Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 7/22/15: Final Medallion Melee

Lucha UndergroundBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 7/22/15)

Final Medallion Melee

– Ultima Lucha has become a stacked card with eight announced matches. It’s a lot for a two-hour special, so the announcement that it’d start a week earlier made sense with a two-hour special still on August 5 with the rest of the show. It’s going to be a great show if it lives up to the matches’  buildup thus far. The opening video did a decent wrap-up of The Aztec Medallions and their significance (a big focus on this episode; the one loophole left that finally got closed), the Chavo Guerrero Jr/Blue Demon Jr. alliance and where Big Ryck counted into things as the man who fights where the money is.

– We obviously knew Dario Cueto handed Ryck the (what was thought to be) final Medallion in his office and he wanted him to be in the battle for all of them. Also liked his criticisms of Ryck for choosing Delavar Daivari’s money after being given such a promising future first at the Temple.

– The Johnny Mundo-Texano match was a good choice but risky since both guys were heading into bigger Ultima Lucha matches. There were clear character differences in both guys to make it a good contrast. Texano was close to Alberto El Patron in babyface style that it could’ve bene a good way to show Mundo getting the job done if he had beat him. Better yet, Cortez Castro/Mr. Cisco attacked Texano with a kendo stick, citing El Patron to help Texano out, who effectively cleared house with his bull rope. Liked that they still showed subtle tension between the two former rivals, as they didn’t embrace.

– The “Believer’s Backlash” match announced for Ultima Lucha between Hernandez-Drago was okay as far as Cueto revealing it to Hernandez in his office too about the stipulation that fans would be given straps to hit both guys with when they fell out of the ring since they’d surround it. It’s a little sad to see them go a route that TNA once did with a match involving Jeff Jarrett and that didn’t work out too well for them. At least in his sick nature, Cueto didn’t shy away from the idea that Hernandez would hit fans back.

– The Mack-Cage match was billed with some intrigue as a “last-ditch effort to impress Cueto” for a match on Ultima Lucha. The Mack quickly upset Cage again, before Cage got some revenge by going relentlessly on him. It turned into a brawl sort of thing as security got thrown around by Mack. This was a good set-up for Cueto to come in and make a Falls Count Anywhere match at Ultima Lucha with many weapons around to open the show. He also hyped explaining what the Medallions finally meant for a good hook.

– Liked the concept of the “Gift Of The Gods” Title in that it incorporated all the Medallions into one belt and the holder was able to get a Lucha Underground Championship Title shot whenever they wished, but had to tell him first so he could promote it and not be a spontaneous “cash-in” (wonder who that’s a shot towards) and they only had a certain window of time to get their Title shot otherwise they’d have to defend the Medallion Belt against other contenders. As for the idea that the Medallions would all be free and need to be collected again once the Title shot is taken, it seems like a long concept since it’s seven Medallions total, but they can make it fun if it’s a yearly thing. Also liked that he invited down the current Medallion holders in Bengala, Jack Evans, Aerostar, Sexy Star, King Cuerno and Ryck (who Matt Striker cleverly picked up that he never “earned” the Medallion he had) and it was a good environment for Cueto to make that big “Gift Of The Gods” match announcement for Ultima Lucha. Was also the perfect time for Fenix to make his return to a big pop, though Cueto had other plans for his once-held Medallion with a Battle Royale.

– The Aztec Medallion Battle Royale would’ve been a little more exciting had it not featured what we’d usually perceive as jobber talent like Marty “The Moth” Martinez (how did he get so many chances for a Medallion anyway if Cueto didn’t like him?), Famous B, Vinny Massaro and Mascarita Sagrada for example. This was a good way to re-introduce Fenix’s fight to the viewers as he ended up eliminating Daivari to leave it to him and Martinez for the final two. To no one’s surprise, Fenix won that battle, giving him the Madallion he already held before.

– The final segment involving Lucha Underground Champion Prince Puma, Mil Muertes, Catrina and The Disciples Of Death was a great way to end things off by having Puma ride the momentum at a time he really needs it. We haven’t seen Muertes laid out all too often since his return and while that has made for a monster build to the top, his subtle moments of vulnerability makes it believable that Puma might stand a chance after all. Also liked that the original hook for the segment was that Puma was going to speak for the first time, before that was thwarted by a suit-clad Mil Muertes. The DOD also served as the goons who Puma laid out before getting to Muertes. Hot finish, though you could’ve had Puma lay DOD and still get the same effect, though hitting his aerial finisher on Muertes did sell the moment a bit more. Puma needed momentum at the end of it and there’s no dispute he got that here.






Quick Results

– Texano def. Johnny Mundo via DQ

– The Mack def. Cage via pinfall

– Final Aztec Medallion Battle Royale – Fenix def. Marty “The Moth” Martinez via pinfall 

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