montages. “Iron Sharpens Iron?” Huh? Is he going to be a monster now? There better be a point to all this.

– Tyler Breeze’s selfie promo had him address Jushin Thunder Liger as his opponent, comparing what he’d do to Liger to what he did when Hideo Itami was brought in. This was classic Breeze confidence, and we simply can’t get enough of it. This match is going to rule either way.

– The Marcus Louis-Finn Balor match was an obvious Balor enhancement bout. Does anybody really buy Louis as the “monster” type anyway? He’s almost like a poor man’s “Yellow Teeth” Snitsky. The broadcast team talked about the ladder match’s magnitude and the unique nature of the Brooklyn environment on the competitors the whole time, which was refreshing. The post-match action with Owens attacking Balor, getting to stand tall with the belt in his hand after hitting Balor with the Pop-Up Powerbomb needed to happen. Owens had almost no momentum going for him. Balor also didn’t fall prey to the Apron Powerbomb, so he got something out of it too, despite being laid out.

– The Vaudevillains’ backstage promo had them say they had a plan to take care of Alexa Bliss, to get rid of her as a factor. She came up to them and slapped both of them after taunting them. It’s building to some kind of goofy segment, let’s just hope it’s not too goofy. Either way, it was announced that they’d take on Tag Champions Blake And Murphy at TakeOver: Brooklyn, which fits the card comfortably.

– The Apollo Crews hype video had interview sound bites about him coming to the place to be to simply be the best. This was a good way to hype his in-ring debut at TakeOver: Brooklyn.

– The Number One Contender’s match between Bayley and Becky Lynch had NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks on commentary to give her many opinions, going back to a more heelish role on the show than episodes prior. It seemed like the crowd amused themselves by singing Lynch’s theme music through the match’s beginning. This match was excellent – slightly more focused on technical wrestling, but also had an appropriate mix of athleticism and just pure fight. With Bayley’s recent push and Lynch’s place on the main roster, all signs pointed to a Bayley win, and that was the right choice. At the same time, it looked like Lynch would possibly win it with some great teases. The finish was great, with the school boy pin as a reversal of the Disarmer attempt. Banks was also good on commentary putting herself over and the competitors the whole time. Just good stuff all-around. We can probably expect a Title change at TakeOver: Brooklyn for Bayley to lead the women’s division there.






Quick Results

  • Tye Dillinger def. Solomon Crowe via pinfall
  • Baron Corbin def. Axel Tischer via pinfall
  • Finn Balor def. Marcus Louis via pinfall
  • Winner Faces Sasha Banks At TakeOver: Brooklyn For NXT Women’s Championship – Bayley def. Becky Lynch via pinfall

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