Notes In Observance – WWE NXT 7/15/15: Ladies Show How It’s Done

WWE NXTBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 7/15/15)

Ladies Show How It’s Done 

– For what it’s worth, this episode of NXT had its share of new blood, old faces and a sense that a “new era” was indeed upon us. We had a little bit of everything here and maybe it’s an awesome thing that the NXT Divas can main event a show and it doesn’t feel like “big news” but rather the norm. The rematch between NXT Divas Champion Sasha Banks and Charlotte had a big amount of hype the week before when the challenger agreed to team up with the Champion to fight Emma/Dana Brooke for the favor of a Title match. The other half of the hype came in the fact that everybody pretty knew this would be quality from the bouts we’ve seen before and the timing couldn’t be better what with the Divas segment from Raw. Not to mention with the main roster transition, this was probably the last time we’d see a one-on-one match between these two on NXT.

– So it’s finally happened: Jason Jordan and Chad Gable have teamed up, after weeks of denial and hesitation on Jordan’s part. Glad that they had the backstory on this because the two of them really lit the ring up against Steve Cutler and Elias Sampson. Gable was quite over with the crowd and then he also got to show off his amateur prowess, which seemed to impress Jordan too. It almost seemed like they were meant to be a team. It’s going to be exciting to see this kind of build over time in a fledgling division. Also found the double-team finishing maneuver to be impressive. Almost like an “alley-oop”-styled backdrop.

– Chances are if you’re a pro wrestling fan watching NXT, you know quite well who Samoa Joe is, but for all the popularity NXT is catching with the casual crowd, it was a good call for Joe to show off his skills in a basic squash, much like we saw against Axel Tischer. As for Tischer, he actually had a pretty cool look to him and could make for someone interesting down the road for a push being that there aren’t many German wrestlers around. He did just enough to show who he was, but this was all about Joe, who worked his usual stiff strikes and kicks. Liked the added submission to the Muscle Buster as it feeds to his “Submission Specialist” name. Now – if they could just change that damn music past the first 10 seconds… Kind of like that “Ho-Ha, Ho-Ha, Ho-Ha” at the start.

– Where Baron Corbin’s character has failed to connect is the lack of allegiance as either a heel or face. This video vignette settled all that, showcasing his athletic background as a football player and why it separates him from all the rest. Liked how it also tied into the tattoo art, as this guy is covered in them a la CM Punk. He touched up on the negative reactions he gets and is a definitive heel from this point. Better off that way.

– The Eva Marie promo was brief but not all that besides announcing her in-ring debut next week. She still got a bad reaction but she at least tried to emphasize a heel persona. Need more work on that though.

– The Wesley Blake/Buddy Murphy-Angelo Dawkins/Sawyer Fulton match was a squash to keep the Tag Champs strong as they head into an eventual Title battle with The Vaudevillains. Easy, uneventful win. Did like the post-match attack to further establish their act. That Sparkle Splash was beautifully brutal.

– The Sami Zayn medical update promo was a good way to reestablish himself with the crowd and TV audience and provide the news that he wouldn’t be back by the end of the year and that he was gunning right for Kevin Owens when he came back. Owens is just the guy that will never run out of feuds.

– As for the announcement of the NXT Champion Finn Balor-Kevin Owens rematch at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn, everybody knows that alone will sell out the house. Liked the little back-and-forth verbal jabs between Balor and Owens in the Comic-Con press conference. Balor had the advantage of being new Champion, while Owens bragged about being relatively known in the NYC area.

– The NXT Women’s Championship match between Charlotte and Banks lived up to the hype, as their slick chemistry and close history culminated in a fantastic match. They are almost like the Chris Jericho-Dean Malenko of women’s wrestling. This kind of “out of the box” technical-style wrestling is hard to find these days. Liked when things got intense and physical there between the two. It’s like we knew Banks was going to win, but you could never be too sure. Charlotte stood in the Banks Statement enough to counter it but it fell back, which was a believable ending to a great match. The show of respect shown after was also a good way to close things out, though Banks has shown heel tendencies on the main roster and babyface on NXT, so we have to wonder what happens with her character in the coming weeks.





Quick Results

– Jason Jordan/Chad Gable def. Steve Cutler/Elias Sampson via pinfall

– Samoa Joe def. Axel Tischer via submission

– Wesley Blake/Buddy Murphy (w/Alexa Bliss) def. Angelo Dawkins/Sawyer Fulton via pinfall

– NXT Divas Championship – Sasha Banks (Champion) def. Charlotte via submission 

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