Notes In Observance – WWE NXT 6/10/15: Joe Is Gonna Back Elbow You

WWE NXTBy Nicholas Jason Lopez

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(Aired 6/10/15)

Joe Is Gonna Back Elbow You

– The opening video highlighted “the most anticipated debut in NXT history” with Samoa Joe’s first match and rightfully so. It would’ve felt like an even bigger occasion had not every match prior on the show been a predictable squash, being that we knew the main event would likely be one.

– The Zack Ryder/Mojo Rawley-Elias Sampson/Mike Rawlis match clearly served its purpose as a buffer bout for the newly returned Mojo, who lived up to his hyped-up namesake. The two faces were pushed as “social media peeps,” which is sort of hard to display in your ring work – unless of course, their double-team finisher is renamed “Like this” or something of that sort. We can totally see it. The finisher itself is solid, as it’s pretty much a Rough Ryder delivered via Doomsday Device style. Mojo definitely left a good impression and was over with the crowd. Also, when was the last time you saw Ryder on the winning side of a squash?

– Liked the “Finn Balor arrives in Japan” hype video for the July 4 WWE Network live special. So unique looking and describes his character perfectly.

– The Dana Brooke hype video embraced her “total diva” nickname and her “twitter powers.” Her promo skills are her strongest asset and it’s good to see that accentuated. Just wish her gimmick leaned more towards her muscular physique rather than the “total package,” since that would stand out more for her.

– The Emma-Blue Pants match was a squash match for the heel, and Blue Pants’ joyous attitude was a perfect opponent for Emma. As always, the crowd loved Blue Pants and it’s almost like you want to see her eventually get a push, however, it’s “Evil Emma” time. Emma’s submission finisher was also put over.

– The gist of the Team SAWFT backstage promo had them give a fair warning to the NXT Tag Team Champions Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake and their valet, Alexa Bliss next week in the only way Team SAWFT can: overhyped, catchphrase-spewing, pop culture reference dropping-style.

– The Tyler Breeze-Bull Dempsey match was more or a less a joke that involved more running around the ring than actual wrestling. A running joke (pun mostly intended) was Bull’s lack of exercise that led to his demise. Is Breeze being turned face? He seemed to have a bit more fun in the ring than we’re used to seeing from Prince Pretty.

– Glad to see they highlighted the post-match crowd reaction from TakeOver: Unstoppable for Becky Lynch, as that was a career-changing moment of hers for the better. Her match against Jessie explored her newfound confidence and full-fledged face turn. She did a lot more selling than you’d expect against a no-name thus far like Jessie Mackay, but the magic is in her resilience. Her armbar variation finisher was also brutal-looking.

– The NXT General Manager William Regal-Dempsey segment in his office furthered upon the notion that Dempsey is purposely out of shape, coming in and wolfing down Doritos and pulling out candy bars from his singlet (knew it was good for something) and Regal’s reaction sold it all, taking offense and saying Dempsey had better get it together. Dempsey is now apparently the fatso of NXT, but if they push this aspect of the “lovable loser” act for him a bit further, he may finally reach relevancy. On that note – excellent segue into a graphic that featured Dempsey’s former rival, Baron Corbin. Shows how low Dempsey sunk.

– As the weeks pass, Chad Gable is more obsessed with teaming with Jason Jordan than ever, to the point of writing his name on Jordan’s own locker in sharpie. Jordan continued to sell his unenthusiastic feeling towards it and just the way that it’s being set up, you know them as a team is inevitable.

– The Baron Corbin-Angelo Dawkins match was yet another squash match leaning towards the lone wolf, who the crowd continued to give a negative reaction towards. We’ve seen too many of these for it to really have an effect anymore.

– The Samoa Joe-Scott Dawson match with NXT Champion Kevin Owens out on commentary was the expected squash. However, Owens was condescending enough towards Joe and the announcers that it was mildly entertaining. Joe basically powered through his usual moveset, culminating in the Muscle Buster. Owens was hilarious pointing out that he too has done a “mean back elbow.” Joe’s postmatch promo trying to get Owens in the ring was good and Owens’ rebuttal also fit his character in terms of calling Joe a “rookie,” feeding into his John Cena feud . Regal coming out to book Owens-Joe for next week is obviously going to be a big showdown, but we’re skeptical whether that match will happen in its full effect. Owens-Joe is money, but you’d think WWE would hold off on physical competition just yet. On that note – what is Joe’s music? Sounds like bad 70’s porn background material.





Quick Results

– Zack Ryder/Mojo Rawley def. Mike Rawlis/Elias Sampson via pinfall

– Emma def. Blue Pants via submission

– Tyler Breeze def. Bull Dempsey via pinfall

– Becky Lynch def. Jessie Mackay via submission 

– Baron Corbin def. Angelo Dawkins via pinfall

– Samoa Joe def. Scott Dawson via pinfall

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