Notes In Observance – WWE Smackdown 7/2/15: Revenge Is Best Served With A Kendo Stick

WWE SmackdownBy Nicholas Jason Lopez

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(Aired 7/2/15)

Revenge Is Best Served With A Kendo Stick 

– The opening video highlighted WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins “buying” his loyalty (love the dubbed in “friend” music) and that led to the main event where The “United” Authority and Bray Wyatt beat down Roman Reigns.

– The first segment saw Rollins do more gloating about Raw and was the mouthpiece to set up the matches of Dean Ambrose-Wyatt and Reigns-himself. Ambrose coming out with the kendo stick made sense to sell his anger and it also allowed a reason for the next match to happen sooner.

– The Ambrose-Wyatt match was a good TV-time filler that showed offense on both ends with a rivalry renewed. Wyatt needs to stack up wins and beating Reigns’ good friend was a good way to keep feeding him the psychological advantage. Ambrose had the barricade attack and Sister Abigail as an out for the loss. This was nonetheless a good toned-down version of their past battles, as they have great chemistry.

– The Adam Rose-R-Truth match saw Rose cut another odd promo about the fans “not getting it.” Nah, Creative doesn’t get it. Truth had a boxed promo that was up his alley in terms of wackiness, but that means his feud with King Barrett is still a thing and that’s never good. Rose has shown signs of a slow change in character with his attire and is now a lovebird with Mendes, but is still being used as an enhancement guy. Truth winning was no shock though.

– Ryback’s interview promo had him set up the match with Mark Henry in a serious tone saying he’s going to Shellshock him. This led to Henry’s backstage promo that was necessarily angry and also set up the match. Hard to believe his words though.

– The Ryback-Henry match was a competitive “Ryback vs. Big Man” match that was a decent preview as to what it would look like when he takes on Big Show again. Only problem here is that we know if he can pick someone up like Show a few weeks back, why should picking up Henry, who is 100 pounds less, be a problem? Anyway, their goal was met in terms of the match. Ryback has been a strong IC Champion thus far and this continued that stretch.

– Backstage, Rollins and J & J played with their gadgets and were informed that Reigns was still not in the arena. Fancy technology.

– The Brie Bella-Naomi match was general Diva filler. The Brie cheers were so piped in. From the desired reaction, we’re guessing Brie was the face here. Not much of a match here, as the story told was the “numbers game” as Fox helped Bella get the win directly. The crowd looked to be sitting on their hands as you wouldn’t know who to root for here.

– The Wyatt fog promo cast a fearful tone as to where Reigns was. Effective.

– The Ascension-Prime Time Players match went on a bit longer than necessary, but was a decent way to show PTP in dominance mode. Of course, the way they win their matches is starting to become formulaic, with Darren Young taking the brunt and leaving the hot tag to Titus O’Neill. New Day was only mentioned by Tom Phillips, saying PTP were “running scared.” Could’ve used them on the show here with a promo of some sort. Isn’t it odd that Kofi Kingston hasn’t once addressed his match against Brock Lesnar at Beast In The East on TV? Being that the event is named after his opponent, you’d think they’d try to milk as much hype out of this as possible. Are they downplaying it because of the time of the event?

– The Summer Rae/Rusev promo carried on both of them insulting Lana further. Rusev’s slippings of calling Summer a “better Lana” was probably done on purpose. Little things to say Summer is only a replacement of her but she is no Lana by far. We’re fearing the worst in terms of a payoff match in that it might not happen until SummerSlam, so get strapped in folks. Could be a long summer.

– The Reigns-Rollins match saw Reigns come down at the last second for the match to happen to begin with. It was basically Rollins with help on the offense with Reigns hitting a comeback strike now and then. Eventually, the numbers game made the finish as J & J attacked Reigns for the DQ. Ambrose making the save with the kendo stick made sense and while Rollins ran away, Joey Mercury didn’t. Ambrose and Reigns tore apart Mercury to send a message to Rollins. Fair way to attain payback.





Quick Results

– Bray Wyatt def. Dean Ambrose via pinfall

– R-Truth def. Adam Rose (w/Rosa Mendes) via pinfall

– Ryback def. Mark Henry via pinfall

– Brie Bella (w/Alicia Fox) def. Naomi via pinfall

– The Prime Time Players def. The Ascension via pinfall

– Roman Reigns def. Seth Rollins (w/J & J Security) via DQ 

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