Notes In Observance – WWE NXT 8/5/15: Upping The Ante

WWE NXTBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post. 






(Aired 8/5/15)

Upping The Ante 

– The Charlotte-Bayley match had some good backstory to it, as Bayley wanted to fight Charlotte to sell her own credibility, also tying in their mutual respect. With that, they had some very good chemistry, with the momentum going back and forth throughout. Charlotte showed off some incredible athleticism with her rest holds, while Bayley resorted to some unorthodox moves aside from her general arsenal, like the Frankensteiner, which sold Charlotte as a threat. The Bayley-To-Belly near-fall was also well-done, and a good lead-in to the second rope version of the move, which was ultimately the finish. Bayley needed this win more than Charlotte so it made sense for it to go down the way it did. Very good match.

– Michael Cole’s sit-down interview with Kevin Owens hyped the TakeOver: Brooklyn match, talking about Owens’ attack on General Manager William Regal during the contract signing and what he thought of Regal’s comments towards him after he walked away in another backstage segment. He sold what the Title means to him and how it gives him validation, likening himself towards Regal’s old school style, but questioned his managing ways. The new ladder match stipulation should be a great match and was treated as an idea from Owens as a way to not get screwed over. Liked the way he effectively ended the interview after being asked if he could beat “the demon,” being offended.

– These Bull Dempsey video packages are making us lose hope. If the idea is that he’s taking himself more seriously, then we’re all for it. Still feels very hokey, the way they went about it. The second package showed him lifting up a tire on his own and pushing it. Do what you will with that.

– The Baron Corbin-Steve Cutler match was the latest Corbin squash. Another quick match with more crowd heat for Corbin, which at least works in that regard. These squashes are getting repetitive though. They need to hurry him up into something more than this.

– The Regal-Bayley backstage segment was about her asking about an NXT Women’s Championship match, which he suggested a number one contenders match with her and Becky Lynch next week, to decide the person who will fight NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks in Brooklyn. Sweet

– The Tyler Breeze-Aaron Solow match was a buffer match for Breeze, pushing his agenda for a “spotlight opportunity” at TakeOver: Brooklyn. Makes sense to build him up for this. He also voiced his frustration at having to be in that match. Speaking of which, Regal came out and announced Breeze’s opponent: Jushin “Thunder” Liger. The fans’ chant that followed was a good fit. Also loved the video package that sold his credibility in Japan, with some classic footage.

– We were wondering what happened to ol’ Uhaa Nation, which we were reacquainted with a video package of his training at the performance center. The name Apollo Crews fits him. His debut will also be at Brooklyn. Good stuff.

– Byron Saxton’s sit-down interview promo with Balor was good in establishing how proud he was to lead a brand that was changing the business. He also talked about how he was first friends with Owens coming in, but being turned off by his actions of disrespect. Also smart to tie Owens’ injuries to his good friend Sami Zayn into things. He excels in this kind of sit-down environment and came off fully confident.

– The Scott Dawson/Dash Wilder-Hype Bros. match was at least a wrench in the plans of a usual squash. Since Dawson/Wilder beat Team SAWFT last week, you couldn’t tell who would win here. Both teams are being established. That said, the momentum quickly went the way of Hype Bros., who come off as trying too hard despite the cool double-team finisher. Did like the heels getting some post-match revenge.

– The Regal-Vaudevillains backstage segment had Regal address last week’s interference with the news being that they would get a rematch against Wesley Blake/Buddy Murphy at TakeOver: Brooklyn with the warning to contain Alexa Bliss somehow.

– The Samoa Joe-Rhyno main event already served as a marquee bout by NXT standards on paper. The start of it met expectations, with plenty of hard chops and tests of strength. Joe looked strong with taking Rhyno’s shoulder bumps with little effect and even taking an outside dive at one point. The finishing stretch was good, as Joe put Rhyno away with an impressive-looking Muscle Buster, avoiding the Gore head-on. This gives Joe a viable win and builds him up for more competition.






Quick Results

  • Bayley def. Charlotte via pinfall
  • Baron Corbin def. Steve Cutler via pinfall
  • Tyler Breeze def. Aaron Solow via pinfall
  • The Hype Bros. def. Scott Dawson/Dash Wilder via pinfall
  • Samoa Joe def. Rhyno via pinfall

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