Notes In Observance – WWE Raw 7/13/15: The Diva-lution Begins

WWE RawBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 7/13/15)

The Diva-lution Begins 

– The opening video highlighted Brock Lesnar as the utter beast he is, focusing on his disassembly of the Cadillac CTS. The build for the Lesnar-WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins rematch has been excellent from week to week, as the momentum constantly shifts between the two. It’s been billed mainly as a chance to see Lesnar deliver another dominant ass-kicking against the cowardly heel Champion, but then there are moments shown where Rollins goes above and beyond to actually appear to be a threat.

– The first segment with Lesnar, Paul Heyman, Rollins and Kane did its job in providing final “go-home” style hype for Battleground and set up the show’s closing segment. Heyman did his usual gold job as he sold Lesnar’s MMA and WWE accomplishments, which was a good cue to bring out Rollins and Kane. Rollins sold his anger very well and it genuinely came across like he had something to prove. Lesnar’s one line in response was perfect, which allowed Kane to reveal the contract signing for later on. Liked how Heyman intentionally insulted Kane’s family just to get under his skin. Babyface Lesnar/Heyman still rule.

– The Randy Orton/Ryback-Big Show/Sheamus match saw The Miz out on commentary being the gnat in everybody’s ears. The match itself was entertaining though with a wacky finish that saw the faces gain the momentum. What was Orton doing before he RKO’d Sheamus exactly? What the hell was that pose?

– The Rollins/Kane backstage segment had Rollins complaining that Kane was setting the stage for more Lesnar domination, while Kane said he had a plan. Kane’s plans always go so well, right? Rollins had reason to be worried.

– What was billed to be Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt in a match actually turned out to be Roman Reigns’ shining moment in the feud thus far, as he snuck attack Wyatt while he made his entrance. Not for nothing though, for a guy who plays all these mind games, how could he not see a Reigns attack coming? Also, the lantern strike came across kind of weak, mainly for how Reigns sold it.

– Now to what everybody is talking about: the debut of NXT Divas Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Sasha Banks to the main roster. The set-up was in fair in how WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella complained that she had beaten everybody and there was no competition out there. Stephanie McMahon coming out to be the “voice behind the Revolution” seemed to be more about her being the perfect representation for successful women in the business and wanted to lead the charge. The moment came off great when we saw all three NXT women make their debuts, but it all happened so quickly that nobody really stood out individually. Nevertheless, this was the segment that everybody was waiting for when it came to the Divas division and there is finally new life in there. Women who can actually wrestle, who knew? The brawl portion of the segment was exciting and well-done. Everybody marked out for the “NXT 3” giving simultaneous submission maneuvers to Team Bella and with good reason. The only thing that was problematic here was that WWE relied upon people familiar with NXT to really “get” the segment. Lynch, Charlotte and Banks didn’t all debut together down there, but rather made their own individual impacts. Did WWE hotshot this too quickly? Time will tell ultimately, but the staleness of the Division forced them to play this hand and it came across quite well. The alliances make sense on paper, as Banks fits in with Naomi/Tamina and Lynch/Charlotte are Paige’s saviors.

– The New Day-Prime Time Players/Mark Henry match was entertaining while it went on, though Henry had a hand in the result for some reason. Guess they wanted to protect New Day in the sense of having them lose to the guy not on PTP, but why even go there? New Day continues to lose again and showing them as the team on a slump as challengers doesn’t make this Battleground match sound any exciting.

– The King Barrett-R-Truth match made us shake our heads initially, since this is like the ninth time that they’ve fought this year. Truth winning makes no sense since it brings back the awful King storyline, especially with the Battleground stipulation. Who truly cares? JBL’s “King Of Motel 6” was a hilarious line though.

– Just when all the buzz came down about the NXT Divas, we were then treated to an excellent match between Kevin Owens, Cesaro and Rusev all to battle WWE United States Champion John Cena in the open challenge. Didn’t think the match would go 25 minutes, but that was all the better for us. Cesaro put in another gutsy performance and had the announcers raving about him, as well as the crowd behind him. Who else dug that double German Suplex spot? What was even better about this was that advertised PPV matches can take the fun out of open challenges but Owens being a part of things at least promised a Battleground Championship match to still be on regardless of what happened here. Owens had nothing to lose in this situation and it fit his character to back out when the going got tough, citing the reason he got into the match to begin with as the reason to leave it. Loved the interaction between Rusev and Owens prior to the match as well. The Cesaro-Rusev portion of the match kept up the high energy, especially from the crowd for Cesaro. Ultimately, it mad more sense for Rusev to go over since Cesaro would likely lose to Cena a third straight time and this protected him. Kudos also to Cena on commentary, who talked positively about all three men, putting everyone over. Plus, Owens’ earlier beef with Rusev was just waiting for an opportunity for payback, which we saw when he attacked Rusev before he could get Cena to tap out to the Accolade. The Rusev-Cena match was easily one of their best efforts to that point, just below the FastLane match.

– The Kane/Rollins backstage segment where we saw Rollins say the plan better work otherwise it was on him was a good set-up to things, with the show’s ending in mind.

– The return of Stardust leaves us with mixed reactions. On one hand, Cody Rhodes plays the Stardust character well as a heel and you have to applaud WWE’s choice to stick with the plan, but they also missed an opportunity to being back Rhodes as a babyface, since he already had the sympathy of losing his father. The crowd would never boo a guy like that no matter how hard he tries to get them to. The odd thing was that the broadcast team should never had mentioned Dusty if the plan was to bring him back as heel Stardust. It just doesn’t work. That said, the match with Neville boasted a cool, comic book-like graphic and was a welcome return for Stardust, albeit winning by grabbing tights.

– The big development coming out of the Contract Signing segment was the systematic elimination of Kane by Lesnar and then followed by Rollins, whose tirade at the end made sense since it sold the idea that he is on his own all over again. Kane was probably thinking, “Damn, should’ve stood in Hawaii…”  The supposed plan is for him to return as a face, so it’ll be interesting to see how they go about that since Rollins is also rumored to turn face soon.






Quick Results

– Randy Orton/Ryback def. The Big Show/Sheamus via pinfall

– Six-Man Tag – The Prime Time Players/Mark Henry def. The New Day via pinfall

– R-Truth def. King Barrett via pinfall

– Winner Faces John Cena In United States Championship Open Challenge – Triple Threat – Rusev (w/Summer Rae) def. Kevin Owens and Cesaro via pinfall

– United States Championship – Rusev (w/Summer Rae) def. John Cena via DQ; Cena retains 

– Stardust def. Neville via pinfall

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