WWE Money In The Bank 2015 Reaction

MITB REBy Nicholas Jason Lopez

* Graphic by Emmanuel Gonzalez * 


The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Don’t take this old adage the wrong way.

As far as this show is concerned, WWE Creative took some daring steps to shake things up in certain areas, while coming up short in others.

Needless to say, if you’re not leaving this show amazed at the Kevin Owens-John Cena rematch or the main event ladder match, what kind of fan are you?

Let’s get into things, shall we?





(Aired 6/14/15)

The Breakdown

– The pre-show match between R-Truth and King Barrett fully expressed the feelings of eleventh hour-styled booking, as Truth’s promo before the match made us wonder just what we were in store for. It appears the “Confused Truth” era is upon us. On that note – it was never established that the “King” name was ever up for grabs, so it was odd to hear it come up in the broadcast booth banter like it was nothing. As if you needed anything more to further bury Barrett, why not have him come out in a more ridiculous version of the royal robe? On top of that, why not have him lose to Truth cleanly? Barrett remains in this horrid holding pattern and it shows no signs of stoppage. God help us if the “King” name is going to be the focus of this feud. Is this even a feud? We just don’t know anymore. The match was nothing special in terms of in-ring action. Kind of just there.

– An appropriate opening to the show with the 10-bell salute to Dusty Rhodes, kayfabe completely broken. The hype video looked at the Money In The Bank ladder match, rightly putting it over as the endurance test that leads to opportunities and life-changing events.

– The MITB Contract Ladder match with Randy Orton, Kane, Roman Reigns, Neville, Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston took some time to gel but got better as it went along, with some highlight reel-worthy moments, like the RKO on Neville. Important to note that the crowd was mostly anti-Reigns, which probably didn’t score the desired reaction besides shock when Bray Wyatt knocked him off the ladder. The big news to come out of this was the start of an obvious Wyatt-Reigns feud, cemented by the announcement of a match at Battleground. The final two being Sheamus and Neville was a good tease. Sheamus winning was a good “dark horse” call and he should make an interesting Mr. Money In The Bank.

– So Paige continues to push for change amongst the Divas division and it should be really easy to root for her against the seemingly heel Bella Twins. Did we need the angle that Paige has lost respect among her peers for “turning her back”? Nowhere is that evident. Paige’s words in her backstage promo had a heelish tang to them, but with the dedication to Dusty Rhodes, it was clear to see which way she leaned.

– The Nikki Bella-Paige match for the Divas Championship was definitely one of the longer, more newsworthy Divas matches to date. A better effort than most. The somewhat “dusty finish” with Paige beating Bella when “twin magic” backfired only for Brie to acknowledge she got pinned and not Nikki was okay how it was. Why that wouldn’t end on a DQ finish is beyond us, and at least the broadcast team picked up on that. Letting Nikki take advantage and cleanly pin Paige was a head-scratcher. You’d think Paige would’ve been protected with the DQ and the point that “twin magic” backfired to still cost her the title still would’ve been established. At the least, this continues the program. Showing all the other divas backstage watching made it feel more than a throwaway match.

– Given how quickly the Ryback-Big Show Intercontinental Championship feud was put together and that Show was already Shellshocked on Raw, it made sense for things to go down the way that they did, with The Miz getting involved. Kudos to Miz for handling his promo well, cleverly turning the crowd against him and using his hometown to drive his point home of being a movie star. The match never really got underway and that was okay, since this was a good way to set up the inevitable triple-threat match with Ryback, Show and Miz for Battleground.

– The John Cena-Kevin Owens match had the highest of expectations headed in and believe it or not, it was even better the second time around. No doubt about it: magic happens when these two face off. The crowd was absolutely electric for everything and this was their Elimination Chamber match amplified. The near-falls were as awesomely nerve-racking as it could get. As great as that all was, the finish was questionable in the sense that Cena cleanly pinned Owens, but it was overshadowed by the post-match interaction which was even more shocking, with Owens hitting the Powerbomb on the apron. Excellent heat. Only thing that would’ve made it better was if Owens sold the show of respect more with Cena prior to attacking him.

– Dean Ambrose’s backstage promo was a solid history lesson telling how The Authority had always screwed him over dating back to a year ago and that he was at the breaking point where he had to stand up and take what he felt was rightfully his. Of course it was Ambrose, so he said it in his own special way, but the point was driven home well.

– The Tag Team Championship match between Big E/Xavier Woods-The Prime Time Players initially fulfilled its status as a “buffer match,” as New Day cut another entertaining promo about wishing Kofi to get better using “clap therapy.” The in-ring action was decent at best and the crowd at least reacted to Titus O’Neil. Big E’s spear through the ropes was sick-looking as usual. Nobody saw the finish coming the way that it did. This felt like shock value for all the wrong reasons. We really have to question the logicality of giving PTP the belts at this point with New Day such a hot act right now. Is it because they literally ran out of competition? There are ways to combat around it, but dropping the titles wasn’t one.

– Triple H motivating Rollins backstage when everyone else looked down at him was a solid lead-in to the main event ladder match. It made it clear all eyes were on Rollins here.

– The WWE World Heavyweight Championship ladder match between Rollins and Ambrose certainly delivered in its brutality and there were times Rollins found his sick and sadistic side and finally got the win on his own after a close tease of a finish. The match sort of dragged at points, but went very well towards the end. Rollins’ promo put it all in perspective. Is Ambrose completely out of the title picture now, despite coming so close to victory twice? Guess we’ll see.






– Pre-Show – R-Truth def. King Barrett via pinfall

– Money In The Bank Contract Ladder Match – Sheamus def. Roman Reigns, Neville, Kofi Kingston, Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler (w/Lana) and Kane 

– Divas Championship – Nikki Bella (Champion) def. Paige via pinfall to retain 

– Intercontinental Championship – The Big Show def. Ryback via DQ; Ryback retains 

– Champion Vs. Champion – John Cena def. Kevin Owens via pinfall

– Tag Team Championships – The Prime Time Players def. Big E/Xavier Woods (Champions) via pinfall to become new Champions

– WWE World Heavyweight Championship – Ladder – Seth Rollins (Champion) def. Dean Ambrose via pinfall


Original Predictions Correct: 3/7

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