Notes In Observance – WWE Raw 7/20/15: Brawl’s Well That Ends Well

WWE RawBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 7/20/15)

Brawl’s Well That Ends Well

– The opening video highlighted (would you guess) Brock Lesnar’s 13 suplexes on WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins in under 5 minutes and how Undertaker stole the moment and low-blowed the challenger upon his arrival, complete with angry faces. Taker was portrayed with a more antagonistic edge in the video, which fed right into the opening segment. There was a fair amount of Taker-Lesnar hype and that was more than fine.

– Undertaker’s in-ring promo towards Lesnar had an eerie aura of mystique around it, as he carried on this relentless personality edge. His look was demanding and his tone was serious yet slow. The fans hung on to every word. The only thing that was confusing was in how we were to react to the words, since Lesnar is WWE’s top face right now and fans just don’t want to boo Taker, who seems to be the antagonist here. A heel Taker would be awesome, but if that’s where they’re going, he needs to do more with his character to signify that. That said – a Taker-Lesnar SummerSlam match is a perfect way to go. However, shouldn’t Lesnar also want his deserved Title rematch without any shenanigans?

– With the portrayal of Taker, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were back on the side of heels again, eager to keep control of their show and SummerSlam main event. If you were them and Taker was in the building, it’d make sense to want to keep Lesnar away from him. Once that was the story, it pretty much made Lesnar’s appearance inevitable and something to look forward to. They set it up in a way that made Lesnar sound like a guy coming back to even the score, something a face would do.

– While the Divas faction warfare is just okay in terms of storyline, you can’t deny the improvement of the match quality and then it opens up many possibilities and mixes of matches you can book. There was some work done to showcase the debuting ladies’ accomplishments on an individual level with the video package. Need more of that. The only one really getting some sort of a push is Charlotte, as it’s been well-established she is Ric Flair’s daughter. She yells “Woo” all the time and even was shown in a moment of embrace backstage after Battleground. At the same time though, we haven’t heard all too much from her. What are her thoughts? That said, the Charlotte-Brie Bella match had some solid action as Charlotte carried Brie to a decent match, making the twin stand out a bit more than usual. Team BAD was out on commentary and did a good job with establishing their role, the only team to really do so. When it comes to this kind of angle, you have to wonder what they are really fighting for, which is a little concerning. There should be something worth fighting for. Not like there is a Championship called “Divas Division Supremacy.” That said, it’s good to see Charlotte suddenly racking up wins, as she made Bella tap out to the Figure Eight.

-We had to know the Triple H-Paul Heyman phone conversation would quickly go south, though we only heard Trips’ side of things. The interaction between Miz and Triple H was interesting, as we saw pest Miz complain to no end about Big Show knocking him out the night prior, while Triple H was too distracted by stopping Lesnar from coming to truly care and he and it known, booking Miz to fight Show.

– The Los Matadores-Prime Time Players match was set up like a basic squash for PTP until New Day came out and distracted Titus O’Neil with a promo which allowed Los Matadores to take advantage and score a win. That allows them to be in the running for a Title shot. With New Day looming, that could also allow for a multiple team match come SummerSlam. Probably the plan.

– The only real highlight of the Miz-Show match was Show’s middle-rope elbow drop finisher. Show’s post-match promo carried on his usual stuff as of late, reflecting on Miz’s words about him and saying that Ryback was missing with his Intercontinental Championship. Guess it’s happening at SummerSlam. Was also an odd place for Show to plug his Tough Enough appearance. Jesus himself could show up on there and still nobody would probably watch.

– With the SummerSlam build, there is a lot of mystery going on. Like one thing: will the artist that Trips/Steph approached backstage do a piece for SummerSlam? Who knows? Anyways, once Heyman spoke to them eager to deliver Lesnar’s retort in the ring and they sought out extra security and the entire locker room, this was all going to build to a definite confrontation.

– The Trips/Steph-Locker room segment was basically what you’d expect, as they threatened everyone that their livelihoods depended on keeping Taker and Lesnar apart.

– Without a doubt, the most memorable part of the show was the all-out brawl with Lesnar-Taker and the whole locker room. Before the whole thing even started, Heyman’s in-ring promo fed to the vibe of an impending brawl and his words were strong. He basically summed up why he constantly brought up his client’s biggest accomplishment, because it further legitimized him. He also made Taker out to be the bad person, and it’s not really all that hard to do. It was only a matter of time before Taker confronted Heyman and that drew out Lesnar. The brawl that ensued afterwards was absolute craziness. It was clear from this point that the show was thrown off the tracks and the format was flushed. Also loved that once things became chaotic, the announce team bounced. Things even carried on backstage, ending with Lesnar taken out under arrest with handcuffs. The whole time, you just never were sure what Lesnar would do, but damn, they went all out to make this feel personal.

– How coincidental for Rollins to show up after all the madness, just eager to get stuff off his chest and he had Trips/Steph’s blessing.

– It’s good to see the duo of Bray Wyatt/Luke Harper back together as they cut another fog promo targeted towards Reigns. Like the little graphic design on Harper’s jacket. Even though Erick Rowan is injured, having him appear on camera here would’ve been a gold moment.

– Just when we wondered where Dean Ambrose went, he showed up where it made most sense: to back up Reigns when he fought against Harper. Harper-Reigns match was a good effort on both parts in terms of style and it made for a fun 13 minutes, but with all the commotion at ringside, we knew it was going to break down eventually. Wyatt attacked Reigns to cause the DQ and the heels briefly gained control before the faces took it back and won this little “battle.” We will probably get Ambrose-Wyatt on Smackdown.

– Rollins’ in-ring promo had his bragging like you’d expect, but WWE United States Champion John Cena interrupting was a different yet somewhat groan-worthy moment. Cena has the US Title, why does he need to target Rollins in any way? People were respecting Cena and his Open Challenge because it kept him out of the World Title picture, but guess Creative only sees Cena as the only other credible challenger left for Rollins. What’s most glaring here is that they could easily pick back up on Rollins-Lesnar. We still never got our big match with the two.

– We had more solid Divas action with the Paige/Becky Lynch-Naomi/Sasha Banks match with Team Bella out on commentary. That said – Paige’s team is the only one without a name. The moments where Banks-Lynch fought off in the match were a treat to watch and it was also good to see the NXT Women’s Champion get a submission decision herself by making Paige tap out to the Bank Statement.

– As the weeks go on, Rusev is carving out Summer Rae to look more and more like Lana, this time having her adopt Lana’s hairstyle. It’s kind of creepy actually. Rusev pulled a Ziggler and made out with Summer in front of Lana’s face, which also received a slap.

– The Cesaro/Cena/Randy Orton-Kevin Owens/Rusev/Sheamus match allowed a platform for more Cesaro amazement and then it also saw the heels implode as both men couldn’t work with Owens. Things got worse for Rusev when Lana fought with Summer and laid her out and then the Big Swing/slingshot/RKO combo was a hot finish that the crowd ate up. This also set the point of high tensions among everyone, tying back to the Lesnar-Taker brawl in a way.






Quick Results

– Charlotte (w/Paige, Becky Lynch) def. Brie Bella (w/Nikki Bella, Alicia Fox) via submission 

– Los Matadores (w/El Torito) def. The Prime Time Players via pinfall

– Roman Reigns (w/Dean Ambrose) def. Luke Harper (w/Bray Wyatt) via DQ

– Naomi/Sasha Banks (w/Tamina) def. Paige/Becky Lynch (w/Charlotte) via submission 

– Cesaro/John Cena/Randy Orton def. Kevin Owens/Rusev (w/Summer Rae)/Sheamus via pinfall

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