Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 6/17/15: All Night Long

Lucha UndergroundBy Nicholas Jason Lopez

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(Aired 6/17/15)

All Night Long

– Oh, Lucha Underground. While every other “big name” promotion has gone through their respective hot and cold stretches, our trusty friends from the Boyle Heights Temple have consistently delivered with intriguing storylines, big matches and outstanding athleticism. They’ve essentially done “sports entertainment” better than the company that brands their own shows as such. This “All Night Long” match between Johnny Mundo and Prince Puma for the Lucha Underground Championship where whoever had the most falls by the end of the clock would be champion had plenty of hype in it and the opening video showed that, also playing into the feud between Mundo and Alberto El Patron.

– As for the match itself, it delivered in every single way possible. You had your slow, technical stuff. You had your counter-reversals, suicide dives and big moves. You had your share of weapons from a crowbar, a box, four tables, the Temple barricades, etc. Most importantly, you had the “story” within the match that clearly showed the contrast between the two men’s styles with Puma taking a pure beating while Mundo was cunning, cocky and cold, using dirty tactics to build himself to a 4-1 advantage at one point. We had a sneaky suspicion this would wind down to the very last second, but at the same time, Puma has been established champion so well that a loss wouldn’t have hurt here. They could’ve also gone with the story of so close, so far. Puma showed off his best performance to date, mounting a comeback with an insane table spot and with the help of El Patron, who expectedly made a run-in both physically and with a promo towards Mundo and Puma setting the challenge. The last three minutes was all Puma once he got the momentum back, with Konnan in his corner again. Liked that Mundo purposely ran around the ring and even joined the live band to kill time. Nevertheless, the stage is set for a Puma-El Patron championship showdown. We can probably expect Mundo to somehow get involved, but as Ultimo Lucha gets closer, who knows just what the championship scene will look like?





Quick Results

– Lucha Underground Championship – “Iron Man” – Prince Puma (Champion) def. Johnny Mundo 5 falls to 4 to retain 

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