TNA Slammiversary 2015 Preview/Predictions

TNA Slammiversary 2015By Nicholas Jason Lopez


It’s rather ironic that TNA is celebrating their 13th year in existence, in a time where their future seems more and more in doubt on a professional, ethical and financial level.

Things looked to be full of potential as early as January 7 on their first live Impact at the Manhattan Center, when we got a couple big returns and a heel turn that led to the birth of what looked like a dominant faction.

However, over time, things have dwindled down to false hope and desperation on TNA’s part. They’re losing momentum in every way fathomable – Destination America has lost faith in them – dropped a good amount of programming. Several talents have made it clear they’re done with the company – Gunner, Low-Ki, Magnus, Austin Aries (presumably) and now James Storm.

Of all the bright spots on the company, it rests in a few things – the never-say-die demeanor of the tag team division, the introduction of the weirdly entertaining Dollhouse faction in the Knockouts, World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle’s dominant title reign, sparks of underdog brilliance by Rockstar Spud and what has been the main gleaming beam of hope – Ethan Carter III. From his look to mic skills and well-built streak, it’s almost TNA’s mission to make sure he is the top star of the company for the foreseeable future.

It also only makes more sense that TNA pushes their free “Bell To Bell” program on TV rather than their Pay-Per-View, but it’s none of our business. We’ll run it all down though.


The Card

– Non-Sanctioned Match – James Storm vs. Magnus: For most of the storyline, things made sense. James Storm, leader of The Revolution, was trying to go after Magnus’ wife Mickie James, by trying to woo her – being there as a friend defending her from Bram, buying her a custom-made guitar and enabling a “career deal” for her. In the process, this also inadvertently made Magnus come across unsympathetically since he was set out as the bad guy, though Storm was the ultimate manipulator. Early on, it was essential that Magnus draw some of the sympathy as well, but he just looked like the angry husband/spouse. Things took a turn for the WrestleCrap section in the vignettes that showcased Storm’s truest intentions and “video security footage” aired of Storm purposely pushing Mickie off the platform and into the path of an oncoming train. Mickie was not physically injured apparently, but it was the point where TNA gone and messed things up. Sure, Magnus got the sympathy after once he was portrayed as the angry, vengeful husband, but it’s a case of too much, too late. It’s only fitting that both men’s TNA careers come to a close on this night. Within the storyline’s context, it makes sense for Magnus to get the win here and at least put a happy note on this flat whopper of a storyline.

Prediction: Magnus



– Bram vs. Matt Morgan: So for no apparent reason, Bram has decided to beat up past TNA talent in matches ruled by no disqualifications. In the process, we have seen Joseph Park, Crimson and Vader have matches. Bram has dominated for the most part until this past week’s Impact when we saw Matt Morgan come and make the save, setting the stage for easily the best match this storyline could offer. Morgan is arguably the one ex-WWE guy that TNA built as a big star of their own, realizing his full potential. That all went to the wayside down the road, but it’s good to see him back in these old stomping grounds in days that are screaming for big names. Since there’s not much focus in this storyline, we’re going to guess that Bram finally gets his on this night thanks to Morgan. It’s rumored that Morgan is back for the full-term and if that’s true, then it only makes sense for him to win here. Bram can get his heat back easy. We can even see this become feud of sorts. The possibilities are endless.

Prediction: Matt Morgan



– Jessie Godderz vs. Robbie E: The focus of this match has been the background of the implosion of The Bro-Mans. While they had a good run as annoying heels, it was only a matter of time before the breakup angle we so desperately sought. Out of everybody, Godderz is probably the biggest star you could mold, since he is an all-around performer. Robbie E is also very good at his character and could muster up a good promo and match when he’s counted on to, but TNA management seems to not see him in a major role at this time. Since the build lately has seen Godderz dominate DJ Z and attack Robbie E, it only makes sense to have this match. For that reason, we see Godderz winning here, to keep his momentum going because Lord knows TNA needs some of it.

Prediction: Jessie Godderz



– Winner Decides Stipulation For Best-Of-Five Series Match Five – Davey Richards (w/Eddie Edwards) vs. Austin Aries (w/Bobby Roode): The tag division has been up-and-down in terms of the stamina of its champions, seeing two titles vacated within a six-month span, but the concepts built around them have been brilliant. One can look at the Best-Of-Five series between The Wolves and The Dirty Heels as evidence of this. The first two matches were top-notch quality that saw The Wolves emerge victorious with early momentum. The third match was all about showing The Dirty Heels’ eventually fully embracing their former selves to put a win on the board. The fourth match saw The Dirty Heels get the momentum back by using cheap tactics again. There’ve been side matches to decide stipulations, which has also worked to prolong things just a bit. The result of this match is still in the air, though given the details of Austin Aries’ soon-to-be-done TNA status, it’s obvious that The Dirty Wolves will ultimately win the series. For that reason, we see TNA throwing us a swerve on the live PPV and give the win to Aries, allowing The Dirty Heels to seemingly have the momentum again in the series.

Prediction: Austin Aries



– TNA X-Division Championship – Six-Man Ladder Match – Tigre Uno (Champion) vs. Rockstar Spud vs. Kenny King vs. Crazzy Steve vs. Manik vs. Mandrews: In what will probably be the spot-fest of the night, this will help establish the just-made Champion Tigre Uno, who needs the chance to fully show off as the new name and face of the division. Not much else can really be said about that here, as he pretty much needs the win, or risk the Championship looking like a spoiled hot potato of sorts.

Prediction: Tigre Uno



– Bobby Lashley/Mr. Anderson vs. Ethan Carter III/Tyrus: In the “WTF” match of the night, this is pure filler just looking at it. EC3 has been utterly impressive, but this is a weird way to use him on the show, though this will be a last-ditch effort to make him and his undefeated streak look strong before the inevitable “Bell To Bell” encounter on July 1. Will be entertaining, but expect EC3 to reign supreme.

Prediction: Ethan Carter III/Tyrus



– The Dollhouse vs. Awesome Kong/Brooke: This looks to just be filler, but has been a fair representation of what we’ve seen from the Knockouts lately. The Dollhouse is still growing on us as a faction that is developing as it goes along. The highlight of it all has been how well Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell has played the new heel role. As for face left in the division, it’s pretty much Kong and Brooke, so it only makes sense to put them together like this, as it allows the chance for separate programs with Terrell, while also allowing them to unite against The Dollhouse for matches just like this one. We see this going either way, but think Kong/Brooke will win yet again, maybe teasing some more dissension within the girls who don’t like to “play nice.”

Prediction: Awesome Kong/Brooke



– King Of The Mountain Championship – King Of The Mountain Ladder Match – Jeff Jarrett (w/Karen Jarrett) vs. Drew Galloway vs. Eric Young vs. Matt Hardy vs. Bobby Roode: The main intrigue of this match that fully wraps around the “nostalgic” factor is the return of Jarrett for his last TNA match, to go out on his terms as he pursues goals with the newly launched Global Force Wrestling. Even just seeing Jarrett back in this way brings about rumors of a GFW/TNA talent deal or merger and something of that sort would help both companies in this instance. That said, there hasn’t been much buzz online about the match itself or what the inaugural KOTM Championship will do for its winners. Making viewers buy the PPV to see it is a mistake. TNA should tell us what it is before they make us buy. TNA isn’t in a position right now to do that kind of thing. It’s hard to care much about this match besides Jarrett being in it and with the rumors of TNA/GFW working together, it makes sense for Jarrett to come out victorious, leaving the company on his own terms on top, yet allowing for a return to see what he does with the newly won Championship. It would be a fitting end for the company co-founder, all things considering.

Prediction: Jeff Jarrett

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