Notes In Observance – WWE Smackdown 7/16/15: No More Mind Games

WWE SmackdownBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post. 





(Aired 7/16/15)

No More Mind Games

– Roman Reigns cut a promo that he wasn’t deterred by Bray Wyatt and hyped the main event. Wyatt’s promo was pretty decent as he put Reigns over and mentioned his desire to beat him at Battleground. The back and forth was okay for what it was, though Wyatt got the better of things. We knew Wyatt can talk the talk, but it remains to be seen if he can walk the walk. Our hopes aren’t high.

– The Lucha Dragons-Kofi Kingston/Big E match with The Prime Time Players on commentary was good while it went on, as Titus O’Neil was excellent selling their team and the Battleground match, while Lucha Dragons had some cool displays of athleticism and high-flying. Luckily, the back-handed tactics of the heels led to a win for New Day, whose promo after the match was also solid hype. PTP approached them and New Day backed away like good heels.

– The Ambrose-Reigns backstage segment had them focused on Sheamus/Show with Wyatt on his mind too. Usual best friends scene.

– The King Barrett-Jack Swagger match was pretty much enhancement to build up Barrett for Battleground. On that note, is the only person he’s allowed to beat is Swagger? The promo exchange with him and R-Truth was okay for what it was. Barrett mentioned how he won the same tournament Truth lost fairly, which should mean something.

– Cool to see Kevin Owens and Cesaro briefly stare each other down backstage as Owens wished him luck in a sarcastic way. Future feud?

– The Rusev-Cesaro match didn’t have too much time but was a quality bout with a fair balance of technical submissions and high-flying on the part of Cesaro. Huge news that Cesaro is now the only other guy besides John Cena to beat Rusev clean. Him celebrating in the crowd was a highlight. This tells us that Creative is actually doing something with him.

– Sheamus’ backstage promo had him put over the briefcase and that he’d be teaming with a giant. He also wanted to send a message to Randy Orton and invited him to watch this match. Little way to keep their feud going.

– The Neville-Stardust match was a rematch that Neville asked for that again had a cool graphic. Really like the comic book-esque video package. Their match here was short but they tapped into more of their chemistry and it seems the more they work together, the better their matches become. Neville won with a unique looking pin as the guys traded wins over the week.

– Neville’s backstage promo had him say he has the strategy of hitting The Red Arrow and wanted retribution. Stardust’s heel attack was good here. Lot of progress in a short time.

– The Sasha Banks/Naomi/Tamina backstage segment had Naomi sell that the NXT Champion was riding with her and Tamina. The cheesy Team BAD name will take a while to stick but it’s what’s best for all three women. Banks was very good on the mic here.

– The Ambrose/Reigns-Sheamus/Show match was what you’d expect from everyone involved. The Ambrose DDT spot on Show that broke the announce table was a cool moment. The ending of the match was hindered by Wyatt interference but it all turned into momentum for Reigns who stood tall at the end.






Quick Results

– Kofi Kingston/Big E (w/Xavier Woods) def. The Lucha Dragons via pinfall

– King Barrett def. Jack Swagger via pinfall

– Cesaro def. Rusev (w/Summer Rae) via pinfall

– Neville def. Stardust via pinfall

– Roman Reigns/Dean Ambrose def. Sheamus/The Big Show via DQ

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