Notes In Observance – PWS Wrestling 7/29/15: Moving Forward, Looking Back

Pro Wrestling SyndicateBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 7/29/15)

Moving Forward, Looking Back

– If you’ve been following Pro Wrestling Syndicate, then you’ll know the intertwined history of PWS Champion Mario Bokara, Fallah Bahh and Dan Maff quite well. These three squared off sometime ago in a hardcore rules match for the Championship that stole the show and should be considered a Match Of The Year contender. The match embraced the hardcore in many ways – featuring staple guns, thumbtacks and chairs. Even without the action, the three characters all mesh well together in terms of who they are. You have Bokara, who is tough and technically proficient in the ring. You have Bahh, an utter beast in every sense of the word who could just smash you into pieces with his own body if he felt like it. Then, last but not least, you’ve got Maff, who has more than voiced his passion to become PWS Champion, coming so close many times, but falling short. When these three collide, magic happens. With it set to happen again, you could probably view it as  a “throwaway clip show” to feature all three men in their “breakthrough” matches, but it also did an excellent job to hype this big encore.

– “Shining” Edward Jackson and Bahh gave an in-studio interview with David Adams and Jackson held nothing back, talking about Bahh’s power and how he needed Championship gold to stay happy. It was usual stuff, but Jackson brings something new to a promo every time, which we always appreciate. The first match featured was Bahh-Homicide from 10/31/14, which was previewed by a classic bathroom humor-themed backstage promo with Bahh/Jackson to sell the match. Bahh was the On-The-Spot Title Shot Medallion holder at the time and was on the brink of huge momentum. Homicide at the time was also a viable name in PWS, confronting Bahh after he won the On-The-Spot Title Shot Medallion. The match itself, which had no commentary, was okay, where Homicide fought with moments of offense, resorting to tactics to make Bahh tap out, but never got the chance to do so, thanks to Jackson’s distraction on the apron. It wasn’t long before Bahh beat Homicide and the rest is history.

– Maff’s in-studio promo set up his match with Kevin Steen from WrestleMania 29 weekend in 2012. He credited the match with solidifying his main event status, translating it well into how he wanted to be a Champion and he needed it. The Maff-Steen match – despite rough quality, was still enjoyable. You could see shades of Steen that live on to this day – the way he plays the crowd, his big sarcastic grin, among other traits, which contrasted Maff’s – who wanted his moment of glory. Maff pulled off a submission victory soon after a successful suicide dive, all helped out by Adams’ and Sam Roberts’ great, insightful commentary.

– Bokara’s in-studio interview addressed his “preparedness,” which he easily took exception to, putting himself over as a survivor of the first hardcore Tri-Force match. He previewed his hardcore match with Abyss from 10/31/14, which started with a roughly shot promo from Abyss, which actually kind of added to things, as he promised pain and suffering. Bokara, the PWS Champion then, gave an impressive, passion-filled rant about how Abyss was only around during Halloween time and that he’d show he was the real monster. The match was toned-down hardcore to a sense, helped out by a bloody Bokara, who retained by Spearing Abyss through a table. It wasn’t really all that, but it obviously made sense to show Bokara in hardcore prowess.

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