Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 6/10/15: Destination X-Lax

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez

“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post. 




(Aired 6/10/15)

Destination X-Lax

– The opening video dramatically put over the “innovation” of the X-Division and hyped all the qualifying matches that would lead to a three-way with the winner to crown a new Champion. Also hyped was Rockstar Spud-Kurt Angle for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, where the winner would defend against Austin Aries.

– As quickly as Ethan Carter III/Tyrus came out, they were gone just as fast. Fortunately, EC3 made the most of his time with his venting promo about being slighted in the title picture despite being number one contender. His sit-down strike could’ve been more fun if it had more time to have an effect, but Angle pretty much came out and took care of that. Angle was at least on fire on the mic here and it made for an entertaining exchange. You’d think EC3 would try to take Spud out when he came out so he couldn’t compete. Also, wouldn’t EC3 be happy that he’d be first in line for a shot after these two title matches? As for the Spud-Angle match itself, it was good and lengthy. Josh Matthews went full-fledged heel mode on commentary, but made it way too dramatic when Spud hit the first Underdog to believe it was a true near-fall. The crowd didn’t obviously buy into it either. Now Matthews was cheering for Spud to fight through the pain at the end? Geez, pick a side. Angle won like you’d expect with the Angle Lock and having Aries point his briefcase up in the ramp was a good way to hype the main event.

– The Dollhouse’s promo hyped up a Knockouts Championship match with Awesome Kong, as Taryn Terrell teased a lingerie pillow fight and told her if she didn’t wear a light pink lingerie piece, she wouldn’t get a shot. So, picking on her weight? Kinda cheap, lousy heat.

– The First X-Division Championship shot three-way match with Low-Ki, Manik and Crazy Steve was a pretty uneven mix given the competitors and it was easy to predict Low-Ki would win since Crazy Steve is so rarely used and Manik hasn’t won a match in ages and is more or less a flashy Revolution jester.

– Grado’s backstage promo had him eager to “make weight” by jogging and trying to do parkour and hesitating. He’s like the TNA equivalent of Bull Dempsey. Kind of get what they’re going for, but it’s just not as funny as they think it is.

– Must we revisit this horrid James Storm-Mickie James angle? The update was that she wasn’t physically harmed by a moving train? This was what they were building to to get Magnus angry at Storm? Geez.

– The second of three qualifying matches for the X-Division Championship between DJ Z, Mandrews and Tigre Uno was better than the previous match and DJ Z put in convincing offense to make you think he might come out victorious needing something to do post BroMans breakup, but alas, that went to Tigre Uno. Jessie Godderz came out to attack DJ Z for extra heat and it worked on that front.

– The Grado-Tigre Uno backstage segment had Grado ask him questions a mile a minute about training. Uno called him a jackass as he walked away. Why?

– The Knockouts lingerie pillow fight segment with The Dollhouse, Awesome Kong and Brooke started on a cringe-worthy note with the sight of the bed, though Terrell was good on the mic. Kong attacking Marti Bell and Jade in normal attire made her look strong, but yet, it still felt like she lost something from it. The highlight was Brooke, who called it a disgrace for the division (right about that one) and Terrell tried to talk her way out of the match. Brooke was actually good here on the mic. At least she didn’t come out in lingerie to fight her and took the “athlete’s route.” The physicality that ended with Terrell getting embarrassed was decent.

– The Dirty Heels backstage promo had them hype both the tag title best-of-five series and the main event. This showed them as a solid unit looking to the future.

– Backstage, Grado came out with a scale wanting to make weight for the division and dressed out of his singlet to stand on the scale, as he was told by Jeremy Borash. Stupid.

– The final three-way qualifying match for the X-Division Championship between Kenny King, Cruz and Grado had a bit of a story between King and Grado, with Cruz being the jobber of the bout. Grado did his entertaining schtick that was meh, but at least King was protected.

– Bram did a handheld camera promo showing he took out the cameraman. He claimed he was coming to the ring to make history because he hates the X-division. Alright then.

– Bram’s in-ring promo called out any part of TNA’s past and this was just basically an open challenge. Crimson coming out from obscurity was a nice surprise. The match itself ultimately wasn’t anything too special though Crimson put on a good showing in defeat. Is this a recurring angle until Slammiversary?

– Angle’s backstage promo addressed beating Spud earlier and then having to prepare for the guy who created Option C and no one would take the title from him. Champion delivering Champion-esque words.

– EC3’s backstage promo said he deserved more than a title match and was enraged to a boiling point he knew no bounds and that Angle wouldn’t get up after the first punch. Sold his anger, but we already knew he was angry from the start of the show.

– The World Heavyweight Championship match between Angle and Aries indeed delivered the hype and a little bit more as this was the equivalent of a physical two-man war. Incredible athleticism and technical prowess. Granted, the near-falls were tough to buy into until far into the match since Angle’s title never felt in jeopardy with EC3 waiting in the background, but still a very good match. EC3 attacking Angle to send a message was good heel heat.





Quick Results

– TNA World Heavyweight Championship – Kurt Angle (Champion) def. Rockstar Spud via submission to retain

– X-Division Championship Match Qualifier – Low-Ki def. Manik and Crazy Steve to advance

– X-Division Championship Match Qualifier – Tigre Uno def. DJ Z and Mandrews to advance 

– X-Division Championship Match Qualifier – Grado def. Kenny King and Cruz to advance 

– Bram def. Crimson via pinfall

– TNA World Heavyweight Championship – Kurt Angle (Champion) def. Austin Aries via submission to retain 

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