Notes In Observance – WWE Smackdown 6/4/15: Hellfire And Briefcase

WWE SmackdownBy Nicholas Jason Lopez

“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post. 




(Aired 6/4/15)

Hellfire And Briefcase

– The opening video reminded us of Dean Ambrose’s “Championship heist” which started at Elimination Chamber after the “dusty finish.” Same as from Raw, so it’s kind of odd that nothing from that show was highlighted.

– The opening segment was everything that you needed to push the Ambrose-Seth Rollins ladder match for the World Title at Money In The Bank, all in one full swoop. This had no aura of The Authority, just both guys sharing their side of the story. Rollins coming out by himself and sitting on a chair, using it as a visual aide to tell us about his rise to the top was very strong, as he had sprinkled in little bits of falseness in there about doing it on his own. Ambrose interrupting from an undisclosed location talking underneath a ladder and saying he earned the right to call himself Champion after pinning Rollins at EC was also a solid response that was very “Ambrose.” His line about being as much of a scumbag as Rollins was could also be a foreshadowing of a heel turn down the road. Either way – this was a perfect segment that had no nonsense in it.

– The Tag Team Championship Number One Contender’s Triple Threat tag match between The Prime Time Players, The Ascension and The Lucha Dragons wasn’t anything overly fancy or all that memorable besides some moves by the Dragons, but this was a decent way to showcase what the division has to offer without Tyson Kidd/Cesaro, who are biting the injury bug, as viable contenders to face The New Day – the Tag Champs. The Dragons were much over with the crowd with their fist pumps, but PTP seemed to be the obvious choice here. The crowd didn’t initially connect with them when it was just Darren Young, but once Titus O’Neil took over the match, they were hot for them. Decent overall.

– The New Day’s response promo was good stuff in typical New Day fashion as they backed up their usual claims. Kane walked in and made a match with Kofi Kingston and Neville. Was this Kane’s way of punishing them for failing to take out Roman Reigns? You have to wonder just what Kane has against them.

– The Stardust-Ryback match was just a glorified squash for the big guy, which makes us shake our head after Stardust was built up with a victory earlier in the week. Way to knock him down a few pegs, guys.

– Paige’s promo on the stage set her side of the story, casting The Bella Twins as the “Diva celebrities” that only cared about themselves and the spotlight with their fake smiles, with “twin magic” from Raw to back it up. This made her sound like a pure fighter and the obvious goal here was to get fans fully backing her again instead of The Bellas.

– The Luke Harper/Erick Rowan backstage segment was very short and sweet with Harper doing most of the talking about why they got together again, not being accepted by society for being different.

– The Kevin Owens promo before the NXT Championship open challenge reiterated his taking points made from Raw about Cena inspiring his young son and brainwashing children all around the world with “garbage,” mixed with his own overconfidence and inflated ego. Great stuff. Of course, he topped it off by copying Cena’s own words. Once Zack Ryder came out as the challenger, we knew this was a squash right off the bat. That’s what it was. Owens is continuing to look dominant with no Cena to interfere here. The Pop-Up Powerbomb is really looking like a big threat.

– Sheamus’ backstage promo to hype the match with Reigns had him address the statement that Reigns was looked at as the favorite. He also said he planned to win MITB and took a subtle shot at Reigns. Nothing spectacular here.

– The Neville-Kofi Kingston match featured a Neville promo to hype the MITB match putting over his speed. Liked his coining of the “altitude era.” Of course, you had the New Day shenanigans as somewhat of an easy foil for Neville, who could use the win more than Kofi. Not to mention, it sounds odd that they emphasize Kofi’s experiences being in the most MITB matches, but it also makes you wonder why he hasn’t won any.

– The MizTV segment with Lana served its purpose in involving Miz “stirring the pot” by having Rusev also come on and this also gave us another chance to see Lana stand fierce and tall by herself, ignoring Rusev’s request for a second chance. Dolph Ziggler coming out to take Lana out with him was self-explanatory, and it seems as if this storyline will be on halt for now until Rusev returns. Lana’s new music is a start, but how about putting her in different clothes?

– The Roman Reigns-Sheamus match was pretty meh overall, with nothing memorable here about it. The result was also irrelevant in it was Kane/J & J Security interfering. The one little twist was Kane chokeslamming Sheamus as well and announcing his insertion into the MITB match, chokeslamming Reigns to stand tall.





Quick Results

– Tag Team Championships Number One Contender’s Match – Triple Threat Tag – The Prime Time Players def. The Lucha Dragons and The Ascension via pinfall

– Ryback def. Stardust via pinfall

– NXT Championship – Open Challenge – Kevin Owens (Champion) def. Zack Ryder via pinfall to retain 

– Neville def. Kofi Kingston (w/Big E, Xavier Woods) via pinfall

– Roman Reigns def. Sheamus via DQ

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