TNA Slammiversary 2015 Reaction

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


TNA Slammiversary 2015This year’s Slammiversary came off hype-wise as a last scramble effort to come up with something with a nostalgic flavor added with a dash of seasoning provided with what is the current TNA roster.

However, what happens when you don’t provide enough seasoning?

The TNA roster is dwindling down to its main players and a lot of notable names are going away – Magnus, James Storm, Gunner, Awesome Kong, Taryn Terrell and Austin Aries so far.

TNA has never given that “sinking ship” vibe, but this felt like a throwaway show in every aspect. People were expected to shell out $40 for a show that didn’t even feature the World Heavyweight Championship or its holder (guy on the poster for pete’s sake), instead resorting to a new, recycled King Of The Mountain Championship – which its “powers” weren’t even explained in detail.

This show was saved by a couple of matches – Austin Aries and Davey Richards and the non-sanctioned match between Magnus and James Storm. It only makes sense that three of the four men in these matches are no longer with the company past Slammiversary, despite the fact that some will appear on the next two taped episodes of Impact. Not to mention the awkwardness of having to be in a live crowd that is watching a show “prior to” something that already technically happened.

For a company struggling financially, this was a half-hearted attempt to gain buys and the majority of this show could’ve been saved for a throwaway Impact. Anyways, let’s run through the card.





(Aired 6/28/15)

The Breakdown

– The Manik-DJ Z-Tigre Uno X-Division Championship elimination style match was a good choice for an opener, but suffered from proper buildup. Wasn’t this supposed to be a six-way ladder match? Way to also announce this new match upon the opening bell. Pope let some “oops” loose on commentary, like his former WWE moniker and called DJ Z “Zema” several times. It felt like a rough night for Pope at the booth no matter how you put it. Things flourished from the lack of an elimination through the first 12 minutes, but DJ Z was very impressive in his performance and letting him be eliminated first was a mistake. Tigre Uno and Manik wasn’t the right choice to go with for the final two. Some impressive stuff from Tigre Uno towards the end, but we knew he had to win this match being the new champ and all. Decent opener.

– Robbie E’s backstage promo at least set the tone for a more serious way of things, as it should be, wanting to tear apart Jessie Godderz for wanting to take away pro wrestling from him. Strong statement to close out.

– The Robbie E-Godderz match felt like an appropriate finish to the Bro-Mans split storyline, but something felt flat the whole time. That said, definitely liked Godderz’s entrance as it fed into his “Man” persona and led into his pre-match promo, which didn’t bring anything new despite some good heat, but almost towards the “go-away” kind. The match was okay, nothing fancy, more of an old-school grapplefest. Robbie E winning made him look good here, but we can’t help but wonder where Godderz goes from here, since he seems to have more promise in terms of a long-term career.

– Matt Hardy’s backstage promo talked about his chances in the King Of The Mountain match and put the bout over as another way to submit his legacy and mentioned his other competitors. Straight-forward stuff.

– The Bram-Matt Morgan match saw Morgan cut a pre-match promo that captured the essence of his return and requested a street fight, which was a strange move that was luckily brought up by the broadcast team. The action was pretty good as things understandably went to the outside, though no weapons besides chairs were utilized. A lot of the action was also in the ring. Morgan looked good in defeat, getting a near-fall with his finisher, but Bram was too much to overcome and the “legends” storyline continues. Is this all a way to get Pope back in the ring? Will Shark Boy be next? Will the Rock N’ Rave Infection reunite? How about the New Church? This all has the feelings of a Heath Slater 2012 outcome, but let’s hope it turns out better for our dear Bram.

– The Ethan Carter III/Tyrus backstage promo had EC3 promote the “bell to bell” match, which was hard to buy as mist fans know the results of that match. Won’t spoil it, but it’s a doozy. Have to love taped shows before live PPV’s .

– The Austin Aries-Davey Richards match to decide the stipulation picker for match number five in the Best-Of-Five series exceeded expectations with a good lengthy bout with convincing near-falls that the crowd was also into. Best match to that point. The finish made sense with Bobby Roode trying to get into things with Eddie Edwards stopping it and it backfiring as Aries pulled on the tights. Aries’ post-match promo saw them set the stipulation for bell-to-bell in a 30-minute iron man tag match. Had to be awkward out there to hear the match that already happened before proposed on live television. Aries’ “bra and panties match” line was hilarious.

– The Eric Young backstage promo saw him poised and determined and didn’t even mention Jeff Jarrett at first, but saved him for the end and he brought the right amount of maniacal intensity needed.

– The Dollhouse-Awesome Kong/Brooke 3-On-2 handicap tag match started with a Dollhouse promo by Terrell that put the group over, insulted her opponents and hyped the match for the next Impact. The match was good, as they told the story of Dollhouse dominating Brooke to the point of holding off the hot tag and also liked how Terrell “directed traffic.” The faces winning gave them momentum headed into the three-way, but knowing Terrell is now out of the company, it’s obvious she’ll lose the three-way.

– Magnus’ backstage promo put over the non-sanctioned match with James Storm as the last time two starts would shine bright. He put it over as a place where he grew the last six years and couldn’t forgive Storm for trying to take his life away in more ways than one. He said he didn’t hate him though he wanted to and believed that love was stronger than hate. Hard not to tie it to recent current events, but this wasn’t necessary for a feud where one guy…. you know… tried to push the other’s wife into an oncoming train…

– The Non-Sanctioned match between Storm-Magnus started right from the get-go and was an all out “anarchy rules” match that lived up to its hype and more as a hardcore bout. The spots here were creative (catapult to table, missed elbow drop table spot, knocking out the power, several false finishes with the powder, barricade superplex) and both guys provided the highlight of the show here. Excellent match. Storm winning was surprising considering Magnus should have overcome everything considering he was fighting for his family. Worst husband ever.

– The Drew Galloway backstage promo had him hype the final battle on Impact between BDC and Rising where the loser disbands. He put over the night as his biggest career maker and he brought just enough passion to make it believable. Excellent production skills followed as we couldn’t hear the broadcast team and cut to a still shot of the ring crew cleaning. They harkened it to the “power going out.” Is it intentional? Went to the next match after a couple of awkward minutes.

– The EC3/Tyrus-Mr. Anderson/Bobby Lashley match wasn’t anything fancy but the finish went down the way it needed to – EC3 picking up the pinfall victory after hitting Lashley with his finisher once Tyrus took care of Anderson to the outside. Still question why on earth EC3-Angle wouldn’t be the main event for the show. That is TNA’s biggest money maker to date and unfortunately, they’ll see none of it.

– The Jeff/Karen Jarrett backstage promo had Jeff talk about all the “buzz” he created between all the locker rooms and hyped it up as a final match on the last stage one last time. His final line was the most telling about the championship going to a whole new “global” level if he won it. Karen looked like Wonder Woman with the headgear.

– The King Of The Mountain Championship match between Hardy, Galloway, Young, Jarrett and Roode was entertaining. Sure. However, you begin to see just why this match hasn’t happened in a long time. The rules are just too much to keep up with and distract from the action. Why is a penalty box in a match? What happens if you were to break out of it and assault the other competitors? Just too many loopholes. Knew Jarrett was going to win from the get-go since he was announced for the match and at least his comeback story in the match was well-done, by having him dominated so early on. Galloway’s box dive was also impressive. Also liked the Roode-Young temporary alliance. Jarrett winning raises questions into Impact about what the title will be in terms of TNA and where it stands with Global Force Wrestling. However, it’s hard to really care about a belt just created for the match. If it was the World Heavyweight Championship, then sure, but why care about this new belt?






– X-Division Championship – Three-Way Elimination – Tigre Uno (Champion) def. DJ Z and Manik via pinfall to retain 

– Robbie E def. Jessie Godderz via pinfall

– Street Fight – Bram def. Matt Morgan via pinfall

– Winner Decides Stipulation For Match Five In Best-Of-Five Series – Austin Aries def. Davey Richards via pinfall 

– 3-On-2 Handicap Match – Awesome Kong/Brooke def. The Dollhouse via pinfall

– Non-Sanctioned Match – James Storm def. Magnus via pinfall

– Ethan Carter III/Tyrus def. Bobby Lashley/Mr. Anderson via pinfall

– King Of The Mountain Championship – King Of The Mountain Match – Jeff Jarrett def. Drew Galloway, Matt Hardy, Bobby Roode and Eric Young to become new Champion 



Original Predictions Correct: 5/8

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