Notes In Observance – PWS Wrestling 7/15/15: Quoth The Monsters, Nevermore

Pro Wrestling SyndicateBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 7/15/15)

Quoth The Monsters, Nevermore

– Given last week’s shocking ending that saw Devon Moore turn on his longtime partner Kevin Matthews, joining the “Shining” Edward Jackson Family in the process, after Jackson revealed himself to be Helmet, it was good to see that covered in the opening video a la “fan footage” that sold the crowd’s reaction. Also liked the little flashbacks with all of Matthews’ interactions with Helmet in the past, building up to the turning point. What was disappointing here was that there were no follow-up promos or segments on this show. Something like Moore with The Jackson Family or Matthews vowing for revenge would’ve been perfect for this show. We’d imagine they’ll pick right back up on this angle, but they should’ve struck while the iron was hot.

– The Suicidal Six-Way Championship match between Anthony Bowens, Bobby Wayward, The Drunken Swashbuckler, Brian XL, The Amazing Red and Starman had a good ensemble of talent. You had the on-and-off Untouchables team there, and the silliness of Starman and TDS, which played into many spots. Red using Starman and TDS as a springboard to get to the outside was a fun highlight. The finish was solid in that Wayward dumped Bowens over the rope after his partner did the damage to Starman to “steal” the pin. The on-and-off feud with Bowens and Wayward is obviously on again. The question is when they’ll have a match at this point.

– The Lumberjacks match with Bonesaw and Sabu that had Monster’s Island, New Jack, Balls Mahoney and Justin Credible as lumberjacks was mainly all about seeing the legends give Bonesaw what he had coming. He pretty much got clobbered most of the time. Justin Credible turning on Sabu helped lead Bonesaw to victory and that was a decent surprise, but that was overshadowed after all the senseless brawling that took place after when the Blue World Order took over things. The highlight of it all was Raven coming out and aligning with Monster’s Island, taking them under his wings. Are they all heels now? They reacted to the crowd’s boos with insults, so who knows. We obviously can tell this is leading to some form of a match that will involve all parties.






Quick Results

– Suicidal Six-Way Championship – Bobby Wayward (Champion) def. The Amazing Red, Starman, The Drunken Swashbuckler, Brian XL and Anthony Bowens via pinfall to retain

– Lumberjack Match – Bonesaw def. Sabu via pinfall

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