Notes In Observance – WWE Raw 7/6/15: Cadillac Calamity

WWE RawBy Nicholas Jason Lopez

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(Aired 7/6/15)

Cadillac Calamity

– The opening video highlighted WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins expressing his appreciation for his Authority mates by “buying” their loyalty last week, which was a fair lead-in to what would unravel later in the night, with a big focus on that nice little Cadillac.

– With a normally rabid Chicago crowd, bringing Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman out for the first segment served a good choice. With hype on Twitter via Heyman about “getting the mic,” this had plenty of anticipation. Safe to say it lived up to it, as Heyman was key to mention all of his client’s past accomplishments, yet twisted it in a way to make him come across as relatable on that he was never disrespecting those he went after. Basically, he got the crowd more riled up in true Heyman fashion.

– How cheesy and fake were the “Kane in Hawaii” and “J & J Trip” graphics? Were we really suppose to believe that was true – at least on the Kane part? The broadcast team never once questioned the legitimacy of those photos. Ugh.

– The Big Show-Ryback match also saw The Miz out at ringside on a Director’s Chair, mic in hand and loud feedback on the ears. This was another continuation of their three-way feud, which has been consistent to say the least. Ryback was shown in comments in an interview expressing that he was able to manhandle Show, who he said didn’t like that and was jealous. Of course Miz was out there for over-the-top, soapbox-esque commentary, which was kind of funny during the match. Show received mostly X-Pac heat, but Miz helped direct it to the right place. Miz should just do this for random matches now. The action was sort of clunky while it went on, leading to an okay ending which looked like Show was going to make a pin, when Miz attacked Show before he could cover. Liked how Miz ended up eating his words when Ryback and Show had him cornered between them. Ryback ultimately got the last laugh here.

– The Brie Bella-Paige match was thankfully short and was all about the heel numbers getting the best of Paige again. In that case, why let Paige win last week? At least, post-match, Team Bella looked like definitive heels. Smart of Cole to also mention that nobody came to save Paige. Painting it as a losing battle is almost a give-away of a debuting Diva at Battleground. Just depends on what match they book.

– Was Roman Reigns-Sheamus the best idea for a match in front of the usually hostile Chicago crowd? Shockingly enough, Reigns was somewhat over with them. No astounding boos. The briefcase slap by Reigns was also a necessary effect to give him a little “edge.” There were a lot of hard hits as you’d expect given the “agile physical big man” angle, but with the crowd chanting for JBL and CM Punk at points, things appeared to unravel. Towards the end, the crowd was popping for Reigns’ dropkick apron spot, but he lost them in the Superman Punch pose. Interesting to note how Bray Wyatt conveniently made his entrance during the match, just to fool Reigns with a stooge, costing him the match via countout. Glad to see they got through that somehow. Randy Orton coming back was nice, as he brawled with Sheamus. Let’s guess… Another match between the two?

– The Triple H-J & J-Rollins backstage segment saw Triple H ask Rollins what he planned to do with Lesnar. Triple H gave Seth advice to do something unexpected. Rollins had it in his head to call out Lesnar, the last thing anyone expected. This promised a confrontation but took away the surprise aspect of things.

– Why can’t we see the Lana that is like her Twitter profile picture? The Rusev/Summer Rae segment luckily received the “What?” Chant and “We Want Lana” chants. Dolph Ziggler and Lana came out as Ziggler insulted Rusev for losing Lana. The heels attack was decent as it came across that Rusev is healthy now. It’s at least a logical way to go about it. Does this mean an actual match at Battleground?

– The Dean Ambrose-Bo Dallas match was after a usual Dallas promo that ragged on Ziggler. The action didn’t last too long, as Dallas worked in some moves and was over with the crowd, but this was obviously a way to give Ambrose another win. What will the Lunatic Fringe’s role be on Battleground?

– The King Barrett-R-Truth match was shrouded with ridiculous gimmicks, as they might as well be wearing Burger King crowns. The match itself was okay towards the end, as Barrett effectively silenced Truth with the Bull Hammer Elbow as Truth came down from the top. Let’s hope this storyline is over now. We can see maybe an Ambrose-Barrett program or maybe perhaps a pre-show match at Battleground? These two guys need feuds.

– The segment where Rollins and J & J Security calling out Lesnar first made us wonder if Rollins was planning to attack with what looked like back scratchers. Rollins’ statement to call Lesnar out (being Heyman’s “Bitch”) was a bold one. When Lesnar came out in front of the car, we knew he was probably going to target it. The toolbox and fire axes only confirmed it. He did a good job of wrecking it, though the car door hit someone when he flung it. Scary stuff. Perhaps he should have aimed for the ring. The stuff with Lesnar taking out Jamie Noble via the Kimura lock and suplexing Joey Mercury onto the windshield was a nice touch to the destruction. It’s just entertaining to watch Lesnar destroy things. This was about Rollins running away when confronted by Lesnar alone, once again. Good segment that was easily the highlight of the show, aside from the main event.

– The Lucha Dragons-Big E/Kofi Kingston match with the Prime Time Players on commentary was all to push the tag title match at Battleground. New Day was hopefully made to look good here, but with all their losses lately, hopes at that weren’t high. Luckily, they won while Titus O’Neill and JBL had it out on commentary for some odd reason. Sin Cara’s crash to the floor was cringe-worthy, but it did play into the finish.

– Cesaro and United States Champion John Cena did it again, folks. They were given 30 minutes and an appreciative crowd and that’s all they needed for the latest installment of the Open Challenge. Wasn’t a surprise to see Cena start off with his usual promo. It made sense for Kevin Owens to come out and try to rush for an immediate title shot, though the words he yelled would give him a hero’s hail in Chicago. Luckily, they sent out Cesaro, another “indy success” of sorts to combat it. The crowd wasn’t all too receptive for his promo, but it made sense from a storyline perspective that Cesaro would want another fair match. Kind of odd for Owens to just leave the ring without any problems when it looked like Owens-Cena III was set, but at least he came back afterwards. You’d think he’d be mad at Cesaro too, but only attacked Cena. As for the match, downright fantastic again. Given the circumstances with Battleground, it’s not like the result was truly unpredictable, but they gave a few great teases for Cesaro to pull out the win. This was ultimately a way to get Cesaro defeated cleanly, but he looked great again in the match, so mission accomplished on both fronts. That plus it took a top rope Attitude Adjustment to do him in, the second of the match. Owens ending up AA’d after an attempt to attack Cena was a fair way to end things, as it showed Cena had all the momentum now. We expect another Owens-Cesrao interaction this week in some form, so that should be fun if they do go that route.





Quick Results

– The Big Show def. Ryback via DQ

– Brie Bella (w/Nikki Bella, Alicia Fox) def. Paige via pinfall

– Sheamus def. Roman Reigns via countout 

– Dean Ambrose def. Bo Dallas via pinfall

– King Barrett def. R-Truth via pinfall

– Big E/Kofi Kingston (w/Xavier Woods) def. The Lucha Dragons via pinfall

– United States Championship – Open Challenge – John Cena (Champion) def. Cesaro via pinfall to retain

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