Notes In Observance – WWE NXT 6/17/15: Summer Brawlin’

WWE NXTBy Nicholas Jason Lopez

“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.




(Aired 6/17/15)

Summer Brawlin’

– That Dusty Rhodes tribute video seems to get better and better every time it’s shown.

– Never hurts to start things off with Enzo Amore/Colin Cassady/Carmella doing their SAWFT routine. They had quite scathing remarks for the Tag Team Champions Wesley Blake/Buddy Murphy and their female counterpart Alexa Bliss, like “Bye, Felicia!” Did like the little heat-seeking moment of interrupting the spelling of S-A-W-F-T as the champs came out. The match itself was a fitting new chapter in this tag feud, with both teams getting their moments to shine. The back-and-forth between Bliss and Carmella was the main highlight here, as it all spilled down to Amore tagging in Big Cass, who finished things off. Enzo/Cass/Carmella getting the win buys them another title shot, but it again makes us wonder if that was done to give them a win so they could lose when the titles are on the line. They will have to get the belts eventually, right? They’re just too over to not reward them with gold of some kind.

– The best thing about Samoa Joe’s backstage promo: it was completely Joe. In one sentence, he described how he liked to be at the forefront of wrestling movements, that he just didn’t like NXT Champion Kevin Owens and how he was different in many ways. This was a solid way to hype the main event and it was a very strong promo at that. Joe’s words were very believable.

– Now, we know ahead of the July 4 WWE Network Live Special where Finn Balor will face Owens for the NXT Championship in Japan, that now is about the time to really build Balor up. Whoever came up with the idea for the two-part documentary for the man behind Balor deserves to be rewarded. This showed us that Fergal Devitt wasn’t just a past moniker, but a man who grew up in an Irish family loving the sport he’d eventually partake in and find success. Loved that they incorporated archival footage from his stints in Pro Wrestling Revolution UK and Insane Championship Wrestling and how he helped play a part in training Becky Lynch and her insights added a lot to the package. It’s common knowledge among the “smart crowd” of just how Devitt worked his way to WWE honing his craft in other countries, but to actually see it acknowledged on WWE TV as a way to push the Balor character really helps viewers relate to him. Can’t wait to see the second part that will chronicle his journey in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

– While it was nice to see Charlotte work a bit more aggressively in her match against Cassie, an enhancement match at this point wasn’t all that effective for the regular viewers, who already know just how ruthless Charlotte can be. Given that her last appearance on TV involved being laid out by Dana Brooke and Emma, we guess it made sense to showcase Charlotte on her A-game, but Brooke arguably could’ve used the enhancement match time.

– That said, Brooke’s backstage promo might’ve been her best yet. She was cocky, brash and made clear how she looked to destroy Charlotte and took a shot at her family lining. Yeah, she still dropped the “Total Diva” line, which still strays too close to a generic persona (there being a TV show by that same name doesn’t help individualize her either) but we can look past the little things. She delivered her words with passion, but she didn’t exactly look at the camera directly and gave the impression she read from a cue-card. Again though, little things.

– The Joe-Owens match lived up to the hype in finally seeing somebody match Owens with size, strength and overall power. This was entertaining to watch but at the same time, it needed an ending that wouldn’t be clean, and sure enough, they found a way around it with knocking the referee down between them. The brawl afterwards was also well-done. They gave away just enough to satisfy us for the episode, but left a lot of open road to still travel down. This is a TakeOver-caliber main event and we’d be shocked if it didn’t go down that route eventually.





Quick Results

– Six-Person Tag – Enzo Amore/Colin Cassady/Carmella def. Wesley Blake/Buddy Murphy/Alexa Bliss via pinfall

– Charlotte def. Cassie via submission 

– Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens to a no-contest 

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