Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 8/5/15: Ultima Lucha Part II

Lucha UndergroundBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post. 






(Aired 8/5/15)

Ultima Lucha Part II

– The opening video was essentially a “celebration” of Lucha Underground as a whole, since its future is uncertain as of this writing. We can hope that there is a second season with all of the positive buzz it has garnered amongst new and hardcore fans alike with the way that the product meshes both reality and fantasy with Lucha Libre. It also essentially took what failed with Wrestling Society X and Lucha Libre USA and made it work with a roster full of established veterans and new faces. The video package highlighted the very first segments of the show from Dario Cueto introducing himself, to Prince Puma becoming the first Lucha Underground Champion, wrapping its way into all the main feuds coming to a payoff – Texano-Blue Demon Jr., Johnny Mundo-Alberto El Patron and Mil Muertes-Prince Puma. It was fitting that the video closed with Cueto’s “brainwashing” message to Black Lotus that El Dragon Azteca was the one who killed her parents.

– Michael Schiavello added instant credibility to commentary with Matt Striker as Vampiro’s replacement. This was a big concern as Vampiro brought something interesting to commentary and meshed well with Striker, but kudos to the company for landing this one. Schiavello sounded right at home.

– The Mundo-El Patron match was a “blood feud” mixed with hardcore elements, actually implementing the announce table several times – a place mostly untouched. This already told us this would be a night where the action would reach past the off-limits places. Past that point, this was an excellent pro wrestling chess match, both guys matching each other blow-for-blow, dive-for-dive. The overdone Ref bump spot was actually effective here since El Patron caught Senior Official Marty Elias square flush in the face with a kick. The main buzz was in the finish and how Melina of past WWE fame interfered and attacked El Patron, allowing Mundo to take advantage and get the win. It was a brilliant nod to the past, making for a great future. The Melina/Mundo duo looked strong here and it enhances Mundo’s act. Melina also looked great. El Patron at least scored some payback afterwards, shoving Mundo through a set of chairs, understandably enraged and pushing Mundo through the door window and spanking Melina.

– The segment with El Dragon Azteca, Cueto and Black Lotus had its obvious share of Robert Rodriguez-esque shock value, with EDA evidently falling victim to the person he had come to save, with Cueto as the main mastermind. Another twist here was that this action allowed Lotus to be set free, along with Mantanza.

– The Cero Miedo match between Vampiro and Pentagon Jr. started aggressively from the opening bell and despite Vampiro’s cool “Undead Pope” entrance, it was all one-sided, teasing an early stoppage when Vampiro was laid out. Vampiro’s comeback was courageous, but Pentagon Jr. was relentlessly violent, and the action reached a level of brutality simply untouched once the thumbtacks and fluorescent light bulbs came into play, with Vampiro’s face and neck busted open. It only upped the ante from there with the Belly-To-Belly off the top rope into the glass bulb shards. It was only fitting that it’d culminate with a flaming table, Vampiro ending up on the receiving end of it, to end it all. As for the twist about Vampiro being revealed as “the master,” it was definitely a shocking surprise. Was this a heel turn for Vampiro? With the idea that he laid the plans for all the injuries to various people, it could be possible. Either way, it’s a fresh twist that wrapped up a mystery throughout the season.

– The seven-way Gift Of The Gods match between Sexy Star, Aerostar, Fenix, Bengala, Jack Evans, King Cuerno and Big Ryck exceeded the hype by far with a perfect cast to provide entertaining athleticism from bell-to-bell. Aerostar’s leap from the rooftop was the biggest death-defier yet, as everybody involved worked hard to make the big prize appear to be practically a matter of life or death. The involvement of Delavar Daivari was newsworthy since it saw him turn on Ryck, dumping him as an “investment.” Marty “The Moth” Martinez in the match didn’t quite make as much sense. Fenix winning was very interesting, because it could have been a great Title match with him and Puma and if Muertes were to win the Title later on, their original feud would be the main spotlight.

– The Texano-Blue Demon Jr. match had some brief added intrigue with a sudden No DQ stipulation at the request of Blue Demon honored by Cueto. This turned into a story of an obvious handicap match, with the bigger news being that Chavo Guerrero Jr. clearly aligned with Blue Demon Jr. when it looked like he’d save Texano. The intrigue is that two bitter rivals are working together, though that’s how it seemed the whole time anyway, so nothing truly shocking there. Texano does have a great comeback story in this case.

– The Lucha Underground Championship match between Prince Puma and Mil Muertes lived up to every bit of the hype and had a lot of different aspects in it – Konnan’s absence, Puma’s comeback spirit, Mil Muertes’ relentlessness offense and Catrina at ringside. There were plenty of inventive spots involving the Temple environment itself and it was just a brilliant battle of finishers to the very end. Muertes getting the Championship here opens up a lot of new opportunities and it brings the “Death Crew” dominant power. “Era Of The Dead” was a clever way to put it.

– The final video package did a stellar job in setting things up for season two if it indeed happens – Cueto/Lotus fleeing the Temple with Mantanza in their getaway vehicle, Moth having Sexy Star tied up in a Janitor’s Closet waiting to reveal “his sister,” Drago and Aerostar parting ways, with the former turning into dust, Texano seemingly chasing Fenix, Vampiro telling Pentagon Jr. they would next go to a “darker place,” Team Havoc seeking to get their Trios Championships back and the final visual of Cueto  closing up the Temple behind him as it faded into obscurity was quite epic and appropriate in of itself.






Quick Results

  • Johnny Mundo def. Alberto El Patron via pinfall
  • Cero Miedo Match – Pentagon Jr. def. Vampiro via pinfall
  • Gift Of The Gods Match – Seven-Way – Fenix def. Bengala, Sexy Star, Jack Evans, Aerostar, Big Ryck and King Cuerno via pinfall 
  • No Disqualification – Blue Demon Jr. (w/Mr. Cisco, Cortez Castro) def. Texano via pinfall
  • Lucha Underground Championship – Mil Muertes (w/Catrina) def. Prince Puma (Champion) via pinfall to become new Champion

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