Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 7/15/15: Vampiro Comes Alive

Lucha UndergroundBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 7/15/15)

Vampiro Comes Alive 

– Ultima Lucha is on a fast approach and to no surprise, Lucha Underground cranks out another quality show, this one more focused on the on-and-off saga of the Ancient Aztec Medallions, which are supposed to promise immortality when they all come together. Also a hot topic headed into the show was the Pentagon Jr.-Vampiro mini-feud, and that wasted no time getting to the point as to what Vampiro’s answer would be.

– Given Pentagon Jr.’s reign of terror in the Temple, it made sense for Dario Cueto to want to reward him for it with an opportunity. Pentagon Jr. remained ruthless and cold in how he talked about just taking all of them if he really wanted to, but emphasized taking out Vampiro was his main focus. Pentagon Jr. was damn hardcore in this segment.

– We understood the purpose of starting the show off with hype, but shouldn’t Vampiro have sold his anger and anticipation a little bit more? The segment with him and Pentagon Jr. should’ve been the first thing, considering how last week ended.

– The Aztec Medallion match between Bengala and Delavar Daivari seemed like more of a way to introduce Bengala and his abilities to the audience, while allowing Daivari to still gain a lot of heat. Loved how he spit and threw his drink into the crowd. Yeah, that’ll get people angry at you for sure. Bengala displayed some nice athleticism here and came out aggressive on all ends. Good to see him come out with the surprise win, but we wonder what Daivari will be doing when Ultima Lucha rolls around. Other than being a filthy rich snob, we haven’t heard all too much from him.

– The Vampiro-Pentagon Jr. segment brought the right amount of tension. Pentagon Jr. was intense on the mic here, goading Vampiro to an answer. Vampiro came right back and swerved everyone with his answer to eventually chokeslam Pentagon Jr. to a rabid reaction. Big highlight here.

– Sexy Star finding Super Fly’s mask in her bag was a subtle yet effective way to push their upcoming match as Super Fly had the mental edge here.

– The Aztec Medallion match between King Cuerno and Killshot was good while it went on. It seemed to be a way to give Cuerno something to fight for. Killshot had some good moments too as the pace of the match was pointed out as something like a chess match. Not something you see all too often, but Cuerno was easily the favorite here.

– The Aztec Medallion match between Super Fly and Sexy Star was surprisingly quick as Sexy made Super Fly tap. Did that ever make Super Fly look weak. What on earth was that? Interesting to see Marty “The Moth” Martinez thrown into things as he talked about the Medallion and challenged her to fight him for it. Good that Striker pointed out that Martinez lost a match already for a Medallion. Another match? Why not?

– The Aztec Medallion match between Martinez and Sexy Star was short and sweet as Martinez had some offense and tried the Figure Four but got it reversed on him and he eventually tapped out, allowing Sexy Star to hold on to the Medallion. No harm, no foul. So much for Aztec Pride.

– The Prince Puma-Mil Muertes face-off segment with Cueto as moderator didn’t waste time coming to physicality as Catrina made her way down and The Disciples of Death all beat down Prince Puma. Konnan ran in to make the save and had everyone out until he was about to hit Catrina and was laid out by Mil Muertes. Basically, the heels have the momentum here and Konnan being put into the casket that Muertes was originally “buried in” spoke loud in terms of metaphorical representation. Is Konnan gone for good in the meantime? Stoked to see what they do with this feud as time winds down.






Quick Results

– Aztec Medallion Match – Bengala def. Delavar Daivari (w/Big Ryck) via pinfall

– Aztec Medallion Match – King Cuerno def. Killshot via pinfall

– Aztec Medallion Match – Sexy Star def. Super Fly via submission

– Aztec Medallion Match – Sexy Star def. Marty “The Moth” Martinez via submission

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