Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 6/17/15: Long Live The Streak

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez

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(Aired 6/17/15)

Long Live The Streak

– There was definitely a good amount of focus on the incoming Ethan Carter III-TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle match on this show, and it started right from the opening video, where Angle’s two successful title defenses against Rockstar Spud and Austin Aries were highlighted, as was EC3’s post-match attack at the end of the show.

– The EC3-Angle contract signing segment was ironic for Destination America viewers since that’s how Ring Of Honor ended their show right before. Even more ironic: still no physicality. The segment itself was very solid with EC3 mentioning Angle’s past victims without directly saying their names but telling us exactly who they are and how he was prepared for this match his whole life. Angle’s reply was also solid in putting over his own main event experience. Also liked the stipulation that each man agreed to pick each other’s opponents, giving us an easy way to see Bobby Lashley fight EC3. Only thing is you’d think this would be a more fitting main event for Slammiversary instead of the July 1 Impact, since this is the biggest TNA match of the year thus far.

– Next week’s live show looks stacked: Low-Ki vs. Tigre Uno vs. Grado to decide the new X-Division Champion (a hype video on this show would’ve been nice, since last week was “all about the X-Division”)

– The Wolves’ promo did a solid job in expressing their disappointment of The Dirty Heels living up to their namesake, tainting a best-of-five series that was supposed to be personified by quality tag team professional wrestling. Emphasizing the honing of their craft around the world helped here, as did the team of match number four. Bobby Roode coming out to deny the challenge and saying it would be on The Dirty Heels’ terms was confirmation of another heel turn, but his promo work was good here, not so much screaming. Of course, he ended dup lying about Aries relaxing in Los Angeles, but it was a great set-up to the singles match with Eddie Edwards with the winner getting to decide the stipulation for match number four in the series. As for how that went, it had some entertaining action for sure, as we probably predicted dirty tactics by Roode to keep the heels’ momentum going but they went the opposite route, with Aries inadvertently causing weapon use to backfire. The Wolves calling for Full Metal Mayhem next week is sure to be a good match, spicing up this series a bit. With how the first two matches turned out, we’ve gotten our share of quality tag-team wrestling. Why not see what else can be done within the realm of the series? Also like that it seems The Wolves have the momentum once more.

– Joseph Park made a sudden return to TNA, saying he lost his teeth, law firm and roster spot, but with Bram looking for an opponent, we knew this was where he fit in, saying he had a chance for an opportunity. Random… Liked that Bram approached the cameraman for filming him.

– The Bram-Park match continued on this storyline of him taking on past TNA people. Wouldn’t Pope also fit in this category? Thank you, Josh Matthews for bringing it up. Took a few minutes later than necessary to explain the no DQ rules, but this was just a fancy squash. Makes you wonder who TNA will give us next. Do we smell Shark Boy in the waters somewhere?

– Liked Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell’s “Dollhouse”-styled promo hyping the Knockouts tag match with the stipulation that if Awesome Kong and Brooke couldn’t beat Marti Bell and Jade, that they couldn’t get any more title shots while she was champion. This played up Kong and Brooke’s awkward (if at all) friendship.

– The Bell/Jade-Kong/Brooke match was okay while it lasted, showing how Kong/Brooke excelled working together, leading to a nice finish. Would’ve been nice if they showed some issues between the two to make it less predictable, since if Brooke/Kong were out of title shots, there’d be no one left for Terrell.

– The Chris Melendez-Eric Young segment was simple, yet effective. EY attacked Melendez during Hardcore War and took off his prosthetic leg and choked Angle with it, despicable no matter how you look at it. We also knew Melendez was seeking revenge from a past interview segment. This was the awaited confrontation. Melendez showed good passion on the mic, while EY started out with a pondering-esque promo that turned into true heat about being god and a superior being in the ring. This just made us want to see them fight, no way around it.

– The Jessie Godderz-DJ Z match carried on from last week’s angle where Godderz attacked DJ Z. This was another glimpse at the more aggressive Godderz. His Adonis Crab submission finisher was also put over here. His promo while attacking DJ Z was cocky and solid, setting the stage up well for Robbie E to make the save when Godderz tried to throw DJ Z over the top. In the future though, can we see DJ Z go back to the Zema Ion gimmick? It would signal the clear end of Bro-Mans days, unless the plan is for DJ Z/Robbie E to team as a babyface version of the team.

– Must they keep showing this damn train track angle? It’s one of those instances where TNA should be working hard to make us forget that lame portion of the storyline. If TNA chooses to stand behind it, it’s a big disservice to them. All they have to do is look on the internet and read all the negativity on it. As for the Magnus-James Storm segment itself, it was good on a couple of fronts. We saw the sick, sadistic Storm that’s always better than the pandering cowboy and Magnus did everything he was supposed to do to sell his anger towards Storm. It made us wonder how Storm had access to Magnus’ baby son, but as we saw at the end, it was just a ploy. Broadcast team also should’ve let it sink in a bit.

– The Lashley-EC3 match started out well for sure, as it was established Lashley was fighting an army of sorts, but as things winded down, things went lame. We could understand the first ref bump and all, but Tyrus deliberately knocking out two officials when they didn’t count to three was shades of classic TNA overbooking. We knew EC3 was going to win this either way with all the rah-rah about the streak, but it didn’t do him any favors to nearly pull out every trick in the book for the win. This was as tainted as it could get in terms of a victory. Let’s hope they pick up on this by having Tyrus pay for his actions next week or something along those lines. Is EC3 fighting on the Slammiversary card?





Quick Results

– Winner Decides Stipulation For Match Four In Best-Of-Five Series – Eddie Edwards (w/Davey Richards) def. Bobby Roode via pinfall

– Bram def. Joseph Park via pinfall

– If Awesome Kong/Brooke Win, They Get Future Knockouts Title Shots – Awesome Kong/Brooke def. Martin Bell/Jade (w/Taryn Terrell) via pinfall

– Jessie Godderz def. DJ Z via submission

– Ethan Carter III (w/Tyrus) def. Bobby Lashley via pinfall

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