Notes In Observance – WWE Smackdown 6/11/15: Final Deposit

WWE SmackdownBy Nicholas Jason Lopez

“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post. 




(Aired 6/11/15)

Final Deposit 

– Things started off with Dean Ambrose who came to the ring, leather jacket-clad, bead necklace-clad and more importantly, WWE World Heavyweight Championship-clad. He looked back at his journey on Raw partying with the belt in New Orleans in his own funny way. He brought the money in his go-home promo, which was the perfect cue for WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins to come in all angry. The bit with the replica belt was a bit on the cutesy side, but it was effective given the storyline. Also, that’s a pretty damn close replica. Ambrose’s carelessness of where he left the belt was sort of funny (as was his line about him thinking it was still Tuesday, tongue-in-cheek much?) but you’d think he’d take care of something he really wants and has held as if it were his own property a bit more. Kane coming out to laugh at Rollins to set up his match with Dolph Ziggler later also worked for the segment.

– The Ryback-Miz match was essentially a glorified way to write Miz off the IC Title picture, as he was cleanly beat with the Shellshocked. The Big Show’s promo was a decent retort to the big guy, but we’ve heard it all from Show before. At the least, Show had the final say in the hype, refusing to partake in any physicality when challenged by Ryback in the ring.

– So, is R-Truth’s new gimmick being confused? Um, okay. At the least, he makes it work. That said, he was mainly out on commentary for the King Barrett-Jack Swagger match to hype the Money In The Bank kick-off match. Guess Truth wearing the KOTR garb was an easy way to get under Barrett’s skin, but kind of lame as a last-minute effort to draw heat between the two. Barrett won with the Bull Hammer Elbow after Swagger almost pulled off an upset victory in a match no one will remember three months from now.

– Alicia Fox pretty much challenged Paige to a match because she didn’t think anything needed to be changed. Right. Okay.

– Guess Rusev’s character will remain on-screen throughout his injury, but we’re not complaining a bit. It’s kind of entertaining to see this broken man try to annoy Lana any chance he gets to convince her to come back to him, this time, interrupting her sit-down interview with Michael Cole. His words “submit yourself to me” were particularly what sparked Lana to walk away, making her come off as a feminist heroine once again. Got a kick out of Rusev yelling at Cole for inviting Lana to speak.

– The Ziggler-Rollins match was a good, lengthy affair that was back and forth. Easy time filler but a fun one at that. Of course, the ending saw Rollins pick himself back up with the win, though he pulled on the tights to get it.

– The Paige-Fox match was highly unspectacular and predictable since Paige would obviously be kept strong headed into MITB.

– The Prime Time Players backstage promo pretty much summed up their side of the feud, relying on catchphrases to get over. Renee Young had some rhythm there and that perhaps saved the segment from a total bore.

– The six-man tag match main event between Reigns/Neville/Orton and Kofi Kingston/Kane/Sheamus was just a general time-filler that had its share of good in-ring action, but eventually wound down to everyone hitting their finishers before New Day attacked Reigns before he could pin Kingston, causing the DQ. The postmatch brawl was kind of cheesy, but Neville’s ladder dive was really well-done and at least he got his moment of getting the briefcase down, which ensures it won’t happen Sunday.





Quick Results

– Ryback def. The Miz via pinfall

– King Barrett def. Jack Swagger via pinfall

– Seth Rollins def. Dolph Ziggler via pinfall

– Paige def. Alicia Fox via submission

– Six-Man Tag – Roman Reigns/Neville/Randy Orton def. Kofi Kingston (w/Xavier Woods, Big E)/Kane/Sheamus via DQ

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