Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 7/15/15: Can’t Fight The Law

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 7/15/15)

Can’t Fight The Law 

– The opening video highlighted Ethan Carter III’s “reign of supreme” last week and how he got himself out of a Title defense against Kurt Angle, culminating in a verbal showdown with Dixie Carter where she said she knew who’d be in charge and EC3 wasn’t it, hyping the reveal of a new power. Tiny little bit of intrigue there.

– Dixie’s in-ring promo touched up on her ego trip last year and how it ended with her going through a table and was about her apologies, as the roster surrounded the ring. A “New Chapter” in TNA? How cliche. EC3/Tyrus interrupted and criticized Dixie, for her to introduce “The Law,” revealed to be Bully Ray. Actually a nice surprise, since it promises he’ll be a consistent presence on the show. Ironically, it also makes Dixie’s speech about making amends make a lot more sense. Bully talked about Dixie calling him to apologize and mentioned he said she sounded legit. How could he tell that on the phone though? Wouldn’t it be easier to manipulate someone on the phone? Just saying. Ray let the fans choose, they applauded and he announced EC3 would defend his Title against the winner of a 20-man Battle Royale. Good start to the show, though immensely full of soap opera-esque drama.

– The Battle Royale was your basic run-of-the-mill stuff. Interesting to see that Hernandez was involved in things, considering all the recent legal trouble TNA has got into. This was a shot in the foot unfortunately since the battle Royale led to the main event and thus, needed to air. At least some feuds continued with how people got eliminated (Robbie E by Jessie, Kenny King by Mika, etc.) but did they really need to leave the final three to Drew Galloway, Eric Young and MVP? Being that it’s a heel Champion, it’s rather obvious Galloway is the guy to win this. Not sure Galloway has been built up enough as a singles guy for this kind of opportunity to work for him. Eric Young at least showed his untrustworthy ways by eliminating MVP.

– The Mr. Anderson sit-down interview promo with Mike Tenay touched up on Bram’s microphone attack. Highlights aired of him winning the TNA Championship against Jeff Hardy and as well as Bram’s ruthless nature. Anderson was saying he could go to his dark place and it wouldn’t be pretty. His tone was uncertain yet had a little determination in there. At least they’re in the direction of a longterm feud for both guys.

– The Rockstar Spud-Bully backstage segment had Spud address how things are down for him and Ray touched up on his down attitude. He gave him credibility for his “it” factor and wrestling ability. Good thing to do something for Spud who was now fighting for the X-Division Championship. The idea that a random area backstage is Bully’s office is funny.

– Galloway’s promo backstage had him determined, while Eli Drake approached him and wanted him to make history. If EC3 didn’t just win this Title, this wouldn’t have been as predictable. Only thing interesting was that it was a perfect time to turn Drake and this was a good way to start that, by playing the “supportive friend” card.

– Interesting that Tigre Uno “talks Trump” next week. Not sure where that will lead, but it’s different.

– The Grado-DJ Z-Rockstar Spud-Tigre Uno match for the X-Division Championship was more on the meh side. At least DJ Z has his old music back, but why is he still doing the Bro-Mans catchphrase? Grado is sort of entertaining but tries way too hard to be funny. Feels forced. Also, why is he positioned as such a “heavy” guy? He’s not heavy. Guys like Spud and DJ Z should lift him with little difficulty and it makes them look weak when they can’t do it. Too short to be anything good, despite Spud being protected by not taking the pin.

– The Taryn Terrell dollhouse promo had her bragging about her 238-day reign as Gail Kim’s “fire” kept breaking into the vignette. Well, Terrell is bound to lose the Championship, but there’s obvious unfinished business with Kim and Terrell.

– The Knockouts Championship match between Brooke and Terrell was your usual match with the two as Dollhouse helped Terrell at first until the lights went out and Kim was shown knocking out Marti Bell and Jade. Liked that the lights went on and off for her and Brooke became new Knockouts Champion. She’s due a rematch though. Next week or after?

– Angle talked backstage about an idea he had that Bully liked that someone else wouldn’t. EC3?

– Angle came out and said the idea was that he had the rematch as the first one was scrapped. He also gave the medical update that he’d be out for a little while thanks to a neck tumor. Interesting for EY to come out. He insulted Angle and then attacked him before Angle fought back. Chris Melendez made the save here to continue their program. EY got the last laugh as he piledrove Melendez on the mat. Good segment.

– Really sucks for TNA that they have to show highlights from a dismal PPV like Slammiversary to “cover up” taped Beat Down Clan segments because of Hernandez. Knew something was up with that, though at least they chose the James Storm-Magnus match. Ironic here is that it took place after the tapings but was chronologically before them. LOLTNA.

– Storm’s backstage promo talked about how he had someone new as Khoya stood awkwardly in the background. Storm said it was someone close to Mickie. The match would be in two weeks. Woo hoo?

– The Bully-EC3 backstage segment had EC3 say he wanted to work with Bully and that he was exhausted after three title defenses and wanted the match with Galloway to be pushed a week ahead for “buzz and build.” Bully rejected it. Ironically, EC3 was right about that one.

– The TNA World Heavyweight Championship match between EC3 and Galloway was an average match though it was more memorable for Eli Drake’s heel turn, which was much welcome, considering he came out during the match to even the odds. Gives Galloway an out for the loss and let’s EC3 retain and even sets up a new feud. Nothing outstanding, but keeps momentum going for the show.






Quick Results

– 20-Man Battle Royale – Winner Receives TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match – Drew Galloway eliminated Eric Young

– X-Division Championship – Three-Way – Tigre Uno (Champion) def. Grado and Rockstar Spud via pinfall to retain

– Knockouts Championship – Brooke def. Taryn Terrell (Champion) (w/Marti Bell, Jade) via pinfall to become new Champion

– TNA World Heavyweight Championship – Ethan Carter III (Champion) (w/Tyrus) def. Drew Galloway via pinfall to retain 

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