Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 6/3/15: A Sacrifice Unfulfilled

Lucha UndergroundBy Nicholas Jason Lopez

“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.





(Aired 6/3/15)

A Sacrifice Unfulfilled 

– The Chavo Guerrero Jr.-Dario Cueto segment in the office revealed that Guerrero was out to assist Cueto in informing him of Black Lotus’ intentions to kill the caged brother “Matanza” at all costs, while working with El Dragon Azteca to wipe off his debt, but his loyalty to the highest bidder fit the character and if we know anything about Cueto, he had money galore. This set the tone for the later segments as Cueto summoned Guerrero to bring back Lotus to him in exchange for round-the-clock protection from Mexico.

– The Jack Evans-Argenis match appeared to be a crowd-pleasing affair, though Evans continued to be his snarky heel self, which added a layer to the action. Cueto “making things interesting” was a good move and his arguments were sort of valid against both competitors, so it actually helped them feel more important. The action was good as it went back and forth with a lot of aerial moves between both guys. The bridge that Evans used to score the pin was cool and creative.

– So, Cage annihilated The Mack backstage in front of Big Ryck and Delavar Daivari as they sought a third partner for their shot at the Trios Championship and that came across well as a brutal attack. We also saw a glimpse of emotion from Ryck for his cousin, but was left helpless since he was being paid by Daivari to do business. It will be interesting to see if Mack chases Cage on a later show.

– Lucha Underground’s “Kill Bill”-esque cinematic segments continue to be a strong highlight within the realm of their crazy little universe. In one scene, we saw Guerrero attempt to attack Lotus and call in Cortez Castro and Mr. Cisco when things got rough for him. The sentiment that it took a baseball bat for Guerrero to take out Lotus made him come across as ruthless, though desperate. In her moments of kicking ass, Lotus also looked fearless.

– The Trios Championship match between Ivelisse/Angelico/Son Of Havoc-Daivari/Ryck/Cage was good for usual Lucha Underground standards that told the story of the heels dominating for most of it, with the Champs showing signs of problems again as Son Of Havoc and Angelico bickered and Ivelisse went back and forth between the stands and the ring. Texano getting involved to help out made him look good to the fans as they popped for that. Angelico’s flying spot over the turnbuckle was shock-worthy. The guy just continues to impress week after week. Who’s holding their breath for an eventual Angelico-Evans match?

– We were left with the latest development that Lotus would be caged across from Cueto’s brother, “Mantanza.” That’s about right. This was more or less the “evil reigns supreme” segment.

– The submission match between Pentagon Jr. and Sexy Star delivered another strong main event, with Sexy Star looking great as she fought through everything that Pentagon brought on. Both targeted body parts and focused on them to get closer to victory, as you’d expect in a match of this caliber. The reveal of Super Fly returning to help Pentagon was surprising and that it led directly to Pentagon winning was big. What was the major factor coming out of it though was Vampiro saving Sexy Star from getting her arm snapped as he confronted Pentagon amongst the crowd’s cheers, but left the ring conflicted. Loved the bathroom mirror headbutt scene to end things as it showed that perhaps the Vampiro of old was ready to take on Pentagon, but his past still haunted him. There’s two sides to this though. We hope Vampiro isn’t “taken out” by Pentagon because Vampiro really adds an element to the commentary booth. Him and Striker as Lucha Underground’s voices have benefited the product so much that while a temporary one-off encounter by Vampiro will be cool, if the plan is for him to get taken out, Lucha Undeground better have a hell of a replacement ready.





Quick Results

– Winner Receives Aztec Medallion Number Two – Jack Evans def. Argenis via pinfall

– Trios Championship – Son Of Havoc/Angelico/Ivelisse def. Big Ryck/Delavar Daivari/Cage via pinfall to retain

– Submission – Pentagon Jr. def. Sexy Star 

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