Notes In Observance – PWS Wrestling 6/16/15: Helmet Hacks, Handicapped Heroes Have Heart

Pro Wrestling SyndicateBy Nicholas Jason Lopez

“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post. 




(Aired 6/16/15)

Helmet Hacks, Handicapped Heroes Have Heart 

– It would’ve been nice to follow up on last week’s highlights of Bobby Wayward regaining the Suicidal Six-Way Championship thanks to Matt Macintosh costing Habib From The Car Wash the match with a few aftermath promos or some kind of hype. At least it got a mention.

– As weird as it seems on paper, the duo of David Adams and Big Deal Craig Steele have an entertaining chemistry on-screen, with Steele’s spray doing most of the talking whenever he had no wisecracks.

– The TV Title Tournament semifinals match with Brian Myers and Starman was definitely different than what we’re used to and their clash of styles was mentioned on commentary. Starman has been “remastered” as the “8-Bit Icon,” dropping the “enigma” portion of the moniker. Does it mean good things for him going forward? We’ve yet to see it happen, but we’re holding out hope. Not the best match honestly, suffering from a slow, plodding pace for Starman to work in his spots, but a decent story was told with Myers’ frustration and Starman almost pulling off surprise pins. As the cocky heel, Myers was the expected victor here, since he fits the mold better against Chris Payne for a tournament final showdown. Myers-Payne is easier to emotionally invest in anyway. We think the real question people are asking: Will Piper turn on his owner down the road? #PushPiper.

– While we got a lot of progress in the “Helmet stalks Kevin Matthews” storyline during Matthews’ match with The Amazing Red, the match quality suffered for it, despite the brief utilization of both rings in the action. Smart of Matthews to mention this fact in his post-match promo towards Helmet, who attempted to get physically involved via a lead pipe and hacked the big screen several times to deliver cryptic, creepy messages acknowledging his stalking. On that note, Helmet sounds like a villainous Kiefer Sutherland, doesn’t he? The stage was set for a Matthews-Helmet showdown at Supercard to settle things. Let’s also hope we see a future Matthews-Red match with no storyline hinderance too.

– The Tag Team Championship match between Reality Check’s Craven Varro/Devon Moore and The Handicapped Heroes was good, though not great. However, it delivered yet another example of why The Handicapped Heroes remain a solid staple of PWS’ tag division. There was some decent back-and-forth action with both teams, as Zach Gowen and Gregory Iron jumped all over the place with speed and athleticism, while Varro/Moore dominated at points with their power. Despite this, we never felt the titles were in jeopardy at any point, since The Handicapped Heroes are on such a big push. With notable victories against The Reynolds Brothers, Team 3D and now Reality Check, it really makes you wonder who’ll take them down.

– Next week’s show looks pretty big on paper with the Five-On-Five Monster’s Island/Balls Mahoney vs. Bonesaw/Four Mystery Partners and the Double Trouble Rumble, as 30 superstars fight over two rings and the winner receives the On-The-Spot Title Shot Medallion. Shouldn’t disappoint.





Quick Results

– TV Title Tournament – Semifinals – Brian Myers (w/Piper) def. Starman via pinfall to advance 

– The Amazing Red def. Kevin Matthews via pinfall

– Tag Team Championships – The Handicapped Heroes (Champions) (w/Hush) def. Craven Varro/Devin Moore via pinfall to retain 

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