Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 6/24/15: Surprise, Surprise

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez

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(Aired 6/24/15)

Surprise, Surprise

– Only TNA would push harder for a free television show next week than it’s Pay-Per-View (first in the year) four days from the air date, right? For all the stories of financial shortcomings and backlash, this is actually a chance for good money to be made and when the company finds itself in these situations, you have to wonder why they didn’t push Slammiversary harder. Yeah, sure – you had the nostalgia factor with all these past names coming back with surprise appearances, but it was still not enough to salvage the lackluster build of things thus far. One of TNA’s bright spots has been Ethan Carter III and starting the live show off with him and Tyrus was the right way to go. EC3 did have all the power, walking with a “Miz”-like swagger and he did a good job of teasing TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle’s opponent as someone who had “legacy” in the business.

– The opening video carried off EC3’s words and also hyped the Full Metal Mayhem match, number four in the Best-Of-Five series between The Dirty Heels and The Wolves to decide the new Tag Team Champions. Must also say the live environment helped the pacing so much more.

– The first segment with Angle and EC3/Tyrus had Angle come out to a big pop and called for his mystery opponent to come out. The promo exchange between Angle and EC3 was good. EC3 had some cheap heat by teasing physicality. Matt Hardy as the surprise opponent? Really? We knew that he was newsworthy because of the birth of his child, but this was immensely underwhelming. People might had also originally thought Jeff Hardy, but that was wishful thinking.

– The Three-Way Elimination match for the X-Division Championship between Low-Ki, Grado and Tigre Uno was good as it started as a three-way. Grado didn’t have much of a reaction from the crowd and they seemed to favor Low-Ki, who’s started it with a harsh slap to Grado’s face and ultimately eliminated him first. Questionable decision since Grado was the emotional hook in there, since making it Low-Ki and Uno made it look extremely predictable. Or so we thought. Uno won the title and sure, his athleticism is cool, but we know little about him. Only makes sense he leads a division that’s under an identity crisis.

– Bram interrupted Jeremy Borash and said he was calling out more last TNA names. Did Borash allude to Vader? Hmmm… Guess so.

– Decent hype for Slammiversary started around the point of the Dollhouse segment which mainly just saw Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell yell at her Dollhouse besties Marti Bell and Jade, telling them they all needed to beat Brooke/Awesome Kong at Slammiversary, followed by announcements of other matches like Robbie E vs. Jessie Godderz, Mr. Anderson/Bobby Lashley vs. EC3/Tyrus and a non-sactioned match between James Storm and Magnus.

– The Angelina Love-Velvet Sky match had some good animosity shown as Love started it well with a bragging promo. This was actually a good match, quite physical. We knew Sky was going to go over. Like this new revamped Sky with the music and rock t-shirt though.

– The Dirty Heels talked about Full Metal Mayhem and Austin Aries mentioned they didn’t learn anything about ladders and chairs in learning pro wrestling. Contradictory statements, possibly done on purpose. Bobby Roode was pretty strong here. Looks like it was shot with a digital video camera though.

– Another fire-filled vignette hyped that “playtime was over.” New Dollhouse or Knockout member? Might be for the former Serena Deeb, who was said to work these past tapings.

– The MVP backstage promo had him tear down rumors and said he was a master strategist and would attack with a different strategy and that the BDC was stronger than ever. So obviously, this dumb rivalry is not over with The Rising. At least MVP is the most enthusiastic member, but even then that doesn’t say much.

– The Full-Metal Mayhem match between The Dirty Heels and The Wolves was a very good, weapons-oriented match that saw mainly the use of chairs and ladders as well as a table spot. The timing was good all-around and it made sense for the heels to go over using their dirty ways.

– Hardy’s backstage promo at least had him appear goal-oriented and he was about to insult EC3 when he appeared and hyped the Championship match next week. The exchange was decent.

– Actually liked the way that they had the camera panned on the jaw-dropped broadcast team as Jeff and Karen Jarrett came out unannounced. Jeff’s promo was straight-forward and from a real place. He put over TNA’s success and addressed participating in the King Of The Mountain match at Slammiversary. Karen’s portion of the promo continued where he left over and showed her disapproval but said he didn’t leave the company the way he wanted. Emotional stuff that provided probably the biggest reason people would order Slammiversary, but even then who else is in the match wasn’t even mentioned. What’s on the line?

– The Bram-Vader match was another trick out of the bag on the live show. This felt kind of on the lackluster side since it feeds into the storyline of Bram beating past talent. Worst yet, the thing has been no DQ matches, so why did it end in a DQ? The stuff with Matt Morgan making the save was good though, hyping yet another Slammiversary match.

– The Chris Melendez-Eric Young match was surprising outcome-wise given the channel the show is on, as EY owned most of the match until Melendez started to make a comeback and Young took over with a piledriver. Where do things lead now?

– The BDC/Rising brawl was a decent time-filler, but it’s surprising when they said the rivalry has lasted six months. Just doesn’t feel all that long. Hernandez coming out added to the surprises and him being unveiled as the new BDC member was good progress. Guess Homicide is on the outside now, unless it’s an LAX reunion? This also means Hernandez is back long-term? He’s also a prominent factor in Lucha Underground so it will be interesting to see where things go with that.

– The Hardy-Angle main event match was good in quality but we knew Angle was winning from the opening bell and Hardy is not a threat here. It shouldn’t had been so close as it was, but at least the angle lock reigned supreme. The post-match physicality with EC3 made sense, to give Angle some more momentum, but this whole thing feels backwards.





Quick Results

– X-Division Championship Elimination – Three-Way – Tigre Uno def. Low-Ki and Grado to become new Champion

– If Velvet Sky Wins, She Is Rehired – Velvet Sky def. Angelina Love via pinfall

– Best-Of-Five Series – Match Four – Full Metal Mayhem – The Dirty Heels def. The Wolves via pinfall to tie series 2-2

– Vader def. Bram via DQ

– Eric Young def. Chris Melendez via pinfall

– Kurt Angle def. Matt Hardy via submission

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