Notes In Observance – PWS Wrestling 6/30/15: Foley Turns 50

Pro Wrestling SyndicateBy Nicholas Jason Lopez

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(Aired 6/30/15)

Foley Turns 50

– David Adams and Big Deal Craig Steele did a solid job setting up the night’s matches, especially going in-depth in the longest PWS rivalry between Habib From The Car Wash and Matt Macintosh, which spanned two continents and a deportation angle.

– The packed house at the Rahway Rec Center came across incredibly well in terms of crowd reaction and made you get into the matches more. The Habib-Macintosh match started out well with a pleasing exchange and Macintosh dominated early on with brash force, while Habib held on and fought back, eventually overcoming with the vicious Habib’s Knees from the top rope. Fitting, aggressive finish for Habib, since he needed to be the winner of this as he had way more to take on in the storyline. Macintosh remains a strong heel and has limitless potential on the PWS card. Will be interesting to see where he goes after next.

– The “Mick Foley’s 50th birthday party” segment was a nice dive into nostalgia, as we saw “The Franchise” Shane Douglas, Kevin Sullivan, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Bret Hart, Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka and Noelle Foley all share positive comments and memories concerning Foley. The segment did drag on a bit much, as it was practically begging for a heel to interrupt things, so you could imagine how well it came across when Bully Ray showed up uninvited and better yet, as his classic heel self. It gave the segment exactly what it needed and effectively set up the next match, with Foley being PWS General Manager and all. Bully took a good verbal shot at Foley by calling him a “second-rate Terry Funk wannabe” and was just someone you wanted to see get their ass kicked.

– While the Bully-Colt Cabana match turned out to be decent in terms of a follow-up to the previous angle, there were elements to it that were rather questionable. We get Cabana being his fun-loving self and all, but he should’ve turned the humorous act down a few notches, since he was out to defend the legends and all. That aside, this was a good way to showcase the recent On-The-Spot Title Shot Medallion winner and it’s an obvious indication that Cabana will be a consistent player on the card from here on out, whereas his appearances on the show were sporadic beforehand. It was also cool to see the Foleys factor into the finish, as they assisted Cabana with the “Wassup” spot, leading to Cabana getting the pinfall victory and keeping his momentum strong. The ending was kind of silly, as it obviously mimicked the Rosebuds act from WWE right down to the theme music, but it did capture the wackiness and fun-loving vibe Foley is known for in PWS. No harm, no foul.





Quick Results

– Habib From The Car Wash def. Matt Macintosh via pinfall

– Colt Cabana def. Bully Ray via pinfall

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