Notes In Observance – WWE Smackdown 6/25/15: An Authority United

WWE SmackdownBy Nicholas Jason Lopez

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(Aired 6/25/15)

An Authority United 

– The opening video highlighted Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman’s return and the buildup to WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins eventually getting The Authority back on his side as he left the challenger laying thanks to their help. He needs all the momentum he can muster going up against the destructive Lesnar. Ironic that Jamie Noble actually had ribs broken in that angle on Raw. It was all well and good though in terms of a refresher. Also – Jimmy Uso commentating in his ring attire? What? Okay. He wasn’t particularly outstanding, but could always be worse (Yes, Mike Adamle is on our minds too.)

– The first segment with Rollins, Kane and Joey Mercury had Rollins gloat about the band being back together, addressed Noble’s injury and that they dedicated the show to Noble. Cute. Kane also mentioned The Big Show not being there due to Intercontinental Champion Ryback and actually acknowledged Show was still with them. In the context of things, it made sense for Kane to call Ryback out. The exchange between Ryback and Rollins was good on their interpretation of the basis of a Champion. Kane booked himself to fight Ryback, which was not all that scary-sounding. Rollins’ statements to finish off the segment was a good set up to the Dean Ambrose match though and came out of nowhere seemingly.

– The Dolph Ziggler-Sheamus match saw brief action before Rusev came out for Lana again to no avail. The action was pretty good, though average. Weird to hear Uso openly steal a Young Bucks catchphrase. Sheamus got the win again, keeping his momentum going. Something about the Ziggler-Lana duo just isn’t clicking here and it had all the makings of a short-term thing, so Rusev’s injury, while making him a sharper “angry ex-boyfriend” heel, has also prolonged the awkward new relationship.

– For that matter, it remains to be seen what will happen between Summer Rae and Rusev as we saw backstage, but by god, don’t let him use her to get back at Lana. Our televisions screens can only handle one awkward rebound relationship at a time. For what it’s worth though, it was entertaining watching Rusev yell at random people backstage.

– Liked the video hype of the Ambrose-Rollins feud throughout the night, though Hell In A Cell 2014 was left out for some reason.

– The Alicia Fox-Naomi match had Uso back his heel wife, but keep his comments to a minimum. The action was okay, but this lack of heel-face dynamic is confusing every match that gets booked. The most memorable of this all was Tamina superkicking both Bellas and that Alicia took advantage with her finisher.

– The New Day’s backstage promo had them deter attention away from their recent losses and got interrupted by Prime Time Players, who were decent here at least. Bo Dallas coming out of nowhere to propose himself to join New Day in tag team action was a good moment because it was a suggestion we mentioned weeks back due to the similarities of their acts.

– The Ryback-Kane match was mainly a ruse to set up Show’s sneak stage attack on Ryback, good progress. The match was too short to be anything memorable, but Ryback put in a good comeback. Show’s presence was just too much, adding to the DQ finish thanks to him attacking Ryback. This was all about a united Authority reigning supreme, a constant theme through the night. Ryback looked like the guy you just couldn’t put down and that helped him here.

– The eight-man tag match between The New Day/Bo Dallas-The Prime Time Players/Lucha Dragons was your general time-filling Classic Smackdown match. Not bad since Lucha Dragons scored the pinfall, but New Day continues to flounder. They need to be looking like big contenders. Perhaps this is a swerve for them to win at Battleground cheaply to get their gold back.

– The Reigns-Ambrose backstage segment had Ambrose angry at Bray Wyatt, wanting to help deliver a message to him for his friend. Reigns made it known he wanted Wyatt on his own and that he’d defend Ambrose against the Authority out there, right before he pulled out another Wyatt love note. Interesting.

– The Kane-Reigns backstage interaction saw Reigns boss around a backstage hand while looking for Wyatt, which Kane used as an excuse to get him ejected from the building for the main event. Led into it well and made sense, given Kane’s job.

– The Ambrose-Rollins match was a good main event, though the weakest of all their matches, keeping up the theme of “decks stacked” as Rollins defeated Ambrose after hitting a another pedigree. Let The Authority momentum live on. Got a long build (by recent standards) to Battleground.





Quick Results

– Sheamus def. Dolph Ziggler (w/Lana) via pinfall

– Alicia Fox (w/The Bella Twins) def. Naomi (w/Tamina) via pinfall

– Ryback def. Kane via DQ

– Eight-Man Tag Match – The Prime Time Players/The Lucha Dragons def. The New Day/Bo Dallas via pinfall

– Seth Rollins (w/Kane, Joey Mercury) def. Dean Ambrose via pinfall

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