Notes In Observance – ROH Wrestling 6/17/15: War Of The Words

Image provided courtesy of Ring Of Honor.

Image provided courtesy of Ring Of Honor.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez

“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.




(Aired 6/17/15)

War Of The Words

– The first match, which was Colby Corino/Page against War Machine was more progression in the King Corino-BJ Whitmer feud. Whitmer, who was originally scheduled to team with Page, again called for Colby to take his place in the match, getting good heat as he claimed Colby came close to beating Moose last time (what?) and his father needed to notice more closely this time – a clear shot. While they did a good job putting sympathy on Colby after the match, it was hard to buy in when he came at War Machine aggressively once it started. Heat was also put on Page when he purposely left Colby in the ring to be decimated, refusing to tag in. At least King didn’t idly sit by for this one, nearly confronting Whitmer, but needing to be held back by Kevin Kelly. Feel like the next step in this story has to be Colby turning on Whitmer to side with his dad, or perhaps that will be the payoff.

– Just when you think you have ROH figured out, they throw you a curveball or two. Here you had Cedric Alexander cut a promo about how he was this past breakout star and he needed to start picking up wins, calling out the undefeated Moose, who happened to be in a number one contender’s match at Best In The World against Michael Elgin and Roderick Strong. On paper, this seemed like an easy way to keep Moose’s momentum rolling into BITW with an enhancement match. To Alexander’s credit, he put in enough offense to make it believable, but we knew he was easily outmatched. The broadcast team put good emphasis on Veda Scott wanting Moose to work more aggressively and we saw that come to a head when she handed him a ringside wrench, which he refused to use. Alexander took it right out of his hand with the referee distracted and whacked Moose to give him his first loss. Big moment and it came across like a shock to everyone. It also makes the BITW triple-threat feel more unpredictable.

– The ACH/Matt Sydal-Hiroshi Tanahashi/Naito match was easily the highlight of the night; excellent, fun, action-packed tag team wrestling. Sydal/ACH are a solid unit and it almost looked like they’d get the nod right up until the end when their New Japan Pro Wrestling opponents outsmarted them with a thrilling finish sequence that the crowd loved. Where other companies fail is quality tag team wrestling, but ROH has proven time and time again that is one of their strengths.

– The contract signing segment with Jay Briscoe/Mark Briscoe-Jay Lethal/Truth Martini didn’t erupt into a physical brawl, but rather into a war of words. It was to be expected, though they did a nice job of doing a final sell of the Pay-Per-View. Given what’s on the line, it is definitely the biggest ROH match to date and it should be a great showdown. It’s the big seller for BITW anyways and could truthfully go either way. Lethal can complete his rise to the top holding both championships hostage or Briscoe can remain the fighting champion he is and take Lethal’s coveted gold property.





Quick Results

– War Machine def. Colby Corino/Adam Page (w/BJ Whitmer) via pinfall

– Cedric Alexander def. Moose (w/Veda Scott, Stokely Hathaway) via pinfall

– Hiroshi Tanahashi/Naito def. Matt Sydal/ACH via pinfall

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