Notes In Observance – WWE NXT 6/24/15: Strong Style

WWE NXTBy Nicholas Jason Lopez

“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post. 




(Aired 6/24/15)

Strong Style 

– Very emotional opening with the onstage tribute to Dusty Rhodes, who had a very significant role in shaping the NXT talent as it is today. Triple H led the full charge here and it was rightfully so. This set of tapings was probably delivered with heavy hearts.

– Good call to lead things off with the returning Hideo Itami to television, who made a short statement selling NXT’s popularity in Japan and that he’d be there to witness the July 4 WWE Network live special. This was all well and good for what he said, considering we know Itami’s mic work isn’t the best, language barrier permitting. NXT Champion Kevin Owens coming out was a good heat-seeking moment to combat this moment. Even though he stumbled on the mic at one point, Owens had the best comeback of all picking on Itami’s English-speaking skills for an easy diss. The idea that he felt Itami owed him an apology was also great heat in of itself. Finn Balor stopping Owens from attacking Itami once he refused to apologize made sense, but then Rhyno attacking Balor left things on a good note, essentially setting up the main event.

– The Enzo Amore/Colin Cassady-Jason Jordan/Sylvester Lafore match started with usual SAWFT antics. The team always oozes charisma. Surprisingly though, we saw a rare promo hiccup from Cassady that took his spelling of “SAWFT” to save. Also continued here was the “musical chairs” storyline of Jordan trying to find the right partner. Obviously, that meant Jordan stood no chance and worse yet, he got pinned by Amore. The faces didn’t even get to deliver their signature spots. If what we’re thinking is correct, Jordan will continue to team with anybody and everybody and lose until he’s finally forced to team with Chad Gable. However, Jordan himself shouldn’t be taking the pinfalls directly.

– Samoa Joe’s interview from last week was pure intensity and delivered well the fact that he wasn’t satisfied with the fight and wanted Owens. Plain and simple. All Joe right there.

– The Dana Brooke-Cassie match was enhancement for Brooke, despite maybe about three consecutive moves for Cassie, who at least didn’t tap out of the long submission applied towards the end. Good emphasis on the slingshot on the rope that showed off Brooke’s all power-bred style. Sticking Emma with her as sort of the “NXT mean girls” will be only be good for both ladies.

– The Charlotte promo backstage had her say she was going to kick Brooke’s ass without actually saying it. An okay promo.

– Part 2 of the Balor documentary showcased how he liked to build Legos in his free time and how he flourished in Japan, starting with New Japan Pro-Wrestling and his friendship with Albert. Another very cool, in-depth look at his career to this point. WWE has done an excellent merging all of Balor’s past personas into his current one, which ironically is his current character. Things like this hype guys better than a useless squash match and better yet, this is targeted almost directly to the “smart crowd” of NXT’s fanbase, arguably most of them.

– So apparently the whole NXT roster is running with tweets picking on Bull Dempsey, the new NXT resident fat man. Will Dempsey actually see a push from this or is he just a jobber with a background now? This is confusing and needs to find some logic quickly.

– The Hype Bros-Sawyer Fulton/Angelo Dawkins match was another decent in-ring showing from the face team, but they still don’t connect with the crowd as well as they should. Maybe it’s just the magic of Ryder winning, but Rawley has shades of “go away” heat on him. It’s only a matter of time before the crowd turns on this gimmick. Nobody wants to see an overly happy individual. He’s got no personality attached to it either.

– So, Eva Marie seeks to show NXT General Manager William Regal just what she could do in the ring. This will either be a defining moment for her to make everyone take her seriously or this will further bury her image. It’s a gamble, but at least it’s different. For what it’s worth though, Marie could’ve sounded a little bit more enthused in her promo delivery.

– The highlight of the Balor-Rhyno main event wasn’t even in the ring. Yep, this was all about Owens on commentary, who continued to spew hilarious lines, picking on Saxton and Brennan for asking him too many questions and not calling the action. Having him out there did make sense though, to hype the July 4 match with Balor. At the same time, Owens is excellent on commentary with his brash persona and we can only hope he takes part on the Raw team at some point, like CM Punk did in 2010 when he was injured. Balor sold well for Rhyno and made his comeback look investable. We figured Owens would try to intervene and it was great when it backfired on him, allowing Balor to fully take advantage and pin Rhyno with the Coup de Grace. Owens complimented Rhyno and his style the whole time, so it was now surprise to see the two beat down Balor towards the end, the best way to bring down Joe to the ring for the save. We can assume a tag team match between the four is on the horizon for next week’s “go-home show” for the Balor-Owens NXT Championship showdown.





Quick Results

– Enzo Amore/Colin Cassady (w/Carmella) def. Jason Jordan/Sylvester Lefort via pinfall

– Dana Brooke (w/Emma) def. Cassie via pinfall

– The Hype Bros. def. Sawyer Fulton/Angelo Dawkins via pinfall

– Finn Balor def. Rhyno via pinfall

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