Notes In Observance – PWS Wrestling 7/8/15: Swerve City

Pro Wrestling SyndicateBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 7/8/15)

Swerve City 

– The Tri-Force match between Eddie Kingston, The Lifeguard Mike Del and The Abominable CPA was an interesting dynamic to say the least, as it featured two big heel egos taking on the awkward accountant. It was also nice to see Nikos Rikos back on the show, as he’d been absent, making himself known as quite the hustler in a short time. Made sense for him to come out, cut a heel promo and sell his match spot to Lifeguard, but at the same time, we have to wonder just when we’ll see him in true action. His character has already been built as a hustler. It’d be nice to see more of his in-ring skills. Also, looking at a guy like Eddie Kingston, he has so much more potential to be tapped into in PWS, we just hope he’s at the top of the card sooner or later. The match was mainly all about CPA, with nice nods to video games with his moveset, which eventually had a helping hand in his victory. For what it was, Kingston’s facial expression holding the clip-on tie after getting pinned with a small package was priceless. As for where it stood with the rest of the show, the match felt insignificant. This was more of a way to remind us of CPA, which worked in that regard.

– Brian Myers’ promo to hype the TV Title Tournament finals match with Chris Payne was short, but solid, as he put over beating all the “gimmicks” PWS threw at him and insulted Payne in the process. Liked the look of the promo too, which saw him basked in darkness. Would’ve been nice to hear something from Payne too, especially that we saw Tessa Blanchard back by his side again. Could’ve easily played that up more to build up his end of the match, especially with the ending in mind.

– The TV Title Tournament Finals between Payne and Myers had some solid mat action as the two had good chemistry with their styles. This was actually one of Payne’s better performances in the ring, as he understandably performed with a sense of urgency. The ending, which saw Blanchard turn on Payne to back Myers was a shocking surprise that led directly to Myers’ win. It’ll be interesting to see what the new duo will do and it gives Payne the perfect comeback story if he is to get another shot at the Title.

– It was also nice to see Sandy Mann back on the prowl, as he purchased studio time from Rikos and introduced a sleek hype video that showed what he was all about. The orchestral version of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” was a perfect accompaniment.

– Obviously when it comes to the main event with Reality Check and The Heavenly Bodies/Helmet, the result overshadowed the action, but whoa. They did an excellent job of building up the match by showing Helmet’s constant attacks on Kevin Matthews, costing him many opportunities. The absence of “Shining” Edward Jackson from the match should’ve been a blaring red flag from the get-go. The match itself saw a lot of high-flying action from Reality Check, as per the usual. The big story here was Matthews winding down to getting revenge, when Helmet finally made his way out and revealed himself to be Jackson, which was followed by Devon Moore attacking Matthews, aligning himself with the Jackson Family, making it five. The swerve was done brilliantly and stands out as one of PWS’ top moments of the year thus far. It’ll be great to see how Moore does as a Jackson Five member down the road and we have to know a Matthews-Moore match is on the horizon. This was the perfect way to get sympathy on Matthews, who pretty much has had the worst year thus far. They’ve set the path for a solid second half comeback from him.






Quick Results

– Tri-Force Match – The Abominable CPA def. Eddie Kingston and The Lifeguard Mike Del via pinfall

– TV Title Tournament – Finals – Brian Myers def. Chris Payne (w/Tessa Blanchard) via pinfall to become new Champion

– Six-Man Tag – The Heavenly Bodies/Helmet def. Reality Check via pinfall

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