Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 6/24/15: Aztec Pride

Lucha UndergroundBy Nicholas Jason Lopez

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(Aired 6/24/15)

Aztec Pride

– With the first season of Lucha Underground winding down, at least they’ve seemingly saved the best for last: Ultimo Lucha, a two-hour spectacle. Think of it like the “WrestleMania” for Lucha Underground. At least it’s being set up that way. The storyline of the Aztec Medallions is starting to take shape and the opening video highlighted the winners so far – Fenix, Drago and Jack Evans. On this episode, we would see the development of Mil Muertes and Drago, fighting for a chance to get a Lucha Underground Championship match. The key here has been that both characters have returned as a stronger version of their former selves, with completely different backgrounds, yet culminating beautifully to collide at the same time in battle. Also announced for Ultimo Lucha was Alberto El Patron vs. Johnny Mundo, which made a lot of sense from a storyline perspective. It was pretty much a set deal when we heard the “Shot Heard Around The Mundo.”

– Evolution makes or breaks characters in pro wrestling and us at PWO appreciate the careful attention paid to the journey of all the characters in the Lucha Underground universe, such as Super Fly. If you remember, he was forced to unmask after losing to Sexy Star (another great character over the weeks, probably the toughest female wrestler on the roster) and came back looking like a lost Uso brother. Weird look aside, loved the glimpse of his new vengeful attitude towards Sexy Star as we saw in the interview segment with Vampiro, who also wasn’t exempt from his threats. The match itself saw some pretty good back-and-forth action as we’re used to seeing as per show openers. Super Fly needed the win here to complete the “attitude” and also liked that he tried to unmask Sexy Star, to no avail.

– Cool shots of Drago posing and training on the temple roof to hype his fighting later. Looked like the Mortal Kombat logo coming to life. Drago looks badass.

– It seems as if the path to a potential Vampiro-Pentagon Jr. showdown at Ultimo Lucha is on the horizon, given their altercation before the Aztec Medallion Four-Way match that originally had Pentagon Jr. in there with Cage, Aerostar, The Mack and Marty “The Moth” Martinez. What was great about the pre-match quarrel too was that it clearly affected both guys: Vampiro was visibly shaken and mentally distracted by the whole thing and Pentagon Jr. left out of anger seemingly. As for the match itself, it was probably the most unique to date, as everybody got a chance to show relevance. “Moth” actually pulled off some impressive Lucha-style maneuvers that we didn’t see before, Cage looked like a beast, Mack flew around gracefully and even Aerostar held his own, though we wouldn’t had picked him as the winner. Felt kind of underwhelming, but it is what it is.

– The interaction with Catrina and The Disciples of Death practically laying out The Trios Champions Son Of Havoc, Ivelisse and Angelico with lightning strikes of sorts was very interesting. Catrina and Ivelisse is definitely a future match we hope will happen. This also helped provide a cool visual as we saw the dominant Mil Muertes begin to head to the ring.

– The Drago-Muertes match where the winner would fight for the title at Ultimo Lucha saw Hernandez attack Drago with a belt badly beforehand, already giving Dragon an excuse for an out. The match itself was mainly dominated by Muertes with some pokes of comeback brilliance by Drago, but ultimately unmatched. The standoff with Primce Puma and Muertes was a good spark to the best match Lucha Underground can offer right now in terms of buildup, so it’s good to see it happen.





Quick Results

– Super Fly def. Sexy Star via pinfall

– Winner Receives Aztec Medallion – Four-Way – Aerostar def. Cage, The Mack and Marty “The Moth” Martinez via pinfall

– Winner Fights For Lucha Underground Championship At Ultimo Lucha – Mil Muertes (w/Catrina) def. Drago via pinfall

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