Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 7/8/15: The Reign Of Carter

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez

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(Aired 7/8/15)

The Reign Of Carter

– The opening video highlighted Ethan Carter III becoming new World Heavyweight Champion by beating Kurt Angle, still TNA’s brightest moment of hope to date. If you’re an EC3 fan, then you probably dug this episode a lot based on all of his offset humor throughout the night. It’s not a good thing though since it’s a bad way to showcase your top heel as Champion. Compare this to Jay Lethal in Ring Of Honor. He was brash and overconfident sure, but he has handled the gold perfectly by taking on all comers. EC3 spent the night here joking around and being a scared heel. It’s not the route you want to go when you need as many eyes on TNA as possible.

– While the first segment with EC3, Tyrus and Matt Hardy was effective in establishing that EC3 was put in charge of the night by “Aunt Dixie” and put over his streak accomplishments enough to set up the first match, that was the problem. This had a throwaway feeling to it. It was good to see an array of guys claim they were ready for a title shot only to be turned down and booked in other matches, which was theme of the night. Hardy making this claim that he took Angle to the limit was kind of absurd since he didn’t beat the guy and it was about seven minutes long. Why would he be ready for a title shot? EC3 threw The Dirty Heels at him instead, which made sense wince they were angry and wanted to get out their aggression.

– The Dirty Heels-Hardy match was okay, but never had the chance to be anything better than what it was. Josh Matthews and Pope bickering on commentary about dead microphones and EC3 needing a headset was taking away from the match here. Brought back bad memories of Slammiversary. The way the Heels won was effective for them, but nobody could’ve been surprised by it. It’s ultimately hopeless though, since we ultimately know Austin Aries’ fate and recent developments with Bobby Roode.

– Surprised that they stretched thing out with The Rising a week further with a farewell promo, but it did allow Drew Galloway to make the most of things. Eli Drake also came across appreciative for what he’d been able to do thanks to Galloway. Mika added nothing here since all he did was look awkwardly at the camera, which almost made it look like it could’ve been the perfect moment for a heel turn attack out of nowhere. How cool and provocative would that have been? Of course, this was all to just give Galloway more mountains to climb as EC3 booked another handicap match. EC3’s sarcastic reaction to the farewell speech was funny though. Seeing as how poorly booked Manik, Khoya and Manik from The Revolution are, was EC3 doing Galloway a favor? Least intimidating three men ever. The match was okay, but ultimately too melodramatic as Galloway “miraculously” made his comeback by taking advantage of Abyss/Khoya arguing.

– Mr. Anderson was the next guy to propose a title shot only to get booked by EC3 in a match against Bram. Sounds about right.

– The Anderson-Bram match never had a chance to get going before the blatant DQ finish, as Bram continued to cause havoc to those he fights, bashing Anderson with his own hanging microphone, needing to beheld back by officials. It’s still unsure exactly what he seeks as he is sort of floating with no direction.

– The Jessie Godderz-Robbie E street fight match was ultimately nothing fancy as Jessie dominated a lot of the match and eventually made Robbie pass out. They need to end this feud sooner or later and move both guys on to different things.

– Bobby Lashley was guy number three to ask for a title shot, instead getting booked by EC3 to fight Tyrus, of course. It was getting a tad bit predictable by now. At least this was a good chance for Angle to come in with his hook for commercial break with a comment about making EC3’s gauntlet match a lot more interesting.

– Part 2 of the Jeff/Karen Jarrett interview segment with Mike Tenay uncovered a lot more than the first one did, but didn’t really add anything new to the table that we already knew; Global Force Wrestling had talent deals with other promotions around the world, Jarrett’s King Of The Mountain Championship would have a new home in GFW and that he and TNA would work together if their goals coincided. Rumors of an invasion storyline are becoming more true by the day, so this was all about decorating the curtain before it unveils.

– For EC3’s rise to prominence concerning the streak, the gauntlet matches were a nice comedic display. He mentioned things coming “full circle” and introduced his first challenge, the guy who he beat on Day 1, Norv Furnam. This became apparent this would be a series of three squash matches to make Ec3 look good, though we knew Angle was coming out soon. Needless to say, Furnam was demolished within seconds. Having Shark Boy out as the second opponent was a nod to Discovery Channel’s Shark Week and continued things. So, they brought him in for this and not Bram’s TNA roster storyline? Sigh. Not even going to mention what happened here. We’ll get to the good stuff, as Angle came out with a legally binding contract that stated his rematch clause for anytime he chose. Ec3 fought the idea from the get-go not shockingly.

– The Lashley-Tyrus match with EC3 on commentary saw Carter complain about what just happened. This was a basic big man match to put Lashley over with his power. EC3 giving Tyrus outs on the loss (slippery canvas, busted ropes) was hilarious though.

– The Velvet Sky-Madison Rayne match started with another Madison promo that insulted Sky and compared her to the people. The match continued Sky’s gimmick of being the mostly silent ass-kicker who kept her dominance on point. Where is this all leading to? Who knows? Just wish she had a better finisher than the generic Stunner.

– For all the history the first EC3-Angle match made, their rematch encounter fell immensely short on this night, as EC3 used the opportunity to get himself disqualified upon first shot, setting up a classic “dusty finish” as EC3 tapped out to the Angle Lock a few seconds later. Of course, this was a nice set-up for Dixie’s return, as she tore into the person her nephew had become and mixed it with regret for what she did last year. It was a good way to being him back down to Earth, so to speak. This also gave us a cliffhanger ending as to who she’d reveal as the new Authority Figure. It would be a babyface, that much we knew. There were a few names on the horizon, but maybe Pope would be in the role? Matt Morgan? Jarrett? As for hype for next week’s show, we saw announced was a three-way for the X-Division Championship as Tigre Uno defended Grado and DJ Z and The Knockouts Championship would be on the line as Brooke would fight Champion Taryn Terrell. Sort of throwaway stuff, but not terrible either.






Quick Results

– 2-On-1 Handicap Match – The Dirty Heels def. Matt Hardy via pinfall

– 3-On-1 Handicap Match – Drew Galloway def. Khoya/Abyss/Manik via pinfall

– Mr. Anderson def. Bram via DQ

– Street Fight – Jessie Godderz def. Robbie E via Referee Stoppage 

– TNA World Heavyweight Championship – Ethan Carter III (Champion) (w/Tyrus) def. Norv Furnam via pinfall

– TNA World Heavyweight Championship – Ethan Carter III (Champion) (w/Tyrus) def. Shark Boy via pinfall

– Bobby Lashley def. Tyrus via pinfall

– Velvet Sky def. Madison Rayne via pinfall

– TNA World Heavyweight Championship – Kurt Angle def. Ethan Carter III (Champion) (w/Tyrus) via DQ; Carter retains 

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