Notes In Observance – PWS Wrestling 6/23/15: Double Trouble

Pro Wrestling SyndicateBy Nicholas Jason Lopez

“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.





(Aired 6/23/15)

Double Trouble 

– It only made sense for The Aesthetic Enterprise to get put into the match against Monster’s Island as Bonesaw’s partners, only eager to wrestle once finding out Balls Mahoney would also be in the match. Bring on the many testicle puns. Where exactly do Phillip Simon II and The Scranton Strangler fit into things though? That was never quite explained to us. Doesn’t Bonesaw have no friends?

– The 5-on-5 match between Monster’s Island/Balls Mahoney and Bonesaw/The Aesthetic Enterprise/The Scranton Strangler/Phillip Simon II saw a cool entrance for Monster’s Island with lightning-like effects on the lights. The match itself was pretty short and was battled in a mostly hardcore “crash” style. The plywood spots were pretty cool at least. The big story here was Bonesaw picking up the win on Mahoney. Where that leaves Bonesaw in the long run? Not so sure.

– The Double Trouble Rumble to decide the winner of the PWS On-The-Spot Title Shot Medallion winner was a good showcase of original PWS talent from the strange guys to the determined fellows. Even Pat Buck had a decent showing in his in-ring performance. Also liked the Habib From The Car Wash-Matt Macintosh stuff there. Things wound down to the Bad Apple and Colt Cabana and we saw Habib cost Macintosh this time, a good continuation of their feud. On one note – the last time we saw Delroy and New Jack, New Jack threatened to beat some sense into his protege. Guess that all ironed out since they came out buddy and buddy? Cabana winning the Medallion gives a lot of flexibility to the main event picture and he fits right in there with Mario Bokara, Fallah Bahh and Dan Maff.

– The hype video that reminded us of Kevin Matthews’ run-ins with Helmet were a great reminder and made us wonder what’s to come next in this angle/storyline. We can just hope the reveal is somebody great and unexpected.





Quick Results

– 5-On-5 Tag Match – Bonesaw/The Aesthetic Enterprise (w/Jay Enterprise)/The Scranton Strangler/Phillip Simon II (w/Brother Jesse) def. Monster’s Island/Balls Mahoney via pinfall

– Double Trouble Rumble – Winner Receives On-The-Spot Title Shot Medallion – Colt Cabana eliminates Matt Macintosh to win 

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